Tale – The Arbiter’s File

Elkay stood by the window, looking over the city of Thre-Vretania. The weather had been weird lately, blowing dust across the city’s streets, with heavy cloud ruining the strength of their solar panels. Elkay’s office was just as dusty as the streets below, with the high winds lifting it easily above the ground. Part of … Read more

Tale – Meeting A Bad Dream

The heavy door creaked open, revealing the home’s owner. Kayel gulped nervously as Retvik stood in the doorway, looking pretty scary. He wasn’t sure whether Retvik had ever looked not menacing. “Good afternoon, General Retvik!” Ksiel chimed as he lifted up a bag. “We brought sausages and mead! May we come in?” A small smile … Read more

Tale – The Decade Freeze

“Oops.” Istoria sighed as she bent down to pick up the pen she had dropped. But as she got back up, everything felt weird. She felt as if something catastrophic had happened in the space between her pen hitting the ground and her reaching down to grab it. Whatever the feeling was, Istoria could investigate … Read more

Tale – A Kronaron Reunion

“Which table are they at?” Nenth whispered as he and Arksi entered the very fancy restaurant. “Have a look around and guess…” With a nervous sigh, Nenth did as he was told. It suddenly became very obvious which table they had booked, since there was a large, red Banikan sitting at it. Also at the … Read more

Tale – Spying with Death

Normally, after his little meetings with Death, Tenuk would go straight home. But today, he didn’t feel like it. He felt like chilling out with his old buddy Arkay. Arkay may have been a Veth, but he was still good company. Unfortunately, as soon as Tenuk found his friend, he realised that maybe now wasn’t … Read more

A Page From Verlais’s Diary

“Your life is great, Verlais. What are you being all mopey for?” I get asked that a lot. And really, everyone who says that is right.100% correct. Anyone’s life could be made better, but I have a roof over my head, food on the table, my own personal vehicle, a little bit of money in … Read more