Tale: At home with Gath and Retvik

Rain poured down, hammering against the windows and crashing into the walls. The cottage on the outskirts of Palaestra shuddered in the bad weather as strong winds tried their best to blow the windows in and steal its roof. But even if it took the wooden, sloped planks and the...Read More »

Tale: Conversations

The Manufacturing and Storage district of Palaestra was always devoid of life in the dark evenings, apart from the one warehouse at the end of the street. Unlike every other warehouse, this one was not cold and full of products waiting to be used or sold, but instead filled with...Read More »


Underneath the city of Thre-Etas was a huge maze of caves and tunnels. Many of these were flooded with lava, boiling water or steam and used to generate power for the city. The Trelotam Chambers though were the exception. They were cold and frigid, as billowing winds swept through them....Read More »

A Strange Proposal

Baxavius Thynanium lived in a simple home on the outskirts of Iolonarium, the Cassid territories of Portalia. From his little house he could see both Port Chria and the Kilamia Mountains  over in the Rethan territories. In the distance, the sun was setting, lonely rays scattering over the jagged mountains,...Read More »

Early Morning Chat

The two Retha slept peacefully in bed, sharing a large, woolly blanket which draped not only across them, but across the floor as well. They slept closely, their heavily armoured bodies snuggled together, seemingly not caring for the sharper parts of their organic, naturally-growing armour plating, nor their heavy claws....Read More »

Meeting at the Silvertooth Cafe

The Silvertooth cafe was rarely frequented by any beings other than Thanatians. It sat on the edge of the small town of Asimidont, nestled in the low, dusty hills of Vriskera, next to a literal waterhole. Towns in Thanatian territories were rare, but Asimidont had sprung up due to many...Read More »

Tale: Drunken Midnight Chat

“Vice General, you’re working very late today!”

Elkay Theanon rolled his eyes. He was concentrating on what he was reading. It was a proposal from one of the lower generals to increase pay for Secondeers in the Rethan Stratos. Which seemed simple enough, but many of the less well-liked generals would...Read More »

Tale: Switching Teams

The home of the Dessaron team Retha Squad One was normally full of beings on Saturday evenings, but that night, Gath was sleeping over at Retvik’s place, Vel had been invited to a party elsewhere and Kohgra was out foraging for things. Kayess-En, or Kass for short, had the whole...Read More »


Subject: #V3114N

Risk Level: High

Name: Veliakos ‘Vel’ Konztantin

Species: Rethavok

Subtype: Hertan/Threan-type crossbreed

Date of birth: 18/11/81

Location of birth: Slitherlimb’s Rest, Hertany

Parents: Gathrin Konztantin (mother – deceased), Relasi Seran Konztantin (father – deceased)

Height: 2.04m

Length (inc. tail): 2.51m

Weight: 127kg

Born traits: Black skin. Purple and black armour with gold slithers. Blue eyes. Low-level Threan-type telepathy and...Read More »

Tale: New Players

Note: As with several stories, the timing of this tale is unknown.

“Kass, Vel, a word.”

Gath stomped in. He stomped everywhere he went, due to his Ethran-type status, but there was a particularly serious tone to his stomping today.

Vel and Kass both got up and followed Gath into the strategy room...Read More »

Examination of the four Dessaron

The nine most powerful members of the Rethan race sat calmly on their plain, wooden chairs, along a long, equally plain table. In the middle of the table sat the High General, Photeianos Photeianou. To his right sat Vice General Elkay Theanon and the three generals of the North: Rethais...Read More »

Tale: Breakup

“You know what I’m going to say, don’t you?”

Arkay nodded. He didn’t need to say anything, he just wanted Skios to get it over with. He’d finally gotten out of hospital. Thankfully, apart from a small infection from an injury, he was perfectly fine. The Deitics hadn’t done anything worrying...Read More »

Tale: New Lanex Dessaron Team

There were times when Retvik wasn’t sure how he ended up in a position and now was one of those times. He was one of the Dessaron, and he was currently in charge of the Dessaron Battle Arenas. Currently. Temporarily. The scheduling matches and keeping fans entertained was a lot...Read More »

Note to self: Don't try to write anything different ever.

