Planet Threa is the homeworld of the Retha. It is a pleasant, watery planet with plenty of fertile ground and varied environments. It is also resource-rich, with mild seasonal changes and no large predators. The planet is small, about 1.5 times larger than Mars, and has an atmosphere of 24% oxygen, 70% nitrogen and small … Read moreThrea

The Thre-Reth System

The Thre-Reth system is a solar system with a white dwarf star that had been considered completely uninhabitable or forgotten about throughout time. It has five planets with multiple moons and a large asteroid belt along the solar system’s edge. Most of the system is controlled by the Rethans, who were named after the planet … Read moreThe Thre-Reth System

The Thanatia System

The Thanatia system is a solar system with a standard yellow star, four normal planets and a binary planet, essentially two planets joined together. The planets of the Thanatia system are teeming with life and resources, but are mostly cordoned off and kept off-limits, due to how dangerous that life and those resources can be. … Read moreThe Thanatia System

The Vohreth System

The Vohreth System is a solar system with a bright, long-living yellow star and six inhabitable planets, as well as several small moons and many uninhabitable objects. There are three asteroid belts, one between the star and Vohran 1, a small, thin belt between Vohran 2 and Vrekal, and a large, tilted asteroid belt filled … Read moreThe Vohreth System

The Nexus System

The Nexus system is the smallest of the four main Phoviverse systems. Its star is a small but long-lived White Dwarf, and four rocky planets, all with molten iron cores. There are two asteroid belts, both of which lay beyond the planets and are believed to be the remains of two planets that collided many … Read moreThe Nexus System


Blythia is the fourth and last planet of the Nexus system. It is a rocky, mountainous world surrounded by a cold, icy ocean. The single continent is kept warm via underground volcanic activity, as well as sulfur vents around the coast of Dovenarzul and the Darkem Plains, although surface activity is incredibly rare. The atmosphere … Read moreBlythia


Zia is the third planet in the Nexus system, an oceanic planet covered in water and scattered with large islands, most of which were created by volcanic eruptions eons ago. It has a rich atmosphere, composing of 40% oxygen, 20% nitrogen, 10% neon, 5% helium, 1% carbon dioxide and the rest being other various gasses. … Read moreZia


Kolasi is the first planet of the Nexus system, a wet, hostile world with high levels of nitrogen and oxygen, as well as methane. It is a planet covered in long, snaking rivers and marshlands that often double back on themselves. There are several large seas but no oceans. Almost all water on Kolasi is … Read moreKolasi


Portalia is the second planet of the Nexus star system. It is a small, rocky, Mars-sized planet with a wet but unstable climate. Portalia’s main features are the many strange rock formations, known as taloi that litter the landscape, created when beings ‘from other realms’ appear on the planet. The terrain is mostly wet and … Read morePortalia