Alternate Worlds

Tale: Parallel Conundrum

“Could that even happen?”

Retvik paced up and down the room, not in his calm, controlled self, but in a much more panicked state. Behind him, three unnaturally tall and skinny Ethran-types sat on a tattered brown sofa. One of them was Tenuk, the fellow Dessaron he had worked alongside for...Read More »

Toward Kinigi

Note: This story is set about 50 years from present time.

“Tenuk, we should not be doing this!” Retvik had repeated that phrase a good thirty or fourty times, and every single time, Tenuk had ignored him and steamed forward with even more determination. He was a Half-Retha on a mission...Read More »


Note: This story is set about 100 years from present time.

“Curious. Interesting perhaps.”

Retvik sat up, then immediately fell back down, his body restrained by sharp, thorny bands across his arms and chest. Somevok was talking to him. The same somevok also had imprisoned the Retha.

“This has not happened in a...Read More »

Artikai Universe

I have been watching since the Phovan universe faded into emptiness, waiting as its remaining particles decay and eventually bloom into something new. These blooms grow into new universes, each governed by new rules, somewhat related to their mother universe but different enough to be new entities of their own.

The...Read More »

Tale: Failed Corruption of another Universe

Translated from Laniaglos, language of the Lania

Come, children, come listen. For I have the reasons behind the blackening of the sky, the destruction of our highest mountain, the fleeing of time. I saw them with my own four eyes, I heard their battle. Life and Death came together as one.

The...Read More »

Tales: Writing Prompts

These are all writing prompts based on this imgur gallery.


I’m panicking. Where are they? Where did I put them? I’m rummaging through my hand bag and they’re not there! Did I leave them in the gym? I have to head back inside and see. I can’t drive home without...Read More »

Tale: Lost in the Future

The portal was only open for a moment, but it was long enough for something to pass through. A small bundle of fabric with a tiny, squirming creature wrapped up nice and warm. After a few minutes of silence, a second portal opened up, and the injured body of a...Read More »

Fan Tale: Servant


Miraak’s voice echoed across Apocrypha, bouncing off the nonsensical walls and pillars of that horrible, green sphere. Sahrotaar looked up from what he was doing and sighed.


Why did that stupid mortal have to shout? Why wasn’t he dead in the first place?

With a growl and a flap...Read More »

Tale: Reternity

This is everything. Eternity surrounds me. A small eternity. Young. Growing. Particles coming together, light gathering its speed, fundamental elements evolving and joining. A tiny universe swirling out of nothing. I snake across this small existence, a universe I shall protect with my very soul.

Despite the chaos, the sub-atomic activity,...Read More »

Fan Tale: Titania's Peril

Burning smoke would have filled their lungs, if they had any to speak of. Eruptions of electronics, broken equipment and exploding gases blew their way through the ship, hovering over the bright rings of Saturn.

None of the remaining members of the squad were sure what had happened. One minute, the...Read More »

Fan Tale: A Warframe Power Pissing Contest

“Hey kid!” Frost grinned as he slapped the young Volt on the back. “Yellow, black and grey? Unusual colour combination. Did Ordis tell you his sensors were bleeding when you equipped that?”

The Volt, who was holding a mod he’d just picked up, trying to work out whether it was useful,...Read More »

Fan Tale: Escaping the Stalker

Volt hated Spy missions.

He hated them with a passion. Not because Volt couldn’t hack, in fact, Volt had mastered hacking pretty quickly. He didn’t mind the sneaking either, he actively enjoyed being sneaky at times. No, Volt hated Spy missions because of all those stupid energy fields and sensors and...Read More »

Fan Tale: Volt's Wait

Volt was bored.

He had been lounging around inside his Orbiter for several hours now, waiting for things to happen. Great things he had been told. Mysterious things. New things to do.

It wasn’t like Volt didn’t have things to do. He still had plenty of missions building up from across the...Read More »

Tale: An Odd Recruitment

I walk as fast as I can, avoiding attention, before slipping away into a side alley. My kind are not welcome around here. A Temthan dumping ground of former slaves. Big, burly reptilian beings everywhere, all suffering from various, untreated injuries. They’ve always envied us Thraki for managing to remain...Read More »

Fan Tale - Frost Worries

Volt sat happily inside his orbiter, happily admiring his shiny new Prime parts. He’d spent way too long opening relic after relic, looking for the somewhat rare parts he needed, then he’d waited three and a half days for it to all finish building. It was worth it though. The...Read More »

Fan Tale - Hieracon

Volt stared at his navigation panel, then at his wallet, then back at his navigation panel. His Star Chart was mostly completed, except for the last few planets – Pluto, Sedna, Eris, and strangely, Europa. He had made a beeline for each junction on each planet, leaving out the awkward...Read More »

Fan Tale - The Lost Operator

Volt’s neural sensors briefly switched off then on again, to simulate blinking. He appeared to be hanging from a wall. It was only vaguely familiar to him, as if he had only ever slept in that room. After a few more blinks, the Warframe realised he was inside the Arsenal...Read More »

Fan Tale - The Long Slow Decay

The ship floated almost lifelessly in orbit around the dead, rocky planet. Occasionally, a spurt of energy would push the ship upwards, briefly away from the planet, a vague, failing attempt to reorientate itself. Inside, a lone being sat, lost in their thoughts.

