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Is it a life when I’m actually dead? I guess not. Whoever I was before I became a Veth is deader than a doorknob. I guess I should call it unlife or something? The other Veth seem to call it being undead, but I don’t know.

Either way, everything is good right now. I’ve got an awesome new physique, complete with shape shifting powers so I can literally never be fat. I have a pretty neat tail now. I’ve got a gigantic lab where I can do whatever crazy experiments I want. I have made tons of new friends among the Veth, both new Veth and old. I have all the food and drink and things I could ever want.

It’s all awesome.

The only downside is that I can’t use all this stuff all the time because Death needs pleasuring. You know, pleasure. Fun stuff that you do in bed.

I can’t really bring myself to call it sex because I’m not sure that’s what it is. Mindless wobbling? Not really. Not sure at all. There’s definitely things going inside other things, but as a being who was almost certainly a man before he died, it’s weird being on the receiving end. Not… I don’t want to say it’s unnatural, but I don’t know if I like it or not. Well I do like it but there’s that niggling feeling in the back of my head that makes things awkward, especially when Death has such large, ample bosoms.

I just realised I’m basically saying that I’m being fucked literally by Death.

And it turns out that’s completely natural around here. Because Death isn’t just Death, she’s also Life as well. It’s a weird philosophical circle of life, death, rebirth and all that. She’s equally obsessed with sex and food and drink as she is with plagues and natural disasters. And she expects all the Veth to be as excited as she is.

Which means someone has to keep her occupied. Whether it’s us sleeping with Death or her watching as two (or more) Veth screw. She’s really not fussed. The way I see it, it’s all a distraction from her job of making this universe work. That or Death is fucking crazy and has addictions that need treating, but because she’s like, a 6th dimensional being, she has no one she can really talk to so tries to deal with her problems by channelling them through us.

At the very least, if Death watching me and some other Veth get it off stops her from going completely off the deep end, I don’t mind.

Although awkwardly, the Veth that both I and Death seem to enjoy most is not here half the time. I won’t go into details, but there’s something lovely about someone who’s not sure about being on the receiving end taking it from someone who’s not sure what gender he’s supposed to be. Because I genuinely can’t tell if Arkay was a guy or a girl when he was alive. I don’t believe that he was a hermaphrodite.

I have no idea where he does. But he comes back covered in blood and not completely satisfied, he does whatever Death demands, then he wanders off to his own little place.

At least Arkay seems to have emotions though. I don’t think most Veth do. The smart ones do. Continuity seems alright and the writing Veth thing (can’t remember her name) is very smart. But everyone else just goes about their day. No real talking, no real anything. They fight and protect their patches of land and that’s it. I wouldn’t say that most Veth are mindless, but they are single-minded.

But what if I’m single-minded too? Here I am, sitting around with my lovely lab, not a care in the universe. I do my experiments, I eat, I sleep, I drink, I screw… what else is there?

Maybe this is what being undead is like. Mindless but not mindless. A loop. A cycle.

Still, I wouldn’t trade it for being alive again. Why would I? Everything here is just right.

Tale – Veekay’s Blood Tests Mon, 26 Jun 2017 13:03:51 +0000 Read more]]> Veekay was feeling nervous and he didn’t understand why. Things had been awfully quiet ever since he’d essentially lost his job as a Ksa, but the quietness had done nothing to calm down the conflicts in his mind. He had always had one duty – to protect the Vice General… well, he was the High General now. And since he wasn’t doing that anymore, a little voice in the back of his head was telling him he needed to find a way to do his job again.

Annoyingly, it seemed like he and Ksa leader Teekay were the only ones that felt this way. The rest of the K-Class were quite happy to move on with their lives. Geekay, his beloved partner, was considering a vast multitude of jobs, many of which consisted of starting new businesses. But none of that was satisfactory to Veekay.

The only way to get his job back was to join the 471st Legion. The 471st was Elkay Theanon’s personal unit, with whom he rose to the top and became a general. If he worked hard enough and got promoted, Veekay could become a captain of the legion and go back to protecting the High General again.

That was why Veekay was sitting here, in this oversized plastic chair, in a small, hot office, patiently waiting to see Captain Vallas.

Vallas had been strict with Veekay. He’d made him start at the bottom and work his way up. Veekay had flown through his introduction training. He’d climbed the bottom three ranks of being a soldier. They all knew he was capable, they just didn’t know how capable Veekay was. But the next rank, that of lieutenant, required that Veekay submit a health report and have blood tests done.

The blood tests were what worried Veekay.

Finally, Captain Vallas entered. Veekay stood to attention, but Vallas quickly told him to sit down. Immediately, he knew something was wrong.

“Good afternoon, Veekay.”

“Good afternoon, Ser. What is the problem?”

Vallas smiled at how forthright Veekay was. He decided to get straight to the point.

“Your blood tests have returned. The genetics tests came back with large traces of something that clearly is not Rethan in origin. When were you planning on telling us that you were half Deitic?”

“I put it on the forms I filled in,” Veekay quickly explained. “I wrote my horrible heritage down in the Other Conditions section!”

Vallas was still smiling, but not as much. “You never mentioned how… severe it was.”

“I do not follow…”

With a sigh, Vallas pulled a note out of his draw, written by the legion’s main medic. On it were some scribbles about normal and abnormal values. “Veekay Theanon, when Kiallouros explained the situation to me, he told me that the genetic Deitic content in your blood is almost the same as Tenuk Diplastron of the Dessaron, and he was born a Deitic. The way I see it, you are a Deitic in a Rethan’s body.”

“That is an insult to my poor mother!” is what Veekay really wanted to say, but all he could do was remain silent.

“I think you can agree that you are a dangerous individual, without your Ksa protocols. I can see why you decided to join us, but I am not sure if I can legally allow you to remain with the 471st Legion… Especially not at a higher rank. After all, the 471st Legion, like many other Four Hundred Legions, have a specific duty and specific traditions.”

Veekay grunted. “No one has any problem with the fact that Photeianos was a Deitic…”

Vallas stared at Veekay. “Excuse me? Repeat yourself at once, little one.”

“I said that no one seems to have a problem with the fact that Photeianos, our former High General, is part Deitic. No one has a problem with him and all the shit he did, but I happen to have the wrong father and suddenly I am no longer allowed to work my way up the ranks like everyone else?”

The Captain stared at Veekay some more. He didn’t say anything, he just wrote something down, folded it up and put it in the draw.

“I apologise Captain, but I very much dislike being treated as a lesser being because of my heritage.”

