The Great Gooing

“This is fucked up.” Everything in the house was coated in a horrible, sticky substance that trapped and entangled anything it touched. Particularly sentient lifeforms, gluing them to the ground and stopping them from moving. More sticky substances blocked out the windows and locked up the doors, preventing any sort of escape from ever taking … Read moreThe Great Gooing

Scientific Quotas

“Seventy five thousand, six hundred and thirty one.” Yisini snorted as the Temthan scientist read out that number for the second time. Yisini assumed they were a scientist. They were the only Temthan in the room who happened to be wearing clothes. A lab coat and some shorts. “And how many of our own?” “Five … Read moreScientific Quotas

Interplanetary Bathtub

“Aaaaaaarkadin, where arrrrrrre yooooou?” Kinisis pranced around the palace, glancing in every room. She was about to go for a swim in one of her many waterfall pools and was suitably naked, but a sudden thought had caused her to go and find her son. After all, she hadn’t seen him for a few hours. … Read moreInterplanetary Bathtub

Regaining Memories

“Are you alright, Kohra?” Kohra looked up, then further up. He’d forgotten how tall Kayen was. Kayen wasn’t tall, but he was now taller than Kohra. “No.” “Do you need, like, some water or something?” “No, no thank you.” Kayen shrugged as he sat down next to Kohra. “I’ve not seen you like this before. … Read moreRegaining Memories

Entering and Breaking

“Why is there a motherfucking queue in this fucking piece of shit building to undergo this retarded procedure?” Out of the four of them, Kayen didn’t expect Phovos, the Raptor of Palaestra, to be the neurotic, overly swearing being when it came to telepathic mind links. Although to be fair, the little Skyavok was sitting … Read moreEntering and Breaking

Another Angle

Athanasi lounged in her silk hammock, watching her universe spin below her via a crystal viewport with gold leaf window frames. She was observing her children, who were hardly working as always. This universe was an old one and her four Deities, created to maintain the flow of space, time, life and decay, were all … Read moreAnother Angle

Whispers of Another

Kinisis watched her son pace up and down as she picked away at a delicately iced slice of cake. He desperately wanted to leave Kinigi, Kinisis’s home, to go out and brutally murder some necromancers he had spotted in a nearby solae system, but Kinisis had insisted that he stay put. Why? Because it was … Read moreWhispers of Another