Tale – Avoiding Bad Thoughts

“Hi Ksiel!” Veeyel waved as he sat up straight, struggling to get a sheet off his legs. Ksiel entered cautiously, leaving his bag by the door. The last time he was here, there wasn’t nearly as much medical equipment. A heart monitor and two saline drips stood next to Veeyel’s bed, all three attached to … Read more

Tale – Wrong Ideas

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” Zoi shouted as she burst into the room, absolutely furious. She was surprised to find though that Phovos had hardly moved. The Raptor glanced up from her book and stared at Zoi. “Go back outside, close the door behind you, knock and politely wait until I say you can come in.” … Read more

Tale – Wings of Concern

Darkness loomed over the Sixteen Temple. A tribe of Thraki were circling over, their draconic forms casting shadows over the normally brightly lit stone. High winds did nothing to interrupt their flight. Lightning did nothing to dissuade them. Below, Zoi, the eldest of the Sixteen, watched on. By her side was her brother Thanatos. Despite … Read more

Tale – Jealous Veth

“You’ve been staring at that thing for ten minutes.” Arkay blinked, then shook his head, snapping himself out of a chance. A heavy slap from Iatre brought him properly back to reality. Sitting ahead of them, with his back facing them, was Helkan, a strange being from another universe who happened to look a lot … Read more

Tale – The Exhausted Universe

Syklia took a deep breath as normality returned to her universe. At its centre, nebulae had started forming stars again. Along its edge, the Void Walls were repairing themselves. Scattered across the universe, galaxies began to spin once more. The Corruption was gone. Okay, it had killed most of her Stasispawn, her timepets and, more … Read more

Tale – A Broken Light Beast

“I don’t know who’s dumber, you or the whimpering baby down there,” Syklos snorted as he walked past Iatre. “You both sat there for what, twenty four hours? You’re both dumber than a barrel of spagloops.” “I notice you’re not saying that to Arkay’s face,” Iatre retorted. “You’re just saying it to me because you … Read more

Tale – Silent Company

“What’s wrong with Arkay?” Iatre asked as he helped himself to some of Istoria’s popcorn. “And why are you three just watching him rather than helping him?” Below them, the Veth Prime, the most powerful of the Veth, was tearing things apart in an arena known locally as “Death’s Playground”. It was supposed to be … Read more

The Broken Chain

The straps were finally off. Arkay was finally free of his duty. A normal being once more. Mostly normal. Still a Veth but no longer chained to existence itself. Above him, up the stairs, in the galaxy-laden room, Kinisis was waking up. A weight had been lifted from Arkay’s shoulders and handed back to the … Read more

Tale – Citizens’ Advice

Kayel sat in the dark, staring at the tiny screen of a pocket computer, noting things down. His hot chocolate drink had long gone cold, his small tub of ice cream had melted long before that. A half-empty bottle of water had been ignored for nearly a day now. With a sigh, Kayel looked away. … Read more

Tale – Tea with Not Quite Death

“Woah…” Tenuk’s jaw fell open as he stood in the doorway. In one hand he had a box of chocolates, in the other he had a boxed selection of luxury teas. He’d nearly dropped both of them. “What?” Arkay blinked. The Veth Prime was happily idling in a large rocking chair. A seat normally reserved … Read more

Tale – Veeyel’s Ramble

Veeyel was beaming as his best friend entered the room. He seemed way too proud of himself, considering how he’d managed to escape his room and see his brother half-way across the hospital. Normally that wouldn’t have been too much of a problem if Veeyel had taken his medication. “You look happy,” Kayel smiled weakly … Read more

Tale – Bedside Chat

“Sorry I’m so late!” Kayel gasped as he overshot the door and skidded past the entrance to Ksiel’s room. “Traffic was terrible!” Ksiel tutted, not bothering to look up from his newspaper. “Always some sort of excuse with you.” “It was though!” Kayel protested. He pulled up a chair and sat down next to Ayel … Read more