Destructive Thoughts

Debris ricocheted across the terrain, tearing through abandoned buildings or blasting upwards into the atmosphere, followed by clouds of choking ash. The city had been derelict for decades, a vast, ancient expanse that had once been a Temthan paradise, only to be consumed by dust storms and floods. Arkadin had originally planned to have this … Read more Destructive Thoughts

Requesting Questions

“What are you doing, Allbirther?” Yisini didn’t respond to the question. She was busy peering down a microscope, staring intently as she very gently nudged some cells around on a glass dish and observed the results. “Allbirther, I am talking to you.” Yisini continued to not respond. She needed to concentrate on what she was … Read more Requesting Questions

Bench-Cooked Meal

Teekay eyed the strange layout in front of him, unsure what to make of it. He had received a message telling him to go to the “obviously out of place bench” at the Picnic Park located in lower Palaestra. Being the winter months, the park was mostly empty, its main occupants being Ksithans walking their … Read more Bench-Cooked Meal

Lovers’ Reunion

The ship shifted silently down the tarmac right into the center of the Portalia City Space Port, surrounded by other ships that had either just landed or were refueling and preparing for their next flights. The simple Skyan charter ship was nothing special, many of them passed through this particular space port every day, importing … Read more Lovers’ Reunion

Golden Meal

“So, tell me about yourself?” Vaksavar was struggling to believe his eyes and ears. Moments ago, he had been sitting on the floor, heavy chains around his arms and legs, being essentially kept as a pet. Suddenly he was now sitting on what was essentially a golden throne with plush red cushions, the chains having … Read more Golden Meal

Tiny Tiny Changes

Arkadin kept his eyes closed as he stood on the pedestal, being inspected up and down by Kinisis, the All-Maker. Apart from a couple of hellos, neither of them had said much. Kinisis saw what Arkadin was going through, stood him on the pedestal then began to wander around, trying to work out what the … Read more Tiny Tiny Changes

Faded Form

Kairos shook off the ash and snow from his back as he landed on the platform that led into his crystal palace, one of the many shimmering abodes Kairos had scattered across the universe. He had been dealing with a weird time anomaly on top of a mountain that had a tired, bored Thraki sitting … Read more Faded Form

Filling and Digging

Arkadin sighed as he continued to dig, shoveling earth down a deep, dark hole. All around him were abandoned buildings, all shaken up by a recent earthquake Arkadin had accidentally caused. The hole he was trying to fill had been a church dedicated to the Thantophor himself, but most of the structure had collapsed into … Read more Filling and Digging

A Night of Brief Rest

Tenuk yawned as he threw himself into the tattered recliner, desperately gripping the mug of strong mead he had grabbed from goodness knows where. Someone gave it to him and Tenuk was finally going to sit down and drink it, after about twenty minutes of being distracted from his break by people needing things. Thankfully, … Read more A Night of Brief Rest

Runaway Skyareth

ā€œIā€™m impressed. You got pretty far before anyone tracked you down.ā€ Elkay stopped what he was doing and stared at the green Ksithan blocking his only exit out of the room. He had been hauling bags of laundry around, shoving dirty fabric into a couple of industrial washing machines, then filling a single industrial tumble … Read more Runaway Skyareth