Wandering Cassids

“What do you mean, closed until further notice? What’s going on?” Psiksi was quite frustrated. “What do you think I mean, child?” Kindynis, the House Leader, snapped. “The DBA is closed. Until further notice.” “Because of a Cassid crash?” Kindynis rolled his eyes, growling. “Are you stupid or something?” “Possibly…” Psiksi sighed. “I just don’t … Read moreWandering Cassids

The New Guy

“That wasn’t there before…” Iatre muttered to himself as he exited his lab, blinking in the bright light. “I suppose that will teach me for spending most of my time working…” The small, green dome had been crudely attached to the side of the much larger green and white dome that made up the majority … Read moreThe New Guy

Bad Gossip

“You’re home early!” Kass smiled as he paused the game he was playing. Psiksi awkwardly waved back as he dropped his backpack on the ground. “You look like you haven’t even left!” Psiksi exclaimed, still wearing a set of training armour from work. It had taken him a moment to work out what was wrong. … Read moreBad Gossip

Figure on the Roof

Tenuk had spotted it as he brought in the shopping. It was hiding on the roof, watching him. Tenuk had decided to get all the shopping inside and lock the hovercraft before dealing with it. After all, he’d offered to do the shopping, since he was staying with Gath and Retvik. Least he could do … Read moreFigure on the Roof

Planning to Retire

“I am retiring…” Tesnik grunted as he removed his helmet and threw it into his locker and disappeared into one of the showers. “What?” The House Leader seemed to have been caught unaware. He chased after Tesnik, stopping outside the shower doors. “Tesnik, what is going on?” “I told you!” a voice shouted above the … Read morePlanning to Retire

Slowing Down

Something is different around here. Some time ago, I allowed myself to become Kinisis’s partner. My duties mostly remained the same. Kill the unkillable. Protect the Cycle. Lead the Veth. The first two, they seem mostly identical to the duties I performed before I took Kinisis’s hand. The latter… Well, that is what’s changed. I … Read moreSlowing Down

The Partner Finds Out

Psiksi was late getting home again. He’d been keeping quiet about his new job lately. He wasn’t even really willing to tell his partner about any of this. That was why he had left really early and returned really late. Unfortunately, this hadn’t worked out. “Where have you been?” Kass stood in the doorway, tapping … Read moreThe Partner Finds Out