Periuniversal Void 3

Things had been oddly quiet on the Shimmer’s Plight. It seemed as if everyone was somewhat ignoring Arkay’s presence. They weren’t completely ignoring him or anything. Thaed had been happy to see Arkay at first and Ostos seemed somewhat glad to see someone else alive. Apart from the odd nod of acknowledgement from Saahro or … Read morePeriuniversal Void 3

Sisterly Snuggles

Yisini smiled to herself as she closed the door behind her. Her evening had been particularly fruitful and she had managed to do exactly what she wanted. Not only had she been able to experience a delightful young mortal with distinctive genes, but she had successfully persuaded said mortal to go and spread those genes … Read moreSisterly Snuggles

A Crappy Day

There was a dragon on the roof of Phovos’s apartment building. This wasn’t that unusual an occurrence in the city of Palaestra, as there was a small Thraki colony that lived somewhat nearby. No, the unusual thing was that this was not a Thraki but a fully fledged dragon god, with four legs, wings, heavy … Read moreA Crappy Day

Incomprehensible Fantasies

Retvik grunted as he picked at his breakfast and flicked through an array of magazines. They were all from last week, free ones having been picked up alongside the shopping. And they were all mostly trash. Gossip articles, rumours and silly theories mixed in with actual goings on and listings of local events or televisual … Read moreIncomprehensible Fantasies

Moment in the Cave

“Please don’t scream. You don’t have much time left.” The explosion had trapped hundreds of miners and killed hundreds more, causing tunnels to collapse and power to go out, plunging everyone into darkness. Desar was one of those many miners, stuck inside a small cave, clinging desperately onto a fading lamp as muddy water trickled … Read moreMoment in the Cave

Tragon Trades

Kayel tutted as he put on his fancy ceremonial All-Ksa robes. He didn’t want to wear them today. He wanted to go as himself, he wanted to be himself, he didn’t want to have to be all big and lustrous in front of this new species. But that was what his advisors were telling him … Read moreTragon Trades

Partner Discussions

“How do you deal with him?” Gath stopped gazing off into the sunless distance and glanced down at the little Skyavon standing by his feet. Teekay was by no means a small Skyan, in fact he was taller than most, but to Gath, everyone was small and cute. For he was gigantic. “How do I … Read morePartner Discussions

Touching Desires

A quiet knock on the door distracted Arkay from his thoughts. He had meant to be packing his very small bag of belongings away, but had been sidetracked by work and other nonsense. With only a little hesitation, Arkay headed to the door and opened it. Standing there in the doorway was Kayel, the All-Ksa … Read moreTouching Desires

Checking on the Dragon

The familiar sound of large, flapping limbs highlighted the appearance of the Panelix as she flapped around Kairos’s crystal home. She continued to float around until Kairos appeared, tutting and sighing. “Hi, Epani, what do you want?” Epani grinned, her massive mouth filled with teeth. She swooped down towards Kairos, dropping a parcel at his … Read moreChecking on the Dragon