Gath watched from the bed as Retvik rushed around, closing the curtains and making sure everything was off. It was thirty five degrees outside, and with all the windows and curtains shut, the temperature was only rising in the small, dark bedroom. Finally, when Retvik was happy, he removed his...Read More »

Tale: Checkup

It was close to midnight. The medics had finished tending to Elkay’s injuries. He was lucky to be alive. But he was in no position to be going anywhere. Two broken legs, a sprained wing and a dislocated shoulder all vied for attention from his drug-ridden brain.

Someone, he wasn’t sure...Read More »

Tale: Lost and Confused

“Is it dark here or am I still partially blind?” Enkay panicked as he struggled to climb to his feet.

“Both! Help me out here!” Arkay frantically replied as he tried to lift the still unconscious Teekay out of the water. It was about thigh high, and Rethans weren’t exactly known...Read More »

Tale: The Little Settlement

Things were coming together quite well, considering recent events. They may have all been trapped in a series of underground tunnels with no way out, but they were all alive and they all had a place to sleep at night.

Teekay had been by far the most helpful. Once he’d woken...Read More »

One Year Later - Dessaron Interview

This is set a year after the four Dessaron Interviews, on 09/05/16.

Cameravok: I assume we won’t be wasting any time on this.

Retvik: Nonsense. We have time. This isn’t like before.

Kazix: Well good!

Arkay: We’re just doing short bursts, right?

Kazix: Yes, people don’t like long, boring interviews.

Retvik: We already discussed this. Four...Read More »

Tale: Matters of Trust

Kayel sat on the ledge above the cage area. There were twenty Varga being held in there, alongside the former Queen of this Vohra nest. While the Varga’s cages had all been extended and opened up in one cage, the upset Vayra’s cage had been made smaller, as if it...Read More »

Tale: New Guy

It had been a good day for Retvik. Everyone involved in today’s Dessaron Battle Arena matches had gone home happy, including all the losing teams. The only bad thing that happened today was that Gath had things to do, some negotiations with the team’s sponsor, so he wouldn’t be around...Read More »

Tale: Life Imprisonment

Veeyel was banging his head against a wall. It was all he could really do right now, since he was wrapped up in a straight jacket and not really capable of movement. Maybe if he bashed his head in enough, he’d forget everything that was going on.

He knew exactly why...Read More »

Tale: Revivaling

Note: This tale takes place some time in the somewhat near future.

The sun was shining and little poulia were whistling and singing outside. A warm but gentle breeze was blowing into the small private room. The room wasn’t as pleasant as outside, what with the constant beeping machinery and the...Read More »

Tale: Sentenced

“Six months?” Enkay seemed pretty shocked. “We do the right thing, we don’t hurt anyone, we help the Kalsa Warriors get their freedom and we helped save a nest of innocent Vohra, and we get six months in prison?”

Everyone else though seemed quite relieved. They had all expected far worse....Read More »

Tale: Movie Night

The only source of light in the room, apart from the ICU machines, was that of a small television screen. On it was a nonsensical movie in which Thropes ran around like scared kids in a forest getting themselves killed. It was stupid, but it was amusing.

Veeyel had picked the...Read More »

Transcript: Conversation between Prime Minister and High General

<Start Transcript>

Photeianos: Prime Minister Aesop, it is good to speak to you again.

Aesop: And a pleasure to speak to you, General Photeianos. Apologies that it must be under such… unusual circumstances.

Photeianos: Circumstances caused by Cassids.

Aesop: Hence why I said unusual. But I must insist, the Cassid government has nothing to...Read More »

Tale: Reinstatement

The ship was being refuelled and prepared for take off. As per usual instructions, while his Ksa did all the required checks on the ship, Vice General Elkay watched from a distance, flanked by Veekay, Teekay, Enkay and Geekay, his ‘originals’ as he often called them. Finally, Arkay and...Read More »

Tale: Clear Up

“You rebuilding the city on your own?” Kass yawned as he watched Retvik moving rubble with his bare hands. “Like, completely?”

