The Alternative – Part 2

“What have you done, Yisini?” Kairos pulled the roof off Yisini’s shelter and landed in front of the Allbirther, his breath shimmering with silver flames. “WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?” Yisini ignored Kairos’s fury. She was busy writing things down. “YISINI!” Finally, Yisini looked up. “I know what I’ve done.” “Then tell me.” “I accidentally lobotomised … Read moreThe Alternative – Part 2

The Alternative – Part 1

“PLEASE! DON’T KILL ME!” Yisini screamed as the hideous claws of the Thantophor tightened around her neck, pinning her against the ground. She tried to coil her tail around Arkadin, desperately trying to wriggle out of the Death Lord’s grip, but Arkadin just continued to hold her down. “”Really, sister?” Arkadin snarled, black, needle-like teeth … Read moreThe Alternative – Part 1

Drunkard Concerns

“How was the date?” Epani asked as she awkwardly landed on the roof of Kairos’s little bunker. “Uh, she’s… still here…” Kairos hissed. He had seen Epani coming but desperately didn’t want to wake the sleeping Ksithan lying in his bed. “We’re still on said date.” “Is this a bad time?” Kairos looked back at … Read moreDrunkard Concerns

Surprise Date

“Hi, I’m here to pick up Phovos.” The Rethan, the Banikan and the Temthan all looked unamused. A little black and red Skyan pointed towards the row of individual apartments, six upstairs, six downstairs. None of them seemed impressed that the Whenvern had landed in front of them. “She’s in the very top left one.” … Read moreSurprise Date

Dating Ramble

The little click had made Retvik suspicious. He had been walking by a heavily barred window when it happened. Retvik had to investigate what it was, because the noise that followed sounded suspiciously like a window being slid open. “You are not trying to escape, are you?” Retvik asked as he spotted a yellow-plated snout … Read moreDating Ramble

Deitic Dinner Plans

“THAT’S FUCKING RETARDED!” Psiksi’s voice echoed across the room, bouncing down the hallway. He quickly realised what he had said, in front of the Goddess of the Entire Universe of all things, but Psiksi didn’t change his tone. “You want to bring the other deities here for a fucking family meal? Are you insane?” Approximately … Read moreDeitic Dinner Plans