“You are right, Veekay, and I apologise,” Vallas sighed. “But you know as well as I do that Legions 400 to 499 are all anti-Deitic Legions. On top of potential conflicts of interest between you and your siblings, I feel that having you as a high ranking officer of the 471st Legion would be a bad idea. Do you understand?”

Veekay tutted, then relented. “I understand.”

“Buuuuuuuut…” Vallas’s smile returned. “I have a better offer for you. The 200th Legion is in need of someone like you. Rather than have you floundering at the low ranks of the 471st Legion, I have arranged for a transfer to the 200th Legion.”

“The Legion of General Rethais?” Veekay asked.

“Yes. I feel you will do better there. A return to the duties of defending a Vice General, much like you used to. The 200th Legion also has been looking for a new captain for a while, so your leadership skills will not be wasted. Captain Denirik is expecting you in three hours, so you had better get yourself sorted.”

The Captain stood up, offering a hand to Veekay. Veekay climbed to his feet and shook it awkwardly.

“It is a shame I cannot have you here, but you are a good Rethan. You will be fine. Now get going.”

“Yes, Ser!” Veekay nodded as he rushed off to grab his things. “Thank you, Ser!”

“Thank you too, Veekay,” Vallas waved as the door slammed behind him.

Tale – A Cause for Concern Sun, 25 Jun 2017 08:03:06 +0000 Read more]]> Continuity hovered around the storage unit, watching as the Veth Prime tried on various bits of armour, none of which he seemed to like. He’d been trying to approach the angry Veth for a while, but after all that had happened recently, Continuity was feeling slightly scared of him. No, more FOR him. Death herself kept on putting the Veth Prime through various trials and torture lately, trying to change him into something else.

“I know you’re there, Continuity. What’s wrong?”

Arkay’s voice made Continuity jump. He hadn’t realised that the Veth Prime was aware of his presence.

“How long did you know I was there?”

“As soon as you arrived and started hovering around, not sure how to speak to me. I’m a Veth like you, Continuity. You should treat me as such.”

“True, but you’re really not like the rest of us. You can go to the mortal plane as you please. You have different duties. Heck, you take a different shape compared to normal Veth.”

“I would look more like you if Kinisis would let me,” Arkay sighed as he threw down a rather bright, steel helmet. “She keeps on locking my form-changing powers. I can’t change my look without Her say so.”

Continuity blinked. “Really? She is stopping you from form-changing? She really has been acting strangely…”

Arkay picked up another helmet, sighed then put it back. “Yeah. Wants me to be a ‘Grim Reaper’ or something like that. I assume Death isn’t like this with you. Or wasn’t like this with other Veth Prime.”

“No…” Continuity trailed off, lost in thought. If what Arkay was saying was true, that was worrying. The whole point of Veth was their ability to adapt so they can do whatever Kinisis needs them to do. If She was limiting Her Veth Prime, maybe something was wrong with Her, rather than Arkay.

Arkay went back to looking through armour. He didn’t really care, he was just looking for something not horrible, and preferably comfortable too. Death had asked him to get himself a nice set of armour for his next few tasks. Which was dumb because he was an unkillable monster who formerly had the ability to shape-shift.

“Arkay…” Continuity started, but never finished his sentence, being lost in thought again. Arkay glanced at the old Veth. He seemed confused and worried. Two things an ancient being such as Continuity shouldn’t have been. It was slightly worrying.

“Yes?” Arkay replied.

“Hmm…” Again, Continuity trailed off.

“You’re worried about something,” Arkay tutted. “Something is wrong with Kinisis. And you don’t know what.”

“To be fair,” Continuity countered, “There is always something wrong with Kinisis. But it seems as though She is falling back to the old times. You see, about a billion years ago, when life first started appearing and becoming complicated, Kinisis wanted to be like Stasis and Kairos, having a direct influence on all the things of the Cycle. Stasis convinced Her that She was more important and didn’t need to do any of that. So Death had always had a rather hands-off approach to existence. It meant that Death could concentrate on Her duties without the influence of mortals. Whenever She drifted away from that idea, things would start to go bad.”

“And you are worried that Death is drifting back into those ways?”

Continuity laughed awkwardly. “Oh no. She’s going back into those ways in full force. A Grim Reaper is a physical being who brings the dead to Kinigi, rather than them finding their way here naturally. While I trust that you will deliver on that regard, it’s what happens afterwards that worries me. That Kinisis might start creating ‘heavens’ and ‘hells’ before She completes each being’s cycle.”

Arkay could understand why Continuity was worried. “That sounds bad. What can we do about it?”

Continuity breathed a long, heavy sigh. “Not much, for now. We need to keep an eye on the souls you bring here, see what happens to them. But… We might need to… stage an intervention…”

“Hah,” Arkay smiled. “That will be fun…”

A Quota Filled Sat, 24 Jun 2017 09:43:48 +0000 Read more]]> “Ah, you’re back!” Death grinned as she rushed out and welcomed Arkay with open arms. “And you did exactly as I asked of you! Absolutely perfect!”

Arkay sighed as he threw a small, glowing orb into the river. It was the soul of the last being he had killed. Death walked over, expecting a hug, but didn’t get one.

“Are you angry at me or anything?” Death asked, partially annoyed. She hadn’t seen Arkay for a week or so and had missed her little Veth Prime more than she would have liked.

“You made me go and kill five hundred people to fill out a quota,” Arkay finally grunted. “It was that or be tortured for the next billion years. Just because I did the job you wanted, doesn’t mean I am happy about it.”

Death smiled, then grabbed Arkay by the hand, dragging him to the large, green orb thing that Death called home. As they entered though, Death remembered what she had been doing before her most powerful servant’s arrival. In the middle of the room, Death’s favourite servant was laying naked on a large, inflatable mattress.

“Uh, hello, Arkay…”

“Hi, Iatre. Is Death treating you well?” Arkay didn’t seem too surprised. As far as he was concerned, he’d rather someone else be screwed by Death than him for a change.

Iatre nodded, then reached for his clothing, pulling on a pair of trousers. But as he tried to leave, Death grabbed him too and sat the two Veth down on the bed.

“So, uh, what’s going on?” Iatre asked as he tried to cover himself up a bit more. While Arkay was much more animal-like, an armoured beast with heavy claws, a long snout and scary teeth, Iatre was basically a humanoid with a tail and long fingernails.

“Why are you putting clothes on, Iatre?” Death tutted as her shadowy tentacles uncovered her sexy parts. “I wasn’t done with you.”

