Home From Work Early

“You’re home early!” Teekay had been cutting vegetables and slices of bacon when the door slipped open, revealing a rather weary Elkay, who skulked in, slamming the door shut behind him and throwing himself on the nearest pile of cushions. “I am…” Elkay grunted. Teekay stopped what he was doing, bounced over to the fridge … Read more Home From Work Early

Banikan In Town

The crowd scattered as haunting words echoed across the courtyard, one that sent chills down the vertebrae of everyone around. “BANIKAN! ROGUE BANIKAN!” The courtyard had mostly been filled with tourists, visiting Temthans who had come to visit the Holy Temple of Kayar and had decided to go sightseeing across the city of Palaestra as … Read more Banikan In Town

Little Kinisis Questions

“Hey, Kinisis, are you busy right now?” Arkadin asked as he peered over the windowsill and into the large, pristine, light pink and lilac kitchen. The Allmaker shrugged. She had just been kneading bread and was now washing the flour off her hands in the sink. Somehow, the only flour around was on the freshly … Read more Little Kinisis Questions

Afterwork Assumptions

Elkay rubbed his eyes as he wearily entered his little apartment, overlooking the city of Palaestra. In the distance were mostly just fields and Ksithan farmhouses, but to the east was the edge of the warehouse district, which provided not just storage but also temporary housing as well. Because, for some reason, everything in Palaestra … Read more Afterwork Assumptions

Hidden Forest Training

Elkay had reached the location marked by the coordinates given and wasn’t too surprised by what he saw. He was in a very calm, secluded clearing in the middle of a forest filled with mostly leaf-less trees, and the only building nearby was a small shack, which, surprisingly, did actually have proper plumbing in it, … Read more Hidden Forest Training

Rough Day At Work

Kairos slammed down a pile of books and papers on the counter, sending sheets of paper flying everywhere. He then proceeded to smash his wing-hands into the granite worktop, leaving large, draconic dents in it. This series of actions scared the life out of Arkadin, who had been sitting quite calmly on the sofa, a … Read more Rough Day At Work

Skyan Therapy Sessions 2

“How are you feeling today, Trismit?” Trismit took a deep breath before answering the therapist’s question. Emdee was a small being, chosen for this job due to the fact that he was tiny and non-threatening, even to the most terrified of Rethans. Yet Trismit still felt somewhat nervous in his presence. Not because of Emdee … Read more Skyan Therapy Sessions 2

Work Contracts

“So.” “So.” Elkay remained standing, despite the empty seat in front of him. He watched as Phovos sat behind her desk, shaking bits of paper and sorting things out. Unlike the last time they had met, Phovos wasn’t heavily armoured and was wearing rather casual workwear. Elkay on the other hand was wearing his fanciest … Read more Work Contracts

Narrow Ledge Above

“You do realise you dragged me out of my own moody self-loathing for this, right?” Arkadin tutted as he sat on a narrow ledge next to a clearly disturbed Rethavok. This Rethavok had uttered a prayer to the Thantophor, practically begging for a calm, peaceful, painless death. Of course, this idiot was about to decide … Read more Narrow Ledge Above

More Text Messages

“I’m trying to be better…” “I know you are.” Arkadin glanced away from the small screen in his hands, over to where Kairos was lying, swinging in a large hammock and reading a book. Every so often, Kairos would glance back, yet pretend he wasn’t looking. Once Kairos had finished looking, he went back to … Read more More Text Messages

Death Seizures

Yisini and Kairos both charged up the narrow staircase, nearly tripping over each other, as they raced to the sound of terrified screaming that had suddenly started echoing across the colossal castle they were currently in. Neither of them knew what was going on, all they knew was that something terrible was happening at the … Read more Death Seizures

The Raptor’s Message

Elkay leaped out of bed, immediately grabbing something to cover himself with, then sneaked over to the door. In the time it had taken to do that, Teekay had hardly moved, preferring to turn onto his side and ignore the fact that someone had just knocked on the door of their small hotel suite. Another … Read more The Raptor’s Message