Religious Wobbles

Away from the main palaces of the Temthan Empress was a single, luxurious tower that only the most esteemed Raptesses and Raptorans had access to. It was sealed off to almost all other Temthans aside from the Empress herself. A tower of archives and ancient scrolls. A tower of preservation, filled with treasures and guarded … Read moreReligious Wobbles

Hushed Conversations

“General Elkay…” Retvik stifled his yawn as he answered his communicator. “How are you, ser?” “Please, Retvik. Just call me Elkay. We are family, we should talk as such.” “Only if you insist.” “The line is secure. I can talk freely.” “Ah, I see. I assume you are calling me for an important reason as … Read moreHushed Conversations


Sirens blared as the three Tenno charged through the Corpus base. They were looking for their target, a teleporting Corpus Tech who had knowledge on a super weapon the Corpus were looking to build for the Grineer. The Corpus Tech in question was teleporting between rooms, but so far the Tenno had kept up. Suddenly, … Read moreThick

Sky Beast Above

There had been chattering among Vahlan communications for weeks. Ever since THEY came. Every Vohra-controlled planet had one. Every Vohran nest had seen one. The massive, star laden sky beasts that hovered endlessly above Vohran worlds. Silent. Calm. Hardly moving. They looked similar to the Vohra’s own organically-built natural space ships, the space-whales they used … Read moreSky Beast Above

General Meeting

Teekay sighed as the doors in front of him opened. To each side of him, lining the marble walls, were members of the Myst and the Fear, the elite warriors of the Vrekans and Rethavok. At the end of the room were two thrones, the Lord-King of the Vrekans in one, the High General of … Read moreGeneral Meeting