“Um,” Iatre hesitated. “I’m… not really comfortable with the concept of intercourse while he’s around. It’s a little intimidating. Why are you here, Arkay?”

Arkay simply rolled his eyes. Unlike most Veth, Arkay was in a bad mood and never seemed to be that scared of Death, even when she threatened him with torture. He’d been back for five minutes and already he was sick of Death’s shit.

“Death sent me out to kill a bunch of beings on a ship for no real reason.”

“No,” Death growled. “I sent you to kill those people to fill my daily quota of dead people!”

“We have a quota?” Iatre interrupted.

“We don’t have a quota,” Arkay tutted. “None of the Veth here have any idea that you have a quota, Death. You made that up. You just wanted to watch me do something I didn’t want to do and only did because I’m not in the mood for more torture.”

Death didn’t reply at first. She was thinking of some sort of comeback or perhaps an insult. The stupid Veth was right, she just enjoyed making Arkay do things.

“So, uh, Arkay, you basically got to be the Grim Reaper for a week?” Iatre asked.

“Well, for that ship, yeah.”

“Sounds pretty fun, in my opinion… I mean, maybe not killing innocent people like Death made you do, but being an immortal monster hunting down the evil in this little universe sounds like my idea of a good time.”

Arkay shrugged. “I guess. Certainly better than torture and rape. I assume she’s treating you alright?”

Iatre hesitated. “Uh, mostly. Better than she treats you. Also, you wouldn’t happen to know why she’s obsessed with asking if I want an omelette?”

The Veth Prime rolled his eyes and sighed. He wanted to scream that Death was a retard and smack her across the face the way she often did to him, but it wasn’t worth the likely punishments he’d get in return.

Finally, Death had come up with a comeback.

“Well, stupid! You still did as I told you to do so I still win! So nyah!”

Iatre and Arkay both stared at Death as she pulled faces and obscene hand gestures at Arkay, before straightening herself out.

“But I like your Grim Reaper idea, Iatre. That sounds cool. I’d totally watch Arkay doing that. I give you a list, you go out and brutally murder them! Can you do that, Arkay?”

Arkay tutted. “Only if they actually deserve to die. I don’t want to go around killing people who are living good lives.”

“Great! Now go chill for a bit, I’ll give you a list tomorrow!” Death beamed with glee. Suddenly, she grabbed Arkay by the scruff of his neck and carried him to the entrance, chucking him outside. Death grinned, then slammed the door shut, her attention turning back to Iatre.

Iatre blinked with confusion, having no idea what had just happened.

“Now, where were we?” Death smiled as she climbed back into bed. “Oh yes, I remember. Take your pants off, Iatre…”

Diary on the Star Soarer 14 Fri, 23 Jun 2017 13:46:43 +0000 Read more]]> It’s gone.

The monster is gone.

I saw it go. It spoke to me. Said it was going.

Is it really gone?

Was it just lying to me?



I gotta calm down.

Deep breaths.


So I was making my way down a hallway, about 100m away from the recreational areas. Walking through a living area.

I heard it. It was making a noise as if it was warning me it was there.

I leaned against one of the doorways. I wanted to keep out of the way. But the door opened and I fell in. There was someone hiding in the room. He pulled me inside and quickly closed and locked the door. A human like me. Cute-looking, blond, green-eyed guy.

But he was pissed off at me. Really angry. Claimed I was trying to lure the creature to him, trying to get him killed. I wasn’t! I told him I wasn’t, I was just trying to get to the cinema where my friends were. He didn’t believe me, so he hit me. Then he hit me again.

Before he could hit me a third time, the door opened behind us. I saw him lock it. He was confused. I was scared.

The creature was standing in the doorway. Staring at us.

It was standing on two legs. Like… A bit like a Raptai, but with shadows rather than vines on its body, and weird plates of armour. Its skin was almost black, not as dark as its shadowy arms and legs. And it was covered in blood. It had just killed someone.

I swear, it was smiling. I could see pitch black teeth sticking out from its jaws. Its eyes glowed gold, as if they were actual stars embedded in its face.

I curled up into a ball, as tight as I could. It was going to kill me. That was all I could think of. I just waited, eyes closed. I wanted to cover my ears as the guy screamed, the monster tearing into him, ripping him apart.

I could feel the blood pouring onto the floor, getting in my clothes and hair.

Then I could feel the creature’s horrible claws around my waist…

But it didn’t kill me. It gently placed me on a nearby chair and looked at me.

Then it talked to me.

It bloody spoke!

“Five hundred and one.”

I opened my eyes, I was shaking and I wanted to scream, but I didn’t. I slid off the chair and onto the floor. It didn’t care. It was smiling again as it picked up bits of the guy it had just killed and was throwing them in the hallway. It was almost laughing.

“I was going to leave you both, but this male was clearly not a good vok. I’m sure Kinisis won’t mind me being a tiny bit over quota for that little skylos.”

It turned back and looked at me, then it smiled again.

“You though, I like you. Be good now. Sorry about the ship.”

And then it disappeared. Just disappeared in a puff of pink and purple smoke. I didn’t know what to do, so I just sat there, terrified. Couldn’t move.

I sat there, I don’t know for how long. Several police people came in. Said they’d been tracking it. Couldn’t find it. A doctor helped take me to the medical bay. They checked me over, said I was fine apart from my shock.

I couldn’t talk though. I wanted to tell them what happened but no words came out. Everyone just assumed I’d hid until the creature disappeared.

Now that I’m alone in my room again (they brought me back here after they decided I was fine), I’m finally writing this down. It’s been… I don’t know. A few hours. I have to tell someone.

But no one will believe me. They’ll just think I’m insane. But I have this diary. I’ll send this out and make a new diary. So people can see this. Whether they believe me or think it’s fiction, I don’t care. This is the truth.

A monster attacked the Star Soarer.

A monster killed five hundred and one members of its population.

But I’m alive.

And that’s all that matters.

Diary on the Star Soarer 13 Fri, 23 Jun 2017 10:08:21 +0000 Read more]]> 20170623

Dear Diary,

I’ve decided that I’m going to go and meet up with the groups hiding in the cinemas. I’ve been going over all my options since 0200 and I think this is what I have to do. It’s my safest bet.

If I stay here, I’ll need to leave eventually to get food and supplies. I’ve got the basics, but eventually I’ll run out of things like toilet paper and soap. It IS mostly safe here, the creature doesn’t run around tearing people from their rooms as much as it does tearing people apart who are just in its way. But if my choices are to stay here forever and starve to death, or go out there and get killed, they’re both pretty shitty.

