Ritualistic Towers of Death

A pink mist wafted through the top of the unfinished building, a structure of nothing more than steel beams, wooden floors and stretched canvases, open to the harsh mountain winds around them. It, like most of the other ruined towers around it, was once part of a Kronospast attempt to colonize Temthan territories. When they … Read moreRitualistic Towers of Death

Second Serpent

“Hey Yisini, are you busy?” Arkadin asked as he knocked politely on the bolted metal door. “Nope!” “Can I come in?” “If you want!” Arkadin hesitated. He could hear weird noises happening on the other side of that door, and he really wasn’t sure whether Yisini was lying to him or whether she genuinely wasn’t … Read moreSecond Serpent

Misfit Eidolon Hunt

“We’re going on an Eidolon hunt!” Frost exclaimed as he rummaged through his arsenal, looking for weapons to take with him. “We’re gonna murder some monsters!” “No, we’re going to capture one monster…” Volt sighed. “Maybe.” “Mate, I haven’t really done this before, just been carried by others!” Frost exclaimed. “I mean, I have a … Read moreMisfit Eidolon Hunt

Sword in the Wall

Arksi threw his blade across the room, not caring that it had embedded itself in the wall, through a poster of himself. Behind him, his siblings Eksi and Thitaksi filed in. “That is our fourth loss in a row!” Eksi ignored his brother’s shouting and tidied everything up, carefully removing his battle armour and placing … Read moreSword in the Wall

Disguised Meal

“This place is pretty nice!” Arkadin smiled as he sat down on a large pile of cushions. To the eyes of the Temthans in the restaurant, he was just pretty young female Ksithan with curvy hips, possibly a servant or helper to the attractive, muscular silver and blue Thrakani regular. Thrakani were always known to … Read moreDisguised Meal

Burning Corruption

In hindsight, Arkadin should have expected Peris to fight back. He just didn’t expect her to suddenly take all that Corruption into herself. “If you won’t save me, then the Corruption will.” A Corruption that was feeding off Peris, sucking at her will to defend herself. Now, Peris only cared about staying alive, she didn’t … Read moreBurning Corruption

The Worst of Truths

Peris had been following Arkadin around as he slowly began to cut away bits of Corruption and incinerate them in his hands. Despite Arkadin’s concerns, Peris had insisted that he start his work here in this specific area, rather than start at the original point of infection. “You should not interfere…” Thassalin whispered as he … Read moreThe Worst of Truths