Retvik stopped what he was doing and wiped the sweat from his face. He had managed to get a lot done in the last few hours. Most of the roads...Read More »

Tale: Starting Search

“I’m going to find him.”

Retvik glared at Tenuk. The Ethran-type had been gone for five hours, and now he’d reappeared in an insane getup, spouting nonsense.

“You’re going to do what?”

“I will find Arkay and bring him back.”

Tenuk stood in the doorway, wearing a really bad-ass set of armour and carrying...Read More »

Tale: Probed

“Scan complete, Ekim. The specimen we picked up appears to be a Threavok, from the Mazain Tri-system.”

Arkay squirmed on the floor, not quite conscious, but not asleep either. He was only vaguely aware of his current location. A chain around his neck stopped him from moving in any way, and...Read More »

Tale: Returning Home

“Thank you, kid…”

“No worries, Retvik. Least I can do considering…”



Retvik waved as Kass dropped him off on the little path to his partner’s home. Kass revved the engine of his little hovercraft, wished Retvik well then sped off into the distance, probably back to his own little house on the...Read More »

Tale: Family Gathering

“You said you’d be home today!”

“I’m sorry, Elksia. Something came up.”

“What thing?”

“Family stuff. I’ll call you when I can.”

Tenuk closed the call on his communicator and turned to face the ten beings who had just teleported him from the space port to where he was now. A large, echoing room,...Read More »

Tale: Doctor Visit

Arkai twiddled her thumbs as she sat in the dark room, the only light being a rather pathetic light bulb hanging a great height above her. Between her and the lone door into the room was a basic table and a seat for someone else. The chairs were basic plastic...Read More »

Tale: Letter to Retvik

Dearest Brother,

I am glad that you made it home alive. I had many a restless night worrying that you would never come home at all. But of course, I am very, very sorry for the loss of both your friend and of your unborn child. I cannot understand why you...Read More »

Tale: Team Chat

“So he’s not coming back?”

“As far as I am aware, no.”

Kass was struggling to explain the situation to his team mates around their team’s kitchen area. Vel sat curled up in his chair, Kohgrah was angry and Abius was naked as usual.

“Gath has left us to deal with everything ourselves?”...Read More »

Tale: Latches

“Xentress! Xentress! Wake up!”

Lenik rushed over to the small, cushion-filled chamber, narrowly avoiding a low-hanging pip he could have easily smashed his head on. He slammed his fist on the door a few times, rudely awakening the sleeping beauty inside.


The door unlocked slowly. There must have been four or five...Read More »

Tale: Taking A Break

“Are you finally taking a break, ser?” Teekay asked as he stood guard, watching uneasily as the Vice General packed a suit case.

“A short one, yes. How many times have I asked you to call me Elkay? You should know by now, I consider you my equal!”

“You haven’t mentioned going...Read More »

Tale: Holiday Phone Call

The communicator buzzed three, four, five times before Elkay finally picked up.

“You know I have been on holiday for no more than twelve hours, yes?” the Vice General growled down the voice piece. “Twelve hours. Not even a full day. Actually, when you include flights and travel time, it’s not...Read More »

Tale: Text Chat

July 27th, 10:59am

UsernameKopakaWasTaken is online

UsernameKopakaWasTaken: Tenuk, are you there?

Tenuk992: Yeah, I’m here, Kopus, what’s up?

UsernameKopakaWasTaken: I saw someone today. Have to tell you now.

Tenuk992: Who? Aren’t you out with that Nidikus guy? Going Lactara Hunting or something?

UsernameKopakaWasTaken: I was supposed to be. Tuya, Nidikus’s girlfriend, is scaring me and Pohus...Read More »

Tale: Date with a Ksa

“I can tell you don’t get out much!”