No matter what, I have to go out there. If I stay here, I’ll die eventually. The choice is whether to make a one-off long journey or multiple small, quick journeys.

Really though, the longer journey is better. It’s more time being exposed in the short term, but less time in the long term. Assuming there is a long term plan.

I’ve plotted out the route. And I’ve used the scanner to make sure that everything is open. Apparently the bosses refuse to seal off parts of the ship to try and trap the monster, in case it decides to tear through the walls or something. They tried it once, it escaped with ease. I suppose a trapped monster is a lot scarier than a normal monster.

It’s still a monster though. People have been trying to explain it logically. I’ve been trying to see patterns in it and its actions. There are none. It’s like a gigantic random number generator, like a sadistic, backwards lottery where the prize is that you die. The only pattern anyone has seen is that it seems to target what it considers to be evil people. A lot of the people who died first had bad pasts, or were former criminals or things like that. Regardless of race. I’d say it seems to favour killing humans, but humans make up 50% of the ship so maybe it doesn’t.

There I go again, trying to make sense out of all of this. There’s no sense to be had. There’s death and bodies everywhere. There was one just down the hallway a few hours ago. There’ll be more. For all I know, this thing won’t stop until everyone’s dead!

I have already written a will, and I’ve written notes and put them in my pockets and stuff, telling people what to do if they find my body. If I don’t make it, at least anyone who finds me knows where I was going and heads there too.

And if I die alongside everyone else in the cinemas, then at least I don’t die alone. And at least I’ll have food. Because food makes me feel better in insane situations like this.

I’m planning to go in a few minutes, once I’ve packed as much as I can into my bag. The sooner I go, the less chance of the creature coming back. The longer I wait, the more likely it will come and find me because it won’t be able to find anyone else. Messages from the scanner suggest it’s on the other side of the ship right now. It’ll take about twenty minutes to get there.

This is my chance.

I’ll tell you when I get there.

Diary on the Star Soarer 12 Thu, 22 Jun 2017 16:59:29 +0000 Read more]]> 20170622

The lights are out.

There are emergency lights on the ground, and communications are still working on and off, but there’s power outages everywhere. This stuff isn’t supposed to happen. We’re highly evolved beings with highly evolved technology, yet here I am, hiding in my room with no damn food, no lights and only a flashing news feed. Because the social communication networks have been turned off. Because some idiot decided that would be a good idea.

I suppose it’s a good thing I didn’t get around to making many friends. We’re looking at over three hundred dead now. The people in charge don’t even tell us any more but I’ve been trying to keep count with my scanner. They’re scrambling the channels though. They don’t want people knowing how fucked up this is and causing everyone to panic.

Really I think they’re making all of this worse. Yeah, keeping people in the dark, literally, that won’t stop us all from panicking! Earlier, when I had communications with Eftyin, he was in terrified, and Ennean was in hysterics! Okay, Ennean turned out to be okay, just a little hurt, but she apparently saw two Septa get killed right in front of her and she’s bloody traumatised! I’d be traumatised! And because the medical wards are working at maximum, they just gave her a cup of hot chocolate and sent her back to her room.

But still, no one who is actually driving the ship has been killed yet. There was some Cassian back up captain who was killed but they were only part of the backups so no one cared. Plus there were some really nasty rumours about him, but I think I’m above spreading rumours about the dead. They’re dead, it’s over.

As for me, I’m at a loss what to do. I’ve heard mumblings, whenever the social comms work, that there’s a larger gathering of people in the cinemas. Humans, Septa and Raptai. No Cassians. They don’t like our cinemas only. Apparently our 60 FPS movies are too slow for them. But the idea is to stick around in the one place the creature hasn’t killed anyone. It was seen in the Cassian cinema once, but it’s mostly avoided that area. There’s more food there, and there has to be safety in numbers, right?

The problem is though, I’ve got to actually get there. And it’s a ten minute run from here to the recreational areas. Even longer if I slowly sneak my way there and pray that the creature doesn’t see me or think I’m in its way.

But this creature makes no sense. It doesn’t seem to have an agenda. Even before my scanner got jammed, no one could work out what the creature was doing. No one has found a nest, no one has found a resting place, or anywhere that the creature sleeps. It just kills people. Okay, it seemed to target the rich and powerful mostly, but there’s been plenty of normal people killed as well.

I mean, it’s a monster. Monsters don’t have patterns or anything. But monsters do things for a reason. And this one has no reasons…

I don’t know.

I’m going to wait until tomorrow. That’s when my food runs out and I’ll need to go out and get some more. I’ll see if I can work out some sort of plan. Maybe work out a safe route. My continued existence is at stake here, and I really, really don’t want to end up dead. Either way, I’m going to write down a will or something. Get my affairs in order at least.

What else can I do?

See you tomorrow.

Diary on the Star Soarer 11 Wed, 21 Jun 2017 14:27:42 +0000 Read more]]> 20170621

Dear Diary,

The bodies are piling up. So they gave us all guns.

The police gave us all guns because they can’t track the creature. Not to fire at the thing, but to fire at the ceiling above it to try and scare it off. Apparently that worked once. Once. Otherwise, no one has any idea.

We’re looking at a hundred and fifty dead now. Probably more. There’s no obvious patterns but the rumours from my scanner keep on claiming that only ‘not useful’ people are dying. Mostly the rich, but also anyone who isn’t running the ship. You’d think, with fifteen percent of the ship now dead (DEAD!) that we’d have lost the captains or something? It’s insane. Crazy. Nonsensical. Terrifying!

As I’m bloody recording this damn diary entry, the scanner’s picked up another death! Literally torn in half!

Whatever this damn thing is, no one can work out how to kill it! Someone managed to shoot it in the face and it didn’t even flinch. Apparently it bled black blood for a moment then fixed itself and tore off the person’s hand! And then it killed them.

The police have given it a name now, but that just makes it worse. They’re calling it Xenon. Because they don’t know what it is. I’m just going to call it monster or creature or just it. You give it a name, it becomes relatable. Death isn’t scary if you don’t know what death is.

The scariest thing? The few friends I have, I think they’re all dead. After the fiftieth death, they stopped announcing names and just announced numbers. I haven’t heard from Ennean since last night. The last thing I heard from her was that she was going to the Septa ritual rooms to make an offering. She was talking a mile a minute saying over and over that maybe ‘Thanti has sent one of her children after us all!’ then I didn’t hear anything else. Eftyin is worried sick and I’m constantly messaging him telling him he’ll be okay, but it’s pretty hard to say that with a straight face.