The being didn’t look human. A strange suit...Read More »

Fan Tale - Out of Body Experience

Volt’s Operator had been incredibly quiet since their trip to the Kuva Fortress. Volt knew that he and the Operator were separate beings, but something after that rather lengthy mission had disturbed the Operator. Something Volt was unaware of, since Loki was the warframe the Operator had chosen, not Volt....Read More »

Fan Tale - A Grineer's Lunch

Volt hid in the shadows and waited patiently. He wasn’t a stealthy sort of Warframe, but there he was, doing a stealth mission, because why not? It wasn’t like Volt had anything better to do right now, and he wanted to test out his new silent blast Sonicor, so again,...Read More »

Tale - A Speck of Dust

I was once Kenos. The personification of the void, of the vacuum, of the eternal decay into nothingness. The god of entropy. The lord of nothing. Through my dark veil, I protected my beloved universe. The mortals that roamed through space, the dragons of time, even Existence herself, they were...Read More »

Tale - Days as Seconds

Sometimes, I wonder how I got here.

A billion years of nothingness and here I stand. Observing. Watching. Guarding. That is my duty now. Protecting a fledgling universe from all the horrors that seek to consume it. Protecting a fledgling universe from mistakes that could destroy it from the inside out.

You...Read More »

Tale - The Donda

Volt stared at the Donda, a small, metallic, spinning shape hovering above a diamond-shaped base, both plated in that familiar Orokin gold. Beyond the Donda was the view from the Orbiter’s window, the rings of Saturn drifting by, minding their own business.

Everything was quiet. All that could be heard was...Read More »

Tale - Wrapped Up

“How long were you hanging there, little one?”

Retvik laid down the blanket-wrapped body on his bed. It would occasionally move, exhausted, shallow breathing making its chest rise and fall. The odd shiver would course through its core, making it shake. As Retvik pulled away the blankets, he vaguely recognised the...Read More »

One's Buried Self

“Where am I?”

“I will explain soon. You have questions, as do I. But I wish for you to answer my questions first. You have been asleep for a long time.”

“How long?”

“We wish to try and figure that out. Do you recognise me?”

“Uh… My eyes are a bit… blurry… But… I...Read More »

Fan Tale - A Night on the Plains

Volt seemed uncertain as the heavy Orokin doors slammed shut behind him. This was his second time out on the plains. The last time he had been here, it was day time, and he lacked the proper tools to not only fight the swarms of Grineer roaming around, but he...Read More »

Fan Tale - Candy on the Plains


Rhino pounded on the front of the white and blue Liset, waiting for its owner to finally open the door and come out. Behind him were Ember and Volt, both being a little more patient than their heavily armoured friend.

“I’m not coming!”

“WHY NOT?” Rhino whined....Read More »

Fan Tale - The Horseless Headless Horsemann's Temp Job

The Horseless Headless Horsemann checked the small piece of paper, looked at the heavy doors, then checked it again. Surely this couldn’t have been the place. Ever since he’d taken this Grim Reaper gig as a side job to pay his student loans, the Headless Horsemann had been to a...Read More »

Fan Tale - An Operator's Rant

Volt stood silently, watching his Operator wander around the ship. Occasionally, the Operator would turn to say something, only to pause and say nothing.

“Operator, what are you thinking?” Ordis would occasionally butt in with his own thoughts. This had been the fourth time, and this time, the Operator actually answered.

“I...Read More »


“I’m sorry.”

“Why are you saying sorry?”

“I don’t know. I just feel I should apologise to you.”

“Why? What have you done?”


“So why are you apologising?”

“Because I have done nothing.”

“I do not follow. You slept. You are not responsible for my actions. You have not done anything.”

“But I slept. I was oblivious...Read More »

A Lingering Thought from a Fragment of the Corrupted Swarm

“You’re making an honourable sacrifice.”

That’s the last thing I remember being told. Just before I was flung into that pit.

“Thanks to you, everyone else gets to live.”

I was conscious while they tore into me. Turning me and my allies into the same horrible monsters they were. I tried so hard...Read More »

Running In Parallel

Telos had been watching Zoan and Empros argue for a while. This wasn’t a new universe, but Telos knew that both of them were slightly scared. This was the second time in a short space of time that a Corruption had attempted to break in, and Zoan had been getting...Read More »

Fan Tale - Missing Persons

“So, uh, what do we do now?”

The higher levels of the relays were always almost empty. That was why Frost had picked the top level of the Kronia Relay as his little meeting place. The only thing here that could bother them was a single relay operative but they were...Read More »

Terror In The Locker Room

The Crewman could hear lockers opening. He had finished his shift and was going to head down to the canteen for lunch. He needed to drop off his weapon and change out of his suit. Someone else was in there though, clanging and banging around. Rather than just barge...Read More »