Space Between Universes 7

Seimeni didn’t bother knocking because the door was ajar. She phased through the half-closed door, not even considering bothering to open it, only to realise that maybe she should have knocked. The new guy was lying in his bed, only partially covered, looking rather prone. He immediately squeaked in panic and threw his blanket over … Read moreSpace Between Universes 7

Space Between Universes 6

The first observatory was dark, the lights having been dimmed for effect. A small, fire had been lit in the middle of the room, being tended to by one of the seven Decay-Lords on the ship. Outside, the faint glow of a small, newly formed universe could be seen as subatomic particles spontaneously burst into … Read moreSpace Between Universes 6

Space Between Universes 5

“I dunno why you all look so glum!” Seimeni beamed as she bounced through the main hallway into the games room. “It’s like someone died in here or something!” Thaed crossed his scythe-like arms, fooling around with an oversized hunk of meat wrapped up in yeast-free bread. The rest of Thaed’s body was coiled around … Read moreSpace Between Universes 5

Space Between Universes 4

“I have soooooo many questions…” Arkay’s head was spinning with confusion. He was so confused that he’d had to sit down and have something to drink. He’d nearly passed out, that was how confused he was. First he’d been essentially trapped and comatose, locked up inside the remains of his old universe, floating through an … Read moreSpace Between Universes 4

Space Between Universes 3

Seimeni smiled to herself as she watched Adis and Ostos squabble. They had originally been playing card games, betting small, glowing tokens on whoever got the closest to a random number, before moving onto another game where they had to match pairs together. But that all ended when Ostos accused Adis of cheating and hiding … Read moreSpace Between Universes 3

Space Between Universes 2

“Wakey wakey, kiddo!” Saahro giggled to himself as the little creature leaped out of bed in shock, then scared itself even more by teleporting across the room. The teleportation seemed more of a surprise to the creature than the large, armoured death dragon was. After briefly reorientating itself, the creature tried to walk back and … Read moreSpace Between Universes 2

Impatient Fury

“HOW DID YOU DO IT?” the Allbirther screeched as she coiled herself around the Whenvern’s body, summoning hundreds of small, serpentine beings to help keep the Dragon God of Time constrained. “HOW DID YOU GET HIM TO TALK, LET ALONE GET INSIDE THAT ARMOUR OF HIS?” Kairos didn’t do anything to stop the Allbirther’s attack. … Read moreImpatient Fury

Trust in Death

“You didn’t say anything…” Arkay shook his head to clear his thoughts, unaware that someone was talking to him. Turning to his left, he saw Kayel, the All-Ksa and leader of the Skyavok, standing there, staring at him. “Was I supposed to?” Arkay blinked. “I introduced myself, everyone else introduced themselves and then you all … Read moreTrust in Death

Hungry Hungry Arkay

“Hungry.” That was Arkay’s first thought as he woke up. He was technically always awake, but his physical form needed a good eight hours of rest every 20-25 hours. Plus, sleeping was nice. Arkay hadn’t slept that well though, and since he had just woken up in an unfamiliar location, it made him feel even … Read moreHungry Hungry Arkay

Unwanted Visitor at the Door

“Don’t answer it…” There was a knock on the door. Whoever it was had only knocked a couple of times and it was clearly a polite, soft knock. But the occupants were currently busy. Well, not busy, but lazy. And not exactly well-dressed. “Elkay, please don’t answer it…” “Teekay, they will not go away otherwise.” … Read moreUnwanted Visitor at the Door

Point of Green

They had travelled mostly in silence, but none of the crew minded. The silence allowed them to come to grips with what was going on. They were sharing a ship with a death god, one who wanted to lead them somewhere. The majority of the crew were not trusting of this strange being. While it … Read morePoint of Green

Sharing a Vessel

It was outside, hovering about 100m in front of the main cockpit. It was just floating there, oblivious to the fact that it was in the vacuum of space and that the Rethan vessel had its weapons pointed at it. “Hey, can we talk?” It’s voice was… oddly humble. Everyone present knew what the being … Read moreSharing a Vessel