I suppose the only good news is that we’re still going to the New North. The dead get to be freeze-dried rather than incinerated. We can’t turn around now. It would actually take slightly longer to turn around and go back than it would to continue on our way. But that’s assuming this creature hasn’t gone and killed everyone before we get there.

So my best bet is to stay out of the way. No one’s seen the creature go into people’s rooms and kill them. It’s just people wandering around in hallways. As if it’s toying with us.

At some point, I’m going to have to leave this room and get supplies though. I’ve got three days worth of food, but that’s assuming I don’t eat all of it because I’m so damn stressed and scared. I can’t help it. I eat when I’m scared. It’ll be the death of me.

In the mean time, I’ve been watching those old 2d horror movies, the ones with aliens. It’s a dumb thing to do. Probably causing me to needlessly panic. But what if one of those old films were right? There is a lot of life in this universe. We’re friendly with giant, skinny ostriches, allied with dinosaurs made out of plants and spend time with humanoid scorpions. We know there are other races out there that don’t have proper contact with us. There are somewhat unfriendly races too. What’s to say that the little breach on the first day wasn’t an alien queen looking for a new nest?

Okay, okay, those films are all before we knew of other races, but still, maybe they knew something we didn’t. Then again, the monster that’s going around killing people, no one could know of that. It’s just like a damn movie. Except I’m not a strong, sexy heroine. I’m just some average person on a stupid ship trying to make a new life for herself.

But just like in a movie, it’s all gone horribly wrong.

Each day that passes, I wonder if I will see you tomorrow.

Diary on the Star Soarer 10 Tue, 20 Jun 2017 15:14:29 +0000 Read more]]> 20170620

Dear Diary,

I’m bloody scared now. The casualties are just piling up. Not just deaths, injuries too. We’re at thirty one people dead and seven people injured. Since the Star Soarer set off. Thirty one. THIRTY ONE PEOPLE. Mostly humans and Cassians as well.

Then again, they make up like 75% of the ship. So, uh, it kinda makes sense.


Thirty one dead beings.

This isn’t going to stop.

The up tops keep on beaming messages into our inboxes. Telling us to stay put and keep calm. Everyone, including the cleaning staff, is being told to stay inside as long as possible. Basically if your job isn’t that important, they want you staying in your room or in the lounge areas, the one place the creature hasn’t gone to. If you need to go somewhere, you go to that place then you go back.

That’s why I spent an hour earlier making a map, trying to work out the quickest routes everywhere. A fast route to the lounge areas and a super speedy route to the food courts and dining areas. And a super super fast route to the shopping area, which is much better than the other two. My plan is to basically use my food credits in the shops buying ready-made snacks and stuff, rather than risking the extra five minutes going to the food courts.

There doesn’t seem to be much of a pattern with these attacks, but if you get in the creature’s way, it almost certainly kills you. That’s what they are officially saying. That’s why they want us all locked up in our rooms.

So if I stay here, it won’t see me as a threat and it will leave me alone.

That’s assuming that they’re all right though. I don’t think they are. I got a message from Eftyin that some unlucky Raptai was killed as the creature broke down their door and dragged them from their room. I thought it was a rumour but then his area went into lock down and Eftyin didn’t get back to me for two hours. Thankfully he’s alright but…

I don’t know. I’ve gone and hoarded a load of food in here. Most of the dead people are the rich folks who don’t do much on the ship anyway. It’s as if the creature has some sort of purpose outside of just running around eating people. It’s not even really eating them. Just leaving a bloody mess everywhere.

And that’s assuming there’s even one creature! There might be more than one! The bloody thing is so fast, no one can tell where it goes after it kills someone!

No one knows what this monster is! And we’re all being kept in the dark about it! It’s bad enough for us average folk, but what about all the poor people who need to go and work? The crew still need to keep an eye on the ship, even if it is mostly auto pilot. The communication specialists need to do their jobs. And the police have to deal with all this mess!

I’m regretting getting on this ship. I really am. Things weren’t great back at home but it’s better than being permanently scared because of some nasty thing going around killing people!

Worst thing is, we’re too far away from anything for anyone to come along and help us. There are smaller ships with stasis pods in them, used for emergencies in case the ship is going to explode, but otherwise it’s just us and this damn monster.

We’re basically alone out here…

I’ll see you tomorrow.


Tale – A Speck of Dust Tue, 20 Jun 2017 13:11:05 +0000 Read more]]> I was once Kenos. The personification of the void, of the vacuum, of the eternal decay into nothingness. The god of entropy. The lord of nothing. Through my dark veil, I protected my beloved universe. The mortals that roamed through space, the dragons of time, even Existence herself, they were not loyal to me, they were not kind or caring, but they all knew deep down that all I wanted to do was defend my universe, the creations of Existence, from harm.

Billions of times, I fended off various threats. Pushing away other universes, avoiding collisions, destroying incursions and stopping invaders from getting in. I only failed once.

That single failure ended it all.

Together with Kinisis, Existence’s real name, we tried to fight back. But I was torn asunder and left to float endlessly, while a horrific corruption spread through the universe.

By the time I could pull myself back together, it was all gone.



Nothing left.

It had all been consumed by the Corruption, leaving nothing behind.

Devastated by my failures, I took to the space between universes, endlessly torturing myself. I had failed. I did not deserve redemption, joy or peace. I had one duty and I had failed. I found myself roaming through emptiness, attacking whatever came towards me. I destroyed countless corruptions, but never met the monster that had destroyed my poor Kinisis.

Millions of years, I searched. I wanted revenge. I worked with other aspects of Entropy, all of us broken. We never found that peace. Despite the existences we had saved, we never satisfied our desires.

Eventually, I found myself alone once more.

That was until I found the little flicker of light. Not everything had been destroyed. This speck of dust, a hint of sentience, a slither of life. The speck was what remained of a former Vethic Guardian, one of the many beings Kinisis employed to protect herself from corruption and from me. What it was doing here, so far away from anything, I did not know.

Nor would it tell me.

The speck was broken. Hollow. It had spent millennia drifting through nothingness. While I had found some solace in my desires for revenge, the speck had done nothing, said nothing. It had seen so much though.

I tried to talk to the speck. I shrunk myself down so I could better understand it. When they finally cracked, all they could do was scream in anger.

I was the lucky one. I had drifted through nothingness. I never saw Kinisis die. The speck had no choice but to watch. It was helpless as everything it had ever cared about had withered away.

“Where were you?” it shouted. “Why did you leave us? Why did you not come back? Why?”

