Tale – Veekay’s Blood Tests

Veekay was feeling nervous and he didn’t understand why. Things had been awfully quiet ever since he’d essentially lost his job as a Ksa, but the quietness had done nothing to calm down the conflicts in his mind. He had always had one duty – to protect the Vice General… well, he was the High … Read more

Tale – A Cause for Concern

Continuity hovered around the storage unit, watching as the Veth Prime tried on various bits of armour, none of which he seemed to like. He’d been trying to approach the angry Veth for a while, but after all that had happened recently, Continuity was feeling slightly scared of him. No, more FOR him. Death herself … Read more

A Quota Filled

“Ah, you’re back!” Death grinned as she rushed out and welcomed Arkay with open arms. “And you did exactly as I asked of you! Absolutely perfect!” Arkay sighed as he threw a small, glowing orb into the river. It was the soul of the last being he had killed. Death walked over, expecting a hug, … Read more

Diary on the Star Soarer 14

It’s gone. The monster is gone. I saw it go. It spoke to me. Said it was going. Is it really gone? Was it just lying to me? I… I… I gotta calm down. Deep breaths. Okay. So I was making my way down a hallway, about 100m away from the recreational areas. Walking through … Read more

Diary on the Star Soarer 13

20170623 Dear Diary, I’ve decided that I’m going to go and meet up with the groups hiding in the cinemas. I’ve been going over all my options since 0200 and I think this is what I have to do. It’s my safest bet. If I stay here, I’ll need to leave eventually to get food … Read more

Diary on the Star Soarer 12

20170622 The lights are out. There are emergency lights on the ground, and communications are still working on and off, but there’s power outages everywhere. This stuff isn’t supposed to happen. We’re highly evolved beings with highly evolved technology, yet here I am, hiding in my room with no damn food, no lights and only … Read more

Diary on the Star Soarer 11

20170621 Dear Diary, The bodies are piling up. So they gave us all guns. The police gave us all guns because they can’t track the creature. Not to fire at the thing, but to fire at the ceiling above it to try and scare it off. Apparently that worked once. Once. Otherwise, no one has … Read more

Diary on the Star Soarer 10

20170620 Dear Diary, I’m bloody scared now. The casualties are just piling up. Not just deaths, injuries too. We’re at thirty one people dead and seven people injured. Since the Star Soarer set off. Thirty one. THIRTY ONE PEOPLE. Mostly humans and Cassians as well. Then again, they make up like 75% of the ship. … Read more

Tale – A Speck of Dust

I was once Kenos. The personification of the void, of the vacuum, of the eternal decay into nothingness. The god of entropy. The lord of nothing. Through my dark veil, I protected my beloved universe. The mortals that roamed through space, the dragons of time, even Existence herself, they were not loyal to me, they … Read more

Diary on the Star Soarer 9

20170619 Dear Diary, I saw it. I saw the monster. I saw something that was not supposed to be there. It was only for a moment. I saw it outside my room. It skulked by. Like some sort of feral animal, hunched back, on all fours. A shadowy creature. Almost literally made of shadows. Small … Read more

Diary on the Star Soarer 8

20170618 Dear Diary, So much for things calming down. It’s all gotten worse. No one’s allowed out of their rooms right now. Three people dead. All brutally murdered! Blood everywhere. Like something went through them. Like they were in the way of some horrible monster and, rather than going around them, it went through their … Read more

Diary on the Star Soarer 7

20170617 Dear Diary, After a day of constant inspections and checking rooms and being herded around like cattle, everything seems to have calmed down a bit. Just a bit. There’s still that hint of panic everywhere you go, but at least it’s just whispers and not people panicking out in the open. But yesterday was … Read more

Diary on the Star Soarer 6

20170615 Dear Diary, Okay none of this is making any sense. The ship is currently on lock-down, with all non-essential persons in their rooms. The police are all over the place trying to work out what’s going on. Another person died. Number three. Her name was Larissa Jordans. But it’s not some random person in … Read more