Discussions of Broken Loops

“You know what’s weird?” Arkay grunted, trying to find a more comfortable position. “What’s weird? Aside from the fact that you’re talking to me while you work and I’m hiding in an air duct, trying to avoid existence and responsibilities?” Teekay shrugged at Arkay’s comment. He was quite happy, leaning back in his chair, filing … Read more

Lack of Memories

“Hmph.” Tahvra glanced up from his game as Akah practically disappeared inside the beanbag chair. That particular beanbag was actually designed for a much heavier being, but Tahvra had noticed that Akah always chose to use it over the various other soft sofas and chairs scattered around the outpost. “Is something wrong?” “Eh.” It was … Read more

Hot Chocolate Date

Revan expected a lot of things today, and the lack of people in this little red cafe was not one of them. Due to a lot of cultures suddenly being forced together into smaller places, quite a few things had been adopted by the Rethavok. One of those things was commercial holidays, holidays invented mostly … Read more

Test Flight

A stunned silence rippled through the cockpit. Galyn had just started the movement engines of the Thantir Two, expecting pretty much nothing to work. Instead, everything was working as intended, and the engines were purring away, ready to go. In fact, they sounded far quieter than normal. “Alright, which of you three did this?” Retvik … Read more

Southern Visitor

“Excuse me! What do you think you’re doing?” Tahnahos tutted and waggled his finger at the being who had just appeared on the balcony. While Phovos had been the first to notice this being’s presence, the little Kronospast was the one to actually go out and address the being, since he didn’t instinctively snarl at … Read more