As the little thing’s screams and shouts slowly changed into tears and whimpers, I did what I could to comfort it. Scared and distraught, the speck realised that we had both failed, that we had both suffered. Over time, it opened up to me. It began to trust me. I learned about the life it had lived. It was a protector. A guardian. The same way I was.

Through the little speck, I saw an opportunity to rebuild what we had lost.

It took me too long to tell the speck about my plan. The idea of starting again scared me. It had been hard the first time, I did not know how hard it would be the second time. But as I explained what I wanted to do, I was not met with joy and happiness, but with looks of dread.

“I can’t…” the speck whispered. “It will all die in the end…”

I couldn’t understand the speck at first. If my plan was to work, the speck would have to be the catalyst. The speck would have to become a new Kinisis, a new Existence. It could recreate all it had lost. Create a new cycle of life and death and rebirth. With a new existence, I would once again be able to protect a universe and go back to my old ways. The speck could build back everything it had lost. We would both be happy.

But the speck refused. Time and time again.

I never realised just how broken the little thing was, until it finally told me why it refused.

“Whatever I create will be as broken as I am.”

Those words echoed for too long. I had been a selfish fool. How could I not see this? This poor little thing had watched everything die. Why would the speck want to do that again? Why would it put itself through the pain of creation, only to see it all fade into nothingness once more? I finally understood, and so I let the speck be, secluding myself and giving it some peace and quiet.

Eventually, the speck came back to me. They may have been broken, but they were also lonely. In the speck’s loneliness, it had come to a decision.

It would help create a new existence, but on one condition. I would be the seed of creation, not the speck.

The suggestion baffled me. I had… I had always wanted to create things.

So that was what I did. I was no longer an empty void. I became a cycle, a beacon of creation. The speck helped me create a new universe, teeming with rich life. I am now Existence. A new Kinisis.

For the first time in so long, I am happy. I have my own universe now. A little puddle of life in a harsh, never-ending void. All around I have created fauna and flora, spread across a myriad of star systems. Beautiful galaxies that in the past I had only ever dreamed of.

As for the speck? I see it sometimes, in the edges of my vision. While I became Existence, it became the void. It watches. It waits. It protects.

I hope it is as happy as I am.

Diary on the Star Soarer 9 Mon, 19 Jun 2017 12:49:32 +0000 Read more]]> 20170619

Dear Diary,

I saw it.

I saw the monster.

I saw something that was not supposed to be there.

It was only for a moment. I saw it outside my room. It skulked by. Like some sort of feral animal, hunched back, on all fours. A shadowy creature. Almost literally made of shadows. Small thing. It was long and wispy but it wasn’t very tall. Silent though. Didn’t make a sound. As if it was floating above the ground but walking anyway. It looked like its chest was going up and down but I couldn’t hear any breathing. As if it was mimicking the living.

It was just walking by as I happened to peer through my door viewer – the little cameras we have so we can see who’s outside before we let people in. I’d heard a noise, some sort of muffled thing, that was why I looked. I didn’t expect to see a monster.

The creature though, I don’t know if it knew I was there. It definitely looked at me, as if it was looking through glass. Maybe it was looking at everyone? How did it even know I was there? Maybe it heard me? It could hear me moving? It knew I could see it? I squeaked a little when I saw it. I was scared. Others may have seen it too. These walls aren’t that thin. You can hear things going on. You can see things too.

It didn’t stick around though. It glanced around a bit then it picked up its pace and disappeared around a corner.

No, of course I didn’t go and follow it! That would be suicide! I’m not an idiot, I’m not chasing after a monster that did what it did to those people. There have been three more deaths today alone! All the same sort of thing. Two of them were considered bad but one of them was apparently a perfectly nice Septa. Not even being a good person will save us now.

Instead, I did the smart thing.

I waited for a bit.

Five minutes. Making sure it was definitely gone. I was going to report it, but I heard the sound of people running past outside. The police had clearly seen it or they’d gotten reports or something and were going after it.

I didn’t really want to know any more. I was panicking a lot at first. Didn’t hear any weaponry or any shouting or anything like that, but why would I? That creature was silent. That silence was haunting me. It was like part of my brain was convinced the creature was still there, or that it would come back or something.

Luckily, this nice Raptai came by and was knocking on everyone’s doors to see if we were all okay. I told her what happened. Her name is Lasy. She brought with her a little tray of sweet snack things. Apparently she’s a therapist and that’s why she was around, to calm people down. I suppose it’s a good idea. It definitely helped me a bit.

But the talking helped the most. I asked her questions. She doesn’t know everything but she knows that this monster was just going up and down dormitory hallways. As if it was looking for something. The worst thing Lasy said though was that it only attacks beings who get in its way. What that means, I don’t understand. I mean, if I saw it coming towards me, I’d leap out of the way probably, but would it attack me anyway?

And it’s just roaming the hallways, looking for something?

Lasy did her best to calm me down, and I appreciated the snacks, but I… I’m still scared.

It looked at me. Directly at me. That terrifies me.

I hope that fades. It’s going to be hard to get anything done when I can see its blank face, its bright, glowing eyes, looking at me like that.

Maybe I’ll try sleep. I don’t know.

See you tomorrow.

Assuming that thing doesn’t come back.

Diary on the Star Soarer 8 Sun, 18 Jun 2017 09:54:08 +0000 Read more]]> 20170618

Dear Diary,

So much for things calming down.

It’s all gotten worse.

No one’s allowed out of their rooms right now.

Three people dead.

All brutally murdered!

Blood everywhere.

Like something went through them. Like they were in the way of some horrible monster and, rather than going around them, it went through their bodies and out the other side. Then it got annoyed at them and went back for more.

It’s horrible. Terrifying. And no one knows what is doing all this!

And it definitely can’t be the Septa. They were all in their ritual room doing their thing! None of them were nearby when they all died. One at a time. There’s people saying the Septa ordered their deaths and shit like that but they can’t do that. They do their weird ritual to convince their god not to kill people!

What also makes this weird is who died. Three people. Two of which are up top rich people. One rich human, one rich Cassian, one poor Cassian. There’s rumours that the second, poor Cassian wasn’t that noble either. One of the Raptai who is friends with Eftyin said that the Cassian had been accused of rape but never went on trial because the victim withdrew the claim because of death threats. Heck, the Raptai are starting to believe that all the victims are ‘sinners’ or are ‘evil or something’.

That goes against all the Septa stuff. Really, they’re kinda like overly religious humans. They ask forgiveness for their sins. For us, it’s so people get to go to heaven and don’t get sent to hell to burn for eternity, for them it’s so they can stay alive a bit longer. Plus, killing is a sin for pretty much everyone here. Criminals and corruption aside, you’re not allowed on a ship if you’ve ever been related to someone’s death. No manslaughter, no murder, nothing.

