The Ksa

The Ksa are genetically altered, highly trained Threan-type Rethavok, designed from birth to perform specific duties in and around Rethan territories. Despite their small, often unarmored bodies, the Ksa are incredibly powerful, capable of vast and deadly abilities, including an amplified version of standard Threan-type telepathy and telekinisis. Many Ksa are elementally attuned and at … Read moreThe Ksa

The Toahfen Battle System

Much like the Dessaron Battle System, the Toahfen Battle System exists to both satisfy crowds and help end conflict between races without real bloodshed. Unlike the Dessaron system though, the Toahfen contains one single, gigantic arena – the Iolen Arena, which utilizes altered Deitic technology to manipulate the arena’s environment. The Iolen Arena is situated … Read moreThe Toahfen Battle System

The Dessaron

The Dessaron are a team of four Retha: Arkay Theanon, Elksia Ksion, Retvik Rethianos and the otherwise unknown Tenuk. After many years of suffering in the hands of the Deitics, defeated the Anexartitai during the Great Deitic War, thus ending it. In their honour, the Dessaron Battle System was named after them. Having spent over … Read moreThe Dessaron

The Kalsa Warriors

The Kalsa Warriors are Vohra trained from birth to protect Vohran nests and act as the first line of defense against anything that may harm the Vohra. They typically have more freedom than most Vohra, as they are free to leave and move to different nests, as well as explore the universe, assuming they have … Read moreThe Kalsa Warriors

The Maza

The Maza, also known as the Order, is the name of the Phoviverse’s collection of sentient species. Membership in the Maza allows for its members to trade freely between one another, outlaws slavery and attempts to keep peace between the sentient races. For a race to be able to join the Maza, they must be … Read moreThe Maza