Enyan grinned as Itakay cautiously sat down at the tiny little table. He’d watched every single movement as Itakay had entered, amused by the way Itakay inspected everyone present and checked every exit, all in the space of a couple of seconds. His...Read More »

Tale: Broken Confidentiality

“Empress! What are you doing here? You have your own team of personal medical staff to attend to your every need, what do you need from me?”

“Ah, little Timn, you know one such as I is always looking for more. Always, eternally hungry, you know.”

Elisia sat seductively on the leather...Read More »

Tale: Burning

There was smoke in the air.

Kass slammed his foot on the accelerator. The smoke was thick and heavy, and it only seemed to be getting thicker the further north he went. Ahead was his destination, exactly where the smoke was. The hovercraft skidded to the right, narrowly avoiding the flaming trees blocking...Read More »

Tale: The Immortal Playground

“I’m glad you came here to meet me, little Kronospast!” Death span round in her particularly evil chair. She was wearing nothing but a shadowy mass of tentacles that just about covered her private parts. “Last time, the first time you saw me was just after that nasty thing with...Read More »

Tale: Letter to Gath

Dearest, beloved Gath,

You haven’t spoken to me since the fire. I am worried sick about you. I have tried calling you and messaging you and all sorts. When I requested to be wheeled to your side in my bed, I was refused. You clearly don’t want to speak to me....Read More »

Tale: Letters in Crayon

Tell us what happened, they keep on saying. We need to know. Of course you do. I’m not. I can’t say. They try to help and they make me feel worse. They don’t understand. No one does. It’s a stupidly unique situation no other Rethan has experienced. They all want...Read More »

Tale: Bad Dreams

“What are you doing here?” Gath growled as he peered through the open door. “You shouldn’t be here.”

Retvik sniffed. “I miss you. I know I said I’d give you time but…”

With a sigh, Gath silently let Retvik in and closed the...Read More »

Tale: Hospital Transfer

“What’s going on?” Arkay dozily asked as several nurses unclipped the wheels on the bottom of his bed and began to wheel him and his IV drip away.

General Kaldoran appeared, with a handful of Rethan soldiers by his side. “We’re moving you to a different facility. Nothing to worry about.”

Arkay...Read More »

Tale: General's Location

“Thitavee-En, can I have a word please?”

“Of course!” The N-Class Ksa flapped his elegant wings as he followed Elkay into his office. “How can I be of assistance, Vice General?”

Elkay sat down behind his desk. He preferred his humble office compared to that of the High General’s, far less extravagant,...Read More »

Tale: Card Games

“So where HAVE you been lately?” Retvik asked as he peered over his cards.

Phovos tutted, reorganized her cards then tutted again. “Long story. Got any sixes, Gath?”

“Go fish,” Gath smiled. “We have plenty of time to listen. Got any sevens, Lokmah?”

Lokmah squirmed a little, feeling very uncomfortable as he handed...Read More »

Tale: Midnight

Arkay missed the sound of his heart monitor. During the long, dark nights, it was often the only thing he could hear that didn’t sound ominous or worrying. Since his heart monitor had been replaced with a silent, wireless one around his wrist, Arkay was sure he was either hearing...Read More »

Tale: Text Chat 2

TK0016K is now online

RK0019K: Hi.

TK0016K: Hi.

TK0016K: Are you well?

RK0019K: As well as I can be. Bit bored. Been waiting for you to get online so I could PM you. You?

TK0016K: …

RK0019K: What?

TK0016K: How the fuck did you come back this time? How the fuck are you alive?

RK0019K: I wish I...Read More »

Tale: New Recovery

“You’re finally awake!”

Arkay blinked a couple of times. He was sitting on a large, luxurious sofa, with an IV drip attached to his arm. Standing in front of him was…

“By the Light! You’re Veeyel! The deputy leader of the legendary L-Class Ksa!” Arkay exclaimed. He flustered slightly, quickly wiping the...Read More »

Tale: Resignation?