It’s all so scary.

But the scariest thing is that, at least according to my scanner, the police caught one of the deaths on film. They saw it!

I don’t know anything more about it though. The second my scanner picked it up, the communications changed frequency, to the police one that no one cares eavesdrop on. I mean, I can get away with this stuff because pretty much everything gets recorded. There’s lines in the contracts that we sign that say we can’t sue for being recorded and anything like that, but in particular it’s open-ended, meaning anyone can record you…

Thinking about it, there’s probably a ton of people who know about my scanner and my diary. Then again, they already have scanners and all that for everyone.

Still, there’s video. Maybe the police can find out what’s doing this for real.

Hell… must be awful having to re-watch those videos. Bad enough someone sent images around… Weird how people can do that. I’m pretty sure it was a Cassian. They tend to do that a lot…

In the mean time, I don’t know what to do. Everyone’s locked in their rooms. There’s really no better place for us all to be. I’m so glad though that I brought tons of food in here after yesterday’s time off. This happened just before my lunch break, and like an idiot, I skipped breakfast. Food keeps me calm. Maybe I’ll put some music on to calm myself down. Like the police said, keeping calm is the best thing we can do. When I get the chance though, I might look at… I don’t know, something defensive. I know it’s like a one in just under a thousand chance of dying, but still, just in case.

I’m not going to say anything about hoping for things to happen. The opposite always seems to happen.

See you tomorrow.

Diary on the Star Soarer 7 Sat, 17 Jun 2017 13:33:31 +0000 Read more]]> 20170617

Dear Diary,

After a day of constant inspections and checking rooms and being herded around like cattle, everything seems to have calmed down a bit. Just a bit. There’s still that hint of panic everywhere you go, but at least it’s just whispers and not people panicking out in the open.

But yesterday was so chaotic. There were police everywhere. Not just normal, living and breathing enforcers, they brought out all the robot police as well. Going from your room to the food court meant getting stopped three times at checkpoints and explaining where you had to go. Meant no one could get anything done at a reasonable pace. Everyone was late to breakfast, everyone was late getting to their posts, everyone was late getting to lunch and dinner… and so on.

Somehow, even with the room searches, they seemed to leave my sector alone, but it was still tedious and annoying and stressful.

Well, the normal people. I think all the rich people just spent their day locked up in their super private super fancy quarters. The higher ups all seem to think that whatever is killing people is targeting the rich and ignoring the poor. Which makes no sense because the communications engineer who died wasn’t a rich person and we know exactly what killed him.

The crazy thing is that people are saying that all these deaths are related. Okay, the stupid rich woman’s death yesterday was messy and bad but the poor engineer’s death was clearly an accident. The Cassid doctor who had seen him turned over his medical license out of sadness and shame, but it wasn’t the doctor’s fault if the guy hadn’t told him about allergies. That was all cleared up.

Still, I think some people are glad about Miss Larissa’s death. The Raptai didn’t seem to like her at all. Something about accusations of corruption. Luckily, people’s hatred of her wasn’t enough to screw over the investigations. Apparently they’re going to incinerate the body tomorrow, in case it’s contaminated with anything, even though no one has found any clues as to what happened.

On the plus side, today has been a lot better. Everyone on the ship was given the day off. At least, the people who could take time off. I still had to do 3 hours of work, but that’s fine. I appreciate the time off, considering how stressful everything has been.

I decided to spend most of my day in the cinemas. There’s not much else a cleaner like me has access to without shelling out money, so to the cinemas I went. Some jokester thought it would be a good idea to play one of those old 2d movies, a film about people on a space ship being attacked and brutally killed by an alien creature. I guess it was pretty funny, but my new Septa friends Eftyin and Ennea didn’t appreciate it.

I know I’ve been complaining a bit here, but really, I have it easy. I’m an independent white, female human. Yeah, I’ve hit hard times, but it’s nothing compared to the Septa. Everyone on the ship suddenly hates them. There are even some people, higher up rich humans and Cassians mostly, who think that the Septa’s religious antics are what caused these deaths!

That’s silly. Anyone with even the slightest bit of sense knows that the Seven Divine Praises ritual is to convince their death god that they are worth keeping alive and should be allowed to live for longer, not to get people killed. It’s like these people never went to school! Racists.

Then again, there’s an equally silly opinion going around that us interrupting their ritual is what is causing these deaths. But that’s dumb. Gods don’t have personal vendettas. Otherwise the gods us humans have believed in over the millennia would have destroyed us a billion times over already.

But things are definitely calming down now. Fingers crossed that no one else dies in a mysterious way.

See you tomorrow.

Tale – Unexpected Person in the Courtyard Fri, 16 Jun 2017 13:14:09 +0000 Read more]]>  

“Oh light oh light oh light this is bad…” Gath panicked as he rushed into the office. Everyone around had been on high alert ever since… IT had appeared in the courtyard. No one knew what to do, it had just stood there, patiently waiting for someone to come out and greet it.

“What is wrong, my dear?” Retvik asked, watching Gath panic and walk around all flustered. “What is going on? It is unlike you to be like this.”

Gath chewed on his claw as he paced up and down. “I do not know how to explain this to you but…”

Retvik sighed as he got up and wrapped his arms around his partner in an effort to calm him down. “It cannot be that horrible, Gath! Unless some xenon threat has invaded, or somevok has declared war or…”

Gath’s fears only got worse. “It could be here to enslave us all! Or choke us all to death with its pollution! Have you not see those Cassid movies?”

Retvik tutted and let go of Gath. “Tell me what the problem is.”

“There is a… a THROPE out there!”

The former general’s face dropped.

“A Thrope?”

“Yes, a Thrope.”

“Are you sure?”


Again, Retvik tutted. He grabbed Gath by the arm and pulled him out of the office, down several flights of stairs and into the courtyard, which was now empty aside from the lone being. No one around wanted to mess with this stranger, wearing what looked like an armoured but skintight suit. They wore some sort of horned helmet that covered their face. Extra, thicker padding covered their chest, shoulders and knees. They were very small, the height of a Threan-type Rethan. Not even 2m tall.

Retvik patted Gath, told him to stay put, then cautiously walked over to the being. They did not appear to be armed. Actually, they seemed really small and pretty weak. But Retvik knew to be careful.

“Hello, stranger!” Retvik waved awkwardly. “What brings you to the city of Palaestra?”

