Kairos shuddered as he leaned against the street lamp. He wasn’t quite sure why he shuddered. The wind was somewhat strong and blowy, blowing his wing membrane around and messing with the feathers on his neck and tail. The sun though was rather warm, and whenever the wind would die down, the sun’s rays would … Read moreWalkymonsters

Universe Ramble

I think… It’s working! You’re working! Yes! Alright. I have to be quick. I don’t know how long you’ll last. I’ve not… Well even if you just record, that’s fine. Step forward! Little steps! Lots of them! Okay, calm down. You’re working. I’m excited. I have a lot to say. … So, my name is… … Read moreUniverse Ramble

Filling A Wound

“You should have come to me sooner…” General Kaldoran tutted as he pulled his face mask down. “That wound is rather deep. A few more millimetres and it could have punctured an organ or two.” “I would have but I was rather busy reassuring the Rethavok that their leaders were safe and that a potential … Read moreFilling A Wound

Whether to Lie

“You’re doing it again…” This was the second time in nearly as many days that Arkadin had caught Kairos hovering behind him, waiting impatiently to ask him questions. Today, Arkadin was just dealing with the remains of a volcanic eruption that had perfectly buried a city full of primitive sapient beings so he had time … Read moreWhether to Lie

Voltaic Storage

Volt couldn’t remember how he got there. He wasn’t actually sure where ‘there’ was. Either way, it was a very tight space, with only just enough room for him to stand up straight. What bothered Volt more though were all the needles sticking out of his metallic Warframe flesh. Every few seconds, a tingling sensation … Read moreVoltaic Storage

Third Life

“Arkadin, can you help me with something please?” “Is it urgent?” “Kinda, yes.” The Thantophor rolled his eyes. He was in the middle of cleaning up what looked like a battlefield but was in fact just a normal village square. This dumb planet was filled with religious extremists which regularly blew each other up, but … Read moreThird Life

Yisini’s Silly Thoughts

Epani had just finished terraforming a planet and was now sitting idly in the planet’s orbit, toying with its newly formed moon, while Yisini inspected her new masterpiece. “Sister?” “Mhm?” the Panelix wasn’t paying much attention to what Yisini was doing. She was probably testing the temperatures of oceans, working out where to dump collections … Read moreYisini’s Silly Thoughts

Ver’s Worries

“Elkay, may I have a word?” King Ver had an anxious look on his beaked face. There was clearly something bothering him. “Of course.” “In private?” “Of course!” There was definitely something wrong. The High General of the Retha and the King of the Vrekans had been good friends for a very long time. There … Read moreVer’s Worries

A Very Drunk Conversation

“What was all that about?” Arkadin watched as Psiksi wobbled over. He’d been sitting on a bench, staring out into the void. There were no stars in the night sky, only that horrible, empty darkness, the hollow that reminded the Thantophor of his uncaring ‘father’, the Voidborn. “What was what about?” Psiksi wobbled some more, … Read moreA Very Drunk Conversation