“Sit down, please.”

Thitavee-En was visibly shaking. He’d had Itakay, the Vice General’s secretary, hand him the reports he wrote, but less than half an hour later, there he was, in the Vice General’s office. The knots in Thitavee’s stomach made it hard to concentrate on anything, let alone the angry...Read More »

Tale: Life-Sucking Truth

“You’ve finally come down here yourself. Rather than sending my own little Ksa against me.”

It was nearly pitch black. If it wasn’t for Elkay’s enhanced senses, the one good thing he got from his mother, he would have been completely blind. Occasionally something would flash by, the glowing eyes of...Read More »

Tale: Doctor Review

Elenar was just about to finish her shift when she felt someone tug on her arm. Through her sleepiness, it took her a while to realise who wanted her attention.

“General Kaldoran, ser! I…was not expecting you!”

Kaldoran smiled calmly and started walking...Read More »

Tale: Moving In

“Are you sure the others do not mind me staying here?” Gath asked for the third time as he dumped all his belongings on the floor. Retvik smiled as he closed the door behind him, before nearly tripping up on one of Gath’s bags.

“I told you already, it is fine....Read More »

Tale: Chat with Jaydee

Jaydee tutted as he flicked between the channels on the entertainment system, not sure what he wanted to do with himself. He’d been in the Exemption Bay for a year and a half, and he still felt he hadn’t quite settled in yet.

The D-Class Ksa’s internal thoughts were interrupted by...Read More »

Tale: Awkward Questions

Aybee-en slapped Zitel round the head, hissing for him to shut up, as the younger Ksa approached.

“Ahem, hello kid, what do you want?”

“You two were whispering about me.”

Zitel lowered his head, seeing who it was. “Uh, no, no we weren’t.”

Arkay tutted, then pulled up a chair and sat down next...Read More »

Tale: Fever

“He’s breathing. Stable pulse. A bit low but definitely stable…”

“What happened?”

“We’re looking into it now.”

Kaldoran held a thermometer strip against the Threan-type’s forehead. His skin temperature was a bit warm, but nothing too out of the ordinary. He placed a second strip on their tongue. This result was much more...Read More »

Tale: Admittance

Teekay sat impatiently in the waiting room, twiddling his sharp, clawed thumbs. Every moment spent waiting here was time Teekay should have been spending with the Vice General. That was his job, to defend the second most powerful Rethan alive with, well, his own life. Yet here Teekay was, waiting...Read More »

Tale: Deathly Visit


Veeyel fell out of his chair and crawled backwards along the floor, edging away from the writhing mass of shadowy tentacles in the middle of the room. Similar cries were made from the other Ksa scattered around, all of whom had been...Read More »

Tale: Forward Backward Loop

Patient: I wish to talk.

Medic: You haven’t spoken to us about anything in three years.

Patient: I know. I know. The Light. The Shadow. The things are different now. I know better.

Medic: Very well. Lay down, please.

Patient: I wish to sit.

Medic: Then sit. Talk when you’re ready.

Patient: I… I lose...Read More »

Tale: Dream Thoughts

“So I have Death visiting me while I’m awake and now you’re visiting me in my dreams?”

Your mind wanders. Your mind seeks. She is inbuilt into you.

“Of course Death is. She brings us to life then kills us and reincarnates us. Unless you’re unlucky. What are you doing here in...Read More »

Tale: Plans of Stasis

“My, my, how you have let Death affect you, little children…”

Every Deitic in the large, lush, palatial room froze. At the entrance of the Great Hall of the Anexartitai stood a towering monster, its face clad in a mask of gold, with tattered antlers growing out of its head.

The collection...Read More »

Tale: Aziten's Story

“I want to know about you.”

Aziten pushed his uneaten steak across his plate, ignoring the Threan sitting opposite him. After a few huffs and puffs, he finally looked up.

“Why do you want to know about me, kid?”

Arkay shrugged. He’d finished his dinner ages ago but had remained at the table...Read More »

Tale: New Guy

“They are going to kill me, medic!”

