Cleanser Pit Stop

Kanuva kept his head down, anxiously peering out of the glass dome above him. Shield Six, the Decay Lord ship he was currently residing in, had had a huge amount of upgrades over the last couple of weeks. The whole ship had been extended, complete with a personal chamber, just for Kanuva to live in. … Read more

Golden Shore Vacation

Vikalos smiled as he laid back in his seat, pondering existence. All around him as golden sand, made from gold flakes, taken from a universe where rare metals were as common as oxygen and nitrogen. A few meters away, small, shimmering silver waves lapped up the artificial beach, powered by a small generator deep in … Read more


“Hey, shush, you are safe, little one. You are just hungry…” In one hand, Gath held a small bottle of mushed up vitamins, mixed with water, sugar and plenty of protein. In the other, he cradled a tiny, wriggling mess, a baby Rethan, barely plated, eyes blinking in the dim light. Not just any baby. … Read more

Forgotten Contracts

“Ser, I am clearly busy right now.” Rethais rolled his eyes and tutted. The being sitting in front of him, a young Skyan ambassador, looked rather worried, wondering who Rethais was talking to. As the Skyan turned around, their worries turned into genuine fear, as they spotted the godly Void Lord standing in the doorway. … Read more

Immortal Discussion

“What have you infected me with?” Kenon was vaguely annoyed with his guards. Normally they were much better at keeping unwanted people out of his throne room, especially when Kenon wanted to be left alone. But today, they had failed their job spectacularly. Standing in the middle of Kenon’s private area was one of his … Read more


Rethais took a deep breath as he stepped into the small office, preparing himself for bad news. He had faced an awful lot of it lately, so really, he shouldn’t have been so worried. But this was a potential health issue, something Rethais couldn’t easily fix. And that was what was bothering him so much. … Read more

Two Potential Diagnoses

“Be honest now, when did you first notice this as an issue?” Rethais grunted, trying to remember, so he could give an honest answer. The pain had become noticeable and annoying only a couple of days ago, but there had been some vague pain for a while. As for the visible bruising? He was not … Read more