The Thrope didn’t answer at first. They reached round and tapped something on the back of their neck, which caused their helmet to fold away.

“Hello, strange being. Are you friendly?” the Thrope asked.

“Well, yes…” Retvik shrugged. “My name is Retvik Rethianos, acting leader of the city of Palaestra. What brings a…” Retvik paused, looking for the right word. “What brings a human to our fair territories?”

The Thrope threw their hair back, out of their face, then walked over to Retvik, arm outstretched. Retvik cautiously took it and shook the Thrope’s hand gently. That was what they did, right?

“I’m afraid I happen to be lost, mister Retvik. You can call me Pandora.”

“That is a nice name,” Retvik smiled. But his smile caused the human to step back. He realise that maybe the Rethan smile – the bearing of his sharp teeth – was threatening to them. “Sorry, please do not be frightened. This is how many species show joy around here. Please, come inside with me, where we can talk in private.”

Retvik turned around and nodded at Pandora to follow. The Thrope hesitated then followed. Gath tiptoed behind her.

“Is this your friend?” Pandora asked as they climbed the stairs.

“That is my dear partner Gath.”

“He seems more scared of me than I am of you. And you are both huge. What species are you?”

Retvik smiled as they reached the top of the stairs and stepped into their office. “We are Rethans, I am a Standard-Type and Gath is an Ethran-Type. But the majority of the locals here are Thanatians and Vrekans. We very rarely see Thro- uh, humans around here.”

Retvik pulled a chair out for Pandora, then sat behind his desk. Gath brought his stool over and sat next to Retvik.

“Why are you so…”

“Scared?” Gath butted in. “You Thropes have a reputation. One that terrifies any civilized race!”

“What Gath means is that we tend to leave humans alone, because some humans can be very aggressive. We prefer that humans come to us rather than the other way around…” Retvik tried to explain.

Pandora sighed, then stared at the ground. “That’s totally understandable…”

Retvik decided to change the conversation. “So where abouts in our little universe are you from?”

“I’m from Earth. It’s a small planet orbiting a star that many call Sol.”

Gath glanced at Retvik, then at Pandora. “But there are like… FIFTY planets called Earth that we know of!”

“What?” Pandora blinked. “How?”

Retvik shrugged. “I do not know. That is what Cassid scientists say. Us Rethans rarely venture out past the Maza systems. Most species around here do not travel at all. But we can arrange travel to a space port. From there you can safely get to more familiar territories.”

Pandora smiled. “I would be very grateful. But I wonder if destiny brought me here? To this world of friendly beings. Perhaps I might find answers to some of my other questions and to my studies?”

Retvik pondered the human’s question, but came up short. “I… I do not follow… Are you studying something?”

“I am. I am studying life after death, and the circles of reincarnation. The circle of life, some might call it.

The two Rethans both grunted. Retvik reached for his keyboard, tapped a few keys, then hit a last key. Behind them, a printer perked up then printed out a map to the Portalia City space port and a map of the Maza systems.

“Unfortunately there is little we can do to assist you,” Retvik explained as he handed the Thrope her map. “Perhaps those at the main space port can help you, or at least get you to someone who can help you in your studies. Do you require fuel or anything like that?”

Pandora seemed satisfied. “No, no need. I have my ship. Thank you for your help!”

The Thrope got up from her chair and waved.

“Thank you, Retvik. Thank you, Gath.”

“Thank you too, Pandora, and safe travels.”

Pandora nodded, then left. Retvik waited until she had gone, then turned to Gath.

“See? That wasn’t so bad, was it?”

Diary on the Star Soarer 6 Thu, 15 Jun 2017 17:14:19 +0000 Read more]]> 20170615

Dear Diary,

Okay none of this is making any sense.

The ship is currently on lock-down, with all non-essential persons in their rooms. The police are all over the place trying to work out what’s going on.

Another person died. Number three. Her name was Larissa Jordans. But it’s not some random person in communications. This was one of the bigwigs. One of the up tops. The people in charge. Well, not in charge, but one of the major financial sponsors, the CEO of this big tech company called Galafood Tech. The company basically runs agricultural systems inside space programs like the Star Soarer.

I know she’s just a CEO, not really in charge of the actual running of the company and more into financial things and funding… Okay, she wasn’t a particularly nice person either… She had charges of corruption and shit against her… but still! Another dead person!

She didn’t even die in a good way.

At least, that’s what everyone’s saying.

The second I got back to my room, I turned on my scanner. I was in the middle of dinner so luckily I was allowed to take my food with me, but still, it was all a giant rush. Everyone did their best to keep calm and move at a good pace, rather than panicking, but still, everyone is so tense right now.

And for good reason! The stuff my scanner is picking up is insane!

Okay, calm down. One thing at a time.

Firstly, this was most likely an accident, not a genuine murder. It’s only because this woman is rich and important that people seem to care. I mean, the cause of death was pretty obvious with the other people, but here, it’s all a mess and no one knows how she died yet. According to the scanner, there was blood everywhere.

But this is where it all gets weird. I checked my scanner and apparently, about an hour before all this happened, there was a communication about an engineer having to repair a faulty lock on the livestock cages. The ship has livestock not just for food but also for experimentation and to use in the New North. It’s all just livestock though. The most aggressive thing there is a handful of dogs, that are used for comfort and enjoyment experiments in space.

Then the scanner picked up that some of the dogs had gotten out. There are supposed to be twenty dogs but the handlers only counted seventeen.

Then, half an hour later, this Larissa woman dies.

And you know what all the rumours are saying? That some of the escaped dogs did it. I mean, the scanner picked up all sorts, saying that she was found in a mess and there was blood everywhere and things like that.

Except it can’t have been, because they found the dogs and none of them had blood on them or anything. They found them like twenty minutes afterwards and there’s no way any dog can clean itself that fast! The dogs got returned to their proper area and are fine apparently.

And then there were other people who rumoured that maybe one of the Septa did it, so the police checked every single room with DNA scanners but came up with nothing, with the entire Septa population accounted for. Then the police started checking everyone’s rooms, humans, Cassians and Raptai who were in the area at the time of her death and they still found nothing!

So no one really knows what happened! They’re still investigating but…

I don’t know if it was a good thing or a bad thing that I didn’t get around to fixing the scanner… I’m actually pretty scared… I mean, it could all just be accidents… Yesterday was an accident…

I’m going to leave the scanner on its highest settings, get it to save everything. It’s just text, I can save so much on my little data card. I’ll just leave it on and check it again tomorrow.

Good night.

See you tomorrow.

Hopefully no one else will die…