Deyar cowered in the corner, terrified of everything going on around him. He was having a panic attack, and the medic in the room was trying her best to keep him calm.

“I don’t want to go in there!”

“Deyar, you know they are fellow Rethans,...Read More »

Tale: Unintentional Slavery

“You ever feel like we’re treated like slaves?”

Teekay glanced up from the book he was reading. The other handful of Ksa, all spending some time relaxing after a hard day’s work, did the same.

“Pardon, Veekay?”

Veekay hesitated for a moment. He’d been sitting at his desk, reading about the Kalsa Warriors...Read More »

Tale: Ksa Leader Meeting

Nine Threan-type Rethans sat at wooden, unfurnished desks, each with a small, wooden stool, in a hall made mostly of concrete. There was little decoration to the room, apart from a handful of weapon stands. Two of the seats in the room though were currently unoccupied. At the front of...Read More »

Tale: Inspection

Teekay rolled his eyes as someone knocked on the door behind him. He’d been moving boxes around on behalf of the Vice General all evening and wasn’t in the mood to speak to anyone.

“Yes? What do you want? Can’t you see I’m busy?”

“Do you have a moment to talk, Teekay?”

Immediately,...Read More »

Tale: Cafe Treat

It was the 6pm rush hour, and many Rethans were running around trying to get home, or get to get to work to start their shift. But in a small, quiet cafe, four Ksa sat peacefully, watching the world go by. Their 12 hour shifts had finally finished.

They all had...Read More »

Mistaken Stasis

“No, this cannot be right… Are you Arkay?”

Arksi craned his neck round to see who was talking to him. He’d been happily sitting there, waiting for his next bottle message from Nenth, when a giant shadow had been cast over him. Problem was, it was dark down there and Arksi...Read More »

Tale: Passing on a Message

The purple, black and gold Thraki perched elegantly above the entrance of the Dovgokul Temple. He leaned over a bit, to make room for the circling white, blue and silver Thraki, who seemed hesitant to land.

“Lokmah, it has been a long time since you graces our peaks!” Vokulunax bared his...Read More »

Tale: Home Return Visit


Arkay fell backwards in shock as Retvik, Gath, Elksia and Tenuk all jumped out at him.

“What the-”

“Welcome back Arkay!” Elksia grinned as she grabbed Arkay and hugged him tight. Perhaps a little too tight. “I missed you so much!”

Finally, after way more than the traditional three seconds, Elksia let go...Read More »

Tale: Meeting Between Raptors

Mavri Thyra lounged around on the well-padded chair, waiting patiently. Occasionally, she would spin around and wink at the young, red Kshan secretary, flirting with him and making the Kshan feel incredibly awkward. For a Thanatian, Mavri was incredibly attractive, but...Read More »

Tale: Sky Watching

There had never been many stars in the skies above Portalia. The light pollution from the major cities, the small distances to the sun and nearby planets and the thick atmosphere meant only the light of the brightest stars made it to the eyes of stargazers. Instead, the sky was...Read More »

Tale: Elkay's Chat

“Vi- uh, General El… uh, ser, can we talk for a moment please?”

Elkay glanced upwards from underneath his sun hat. He’d been sitting in his inflatable rubber ring, floating in the still water, ignoring the world around him. Across the pond, Psiksi was picking flowers, while Itakay and Enkay were...Read More »

Tale: A Start of Something

Phovos’s offices were always busy, not just with beings coming in and out on business, but for pretty much everything pertaining to the city of Palaestra. Of course, Phovos would normally ferry out jobs to her army of loyal Raptors and Kshan, but there were some things Phovos always insisted...Read More »

Tale: A New Medic

Arkay sat nervously at the desk, waiting for his medic to come back with a variety of blood tests. This medic was new, a more elderly standard-type by the name of Feteer. He wasn’t a bad medic or anything, it was just something about his age and his constant need...Read More »

Tale: Vrekan Residence

The four Vrekans were all alarmingly tall, bulky and well-armoured. They looked almost ridiculous, following the casually dressed Thanatian down the road, but no one was willing to say that to their faces. They were all members of the Myst, an elite squad of Vrekan warriors with one purpose –...Read More »

Tale: A Date of Sorts

Arkay stared at the sign, then double-checked his map. He was definitely at the right place, but the sign on the front door said ‘closed’. Yet there were plenty of beings inside, clearly having drinks.

