Sudden Break

Someone was knocking very rudely on the door and this was beginning to annoy Voltiidro. He was busy trying to navigate the kitchen without knocking anything over, so him getting to the door in time to open it was almost impossible. Thankfully, someone else had heard the knocking and would answer the door for Voltiidro. … Read moreSudden Break

Stews and Questions

All things considered, Teekay was coping surprisingly well. Sure, his home had been attacked and burnt down and he’d lost most of his belongings again, but he was currently in a rather nice 4-star hotel, eating a very fancy mushroom stew with a bottle of mead and his best friend, all combined within a nice, … Read moreStews and Questions

Post-Midnight Slime

“ARKAYARKAYARKAYARKAY!” Sini leaped into the room, making the door frame wobble, then jumped into the lone bed, squishing the poor soul who had been occupying it. “Fffhhhphhhggg-Get off me!” a voice gasped from underneath the blanket. “Sini, what the fuck is going on?” Arkay eventually managed to pull himself out from underneath Sini, only to … Read morePost-Midnight Slime

Burnt Again

“This seems to be a repeating occurrence.” The wreckage was still smouldering, despite both the rain and a pair of rescue vehicles having extinguished the flames that had been burning for hours. This had once been a pretty little Skyan cottage, but a combination of insanity and determination had driven a hovercraft through the front … Read moreBurnt Again

Little Shadow Rethan

Everything was dark, yet warm. Machinery beeped away to itself. The bedsheets were crumpled yet comfortable. Whatever light dared enter the room was shooed away by the closing of old, dusty curtains. Everything was at rest, until it wasn’t. Retvik jumped up in shock, ripping the coverings from his eyes as he did so. The … Read moreLittle Shadow Rethan

Milkshake Chat

“You sure it’s alright to leave Tenuk with them for a few hours?” Arkay asked as four chocolate milkshakes arrived at the table. One for him, one for Kayen and two for Psiksi, because Psiksi had stomach ache and was under the impression that only sweet, milky goodness could fix the problem. The three Skyavok … Read moreMilkshake Chat

Post-Fight Silliness

“THAT WAS SO MUCH FUN!” Ebania gasped for breath, utterly exhausted from both her fighting and her excitement. “I want to do it again!” “Like, right now?” Arkay asked, watching as Ebania bounced about, swinging her large scythe back and forth. “Or tomorrow or what?” “Right now! Or tomorrow! I want more! I can totally … Read morePost-Fight Silliness

Emotional Feeding

“Tell me, how are you feeling?” Retvik wasn’t sure whether he was conscious or not. He was conscious when General Litvir led him into the lead-lined room. He was conscious when he sat down on the stool at the little desk. But whenever Litvir had touched him, something had felt… off. Compounding things further, Retvik … Read moreEmotional Feeding

Sheer Flames

Where an ironclad, reinforced wall once stood, there was now nothing but smouldering rubble and charred debris. Smoke wafted upwards, lingering at the ceiling before slowly fading away. Ashen black lines smothered their way across the remaining walls, coating everything in horrible dust. “Uh… I apologise, General…” General Litvir blinked, staring almost blankly at the … Read moreSheer Flames

Test Training

“So when do we get our weapons?” Sini asked as she pranced around, completely ignoring the fact that her top had come off. “When do we get to hit things?” Arkay rolled his eyes, sitting calmly on a stool, waiting for both Phovos and some of the Arena Trainers to arrive. “They don’t just give … Read moreTest Training

Raptoric Involvement

“You certainly know how to pick them!” Phovos smiled as she leaned by the open doorway to the old Dessaron Headquarters, watching as Arkay struggled to reach high cupboards, trying to put his freshly purchased shopping away. Helping him was an unfamiliar black and lilac Temthan wearing absolutely nothing, who was absent-mindedly shoving food into … Read moreRaptoric Involvement

Shopping Trip

Despite the number of times Sini had fallen flat on her face, she seemed to be enjoying herself. It was nothing more than a trip to the shops, to replenish the food and drinks that Arkay, Sini and the others had… somewhat stolen from Tenuk, but roaming down the aisles of this Ksithan store had … Read moreShopping Trip