Fan Tale – Candy on the Plains

“COME ON, FROST! YOU’RE TAKING FOREVER!” Rhino pounded on the front of the white and blue Liset, waiting for its owner to finally open the door and come out. Behind him were Ember and Volt, both being a little more patient than their heavily armoured friend. “I’m not coming!” “WHY NOT?” Rhino whined. “You said … Read more

Both Different

“Are you alright?” Something tapped Veeyel on the shoulder. He rubbed his eyes then slowly sat up. His back ached. He’d fallen asleep on a bench and somehow everything on his body was still intact. Then again, Veeyel didn’t have anything on him worth stealing. “You don’t look alright.” Veeyel finally looked up. Standing over … Read more

The Fountain of Youth

Most of the waters in Kinigi were part of the massive rivers that cleansed and recycled souls, erasing their memories and preparing them to be reborn into new bodies. Each one would twist and turn, from the Sea of Death to the Ocean of Birth. This lake though was the exception. A whirlpool in the … Read more

The Cassid Champion

Twenty Cassids. Baxavius had beaten them all. Cassids in heavy armour, Cassids with robots, Cassids in giant mechs. They had all succumbed to Baxavius’s fiery harka-blade, his collapsatic shield, his elegant butterfly knife, his righteous Boson-Initializing Somatic Offensive Nuker. Admittedly, his BISON had done most of the work, but compared to some of the shit … Read more

Stuck in a Tree

Ksiel was stuck. It had all started off rather simple. He’d tried to fly, using his new wings. In the past, he’d used telekinetically powered ‘energy wings’ that weren’t wings at all – he’d simply fly around using telekinesis. But now he had a massive pair of dark, powerful wings, he wanted to fly for … Read more

Stuck in a Dark Place

“Nothing mentioned teleportation. NOTHING! Why is this HAPPENING?” All around was empty space, peppered with debris. Eternal darkness. If it wasn’t for the handful of small, floating platforms, Kayel probably would have died by now. He was thankful that he and Psivee-En had landed on a particularly large platform. Everything else in the ritual had … Read more

Still Lost, Still Confused

Veeyel had been watching from the shadows for about twenty minutes now, as three armoured vehicles were lined up in front of the Astynom station. Armed soldiers made a line between the entrance and the vehicles, one hand on their gunstaff, the other on their electric stun-tasers. They were shepherding three beings into the vehicles, … Read more

An Awkward Inconvenience

Veeyel had been standing in the doorway for about twenty minutes now. In the living room, Frienir was arguing with his partner. Clearly there had been a misunderstanding, but perhaps this had happened before. Frienir bringing someone home who he shouldn’t have. Either way, his partner, Lousanos, was incredibly angry. The argument mostly centred around … Read more

Separated and Confused

Shards of frosted glass littered the alleyway. It made a change from the normal large pile of rubbish that would normally cover the ground, but the glass wasn’t exactly reassuring. In the middle of the broken glass was a confused, dazed, young, Rethan-like being that probably shouldn’t have been there. At first, Frienir wasn’t sure … Read more

Jobs for Eternity

Lately, Vahlok had been doing the same jobs over and over. “Go get this, go get that!” was all Stasis ever told him to do. So that was what he did. Endless fetch quests. Today’s job was no different. Vahlok had to capture this rogue ‘Unhumin’ scientist. Apparently this thing was just a disgruntled Thrope … Read more

Last Day of the Holiday

“Nooooooooooooo!” Psiksi almost screamed as Kass pulled the blankets off him. After a brief struggle, Psiksi grabbed a blanket and wrapped it around him. “What?” “It’s COOOOOOOOOLD!” Kass shrugged, then pulled the blanket off him, only for Psiksi to grab the blanket and wrap himself up again. Knowing he wouldn’t win, Kass then got as … Read more