Without warning, a heavy arm slammed against Arkay’s shoulder. Out of instinct, he jumped up, teeth...Read More »

Tale: Peace, Quiet and a Package

Elkay tutted as he flicked through the magazine he’d bought earlier. The local Thanatian shops weren’t exactly well-stocked, but considering that they were on the border and that Elkay was supposed to be in hiding, he couldn’t just go to any old Rethan shop and buy a newspaper. He didn’t...Read More »

Tale: The Armour Set

“So, what do you think?”

Elkay stared at the opened package in front of him, inspecting everything that was in it. Its contents was amazing. Shoulder plating with a gold leaf trim. Chest plates with intricate gold spirals on them. Shin pads with silk and fur linings. Belts made of pure...Read More »

Tale: The Spooky Trip Home

The tiny, bedraggled transport, an old 4×4 automobile with a single passenger, inched its way down the narrow, rocky road. Mist hovered around, not sure what to do with itself other than obscure vision and make everything feel dark. It may have only been 7pm, but it was already pitch...Read More »

Tale: Eskay's Talk

“You’ve been acting quiet, Arkay, what’s up?”

Eskay had been concerned for a while about his friend. Arkay had spent almost all of his time lately hunched over a laptop computer, going out on friend-dates with the ruler of Palaestra, or sleeping. He had only seen Arkay eat once, and what...Read More »

Tale: The Raptor's Deal

Phovos watched as the winged Rethan approached with caution. She found it weird that he had wanted to meet in the middle of nowhere, but since she was the one with the deal to make, she thought why not? Was a nice place anyway.


Elkay didn’t reply. He stopped in his...Read More »

Tale: A Crush

A third competitor fell to the ground, defeated by the newest member of the House Fighters. The House Fighters had always been the toughest and strongest fighters in the Dessaron Battle Arena, but rather than fighting for their own races, they represented the Arena itself. Their most common duty was...Read More »

Tale: A Decision

Retvik was surprised to find that Arkay was home. For the last few weeks, he had either been staying with his brothers or spending time in an office working for the Raptor. It had been a while since they had seen each other.

After dumping several bags of shopping on the...Read More »

Tale: Emthion's Epiphany

Emthion had been waiting patiently outside Rethais’s office for about ten minutes now, and Rethais would have been content to make the new Vice General wait even longer, if it wasn’t for the fact that he wanted to go home soon. With a sigh, Rethais pushed a button on his...Read More »

Tale: Lost Memories

Retvik rushed into the hospital room, only to find Arkay sitting in his bed, feeling incredibly content. He looked pleased to see the former general, and waved frantically.


“Are you alright, kid?” Retvik glanced round for a chair, found one and pulled it up to Arkay’s bed so he could sit...Read More »

Tale: A Challenge at the End of Time

Stasis stared at each individual Veth as he walked by, judging them by their appearance. Many of them were terrifying, with mouths full of teeth and claws as long as Stasis’s forearms. They’d formed two lines either side of the personification of Nothingness, directing him towards the large, organic dome...Read More »

Tale: The Cheering Crowd

The crowd’s cheers were deafening. Members of every race, screaming and shouting from their seats, cheering a distinct phrase. They weren’t even in the arena, they were a good mile away in the watching bays. But even at this distance, Elkay could hear them.

They’d never cheered like this before. Not...Read More »

Tale: Elksia's Birthday

Today was supposed to be Elksia’s special day. Her birthday. But so far, it hadn’t been fun. Things had cropped up.

The entire time Elksia had been indoors, the sun had been shining and the clouds had gone away. She’d been filling out forms, trying to apply for a new post...Read More »

Tale: Lost in a Forest

“I think we’re totally lost…” Septimus sighed as the pair of Cassids slowed down their 4×4 truck. They’d been driving around in the dark Thanatian forest for hours, trying to stick to the rocky roads but never seeming to go anywhere.

“Well you had the map!” Tertius shouted, then quickly lowered...Read More »

Tale - Back at the Facility

Veeyel sat in bed, not sure what to do with himself. Things lately had been a little off, to say the least. Normally, once you were there, you were stuck there, but people had been coming and going. Normal Rethans, not deranged Ksa like him.

“You’re thinking loudly again…”

Above him, Zitel...Read More »

Tale: A Veth's Rant

When I was young, I used to believe in a traditional afterlife. When you died, you’d go to a special place where everything was good and warm and fun, and you’d spend forever being there because you lived a good life and you deserved it. Even when I was shown...Read More »

Tale - Fairy Lights

“What in the name of the Light are you doing, kid?” Retvik grumbled as he watched Arkay cleaning up broken glass. While trying to hang up some sort of green string, he had accidentally knocked over a lantern, which had shattered on the ground in a spectacular explosion of glass...Read More »

Tale - Cafe Break

Verlais sat wearily as the world rushed by outside. Ever since he and his new friends had become famous, he’d been so damn busy. Constant briefings and debriefings with Vrekan authorities, conversations with Portalian authorities, vok of all shapes and sizes wanting to see and greet and speak with him....Read More »

Tale - Camp Fire Panic

The three Vrekans gathered around the Captain and his campfire, shivering from the cold. Border patrol was their least favourite job, and the weather as of late had been unbearable. Rain, hail, storms, every sort of negative weather they could imagine.

“Captain, can we take a break now?”

“Yes, but you must...Read More »

Tale - The Second Day of Macromera

Retvik rubbed his eyes as he got up to answer the door. It was early, and he was the only person awake. The door opened gently, after a brief struggle with the lock. It took a moment for Retvik to realise who it was.

“Um, good morning, am I early?”

Retvik glanced...Read More »

Tale - Mother and Daughter

Elkay always thought he was a well-travelled being, but never in his life had he seen a Thraki temple before. What was even stranger was the fact that there was only one Thraki present. A large, black, purple and gold Thraki, just staring at him, waiting for him to speak.

“Um…...Read More »

Tale - Godly Suggestions

The Whenvern shaked his glorious white wings as he landed on the shores of Kinigi. He had been meaning to speak with Kinisis, better known as Death around these parts, for a while, but he had never gotten around to it. Always busy going forward.

Now though, he had a chance....Read More »

Tale - What Retvik and Gath have been up to lately

“Ah, heavens above…” Retvik let out a huge sigh of relief as he rolled off Gath and laid on his back, breathing heavily. Exhaustion swiftly took over, causing Retvik to close his eyes and pant.

Gath leaned on his side, looking lovingly at his partner. “You spoil me.”

“Nuh-uh,” Retvik grunted, still...Read More »

Tale - Kept out of the Way

“I… don’t get what you want me to do… Can you explain it again?”

This was the fourth time Elkay had tried to explain everything to his younger brother. Arkay had always been a much sharper Rethan, but these days, it was as if he’d taken stupid pills or something. Slow,...Read More »

Tale - Father and Son

“My first day spent with you, and you take me hiking into the middle of nowhere just as I’m recovering from a cold…” Arkay puffed as he traipsed behind Kayel.

“Maybe you should be fitter then. Being outdoors is good for you.” Kayel seemed distracted, as if he was looking out...Read More »

Tale - Convert

The only source of light in the small tree house came from the moonlight outside, shining in through a plastic-covered window. The house consisted of a single room, made from plastic and metal sheeting, containing only the barest of necessities. Two beds, a food preparation area, storage and little else....Read More »

Tale - The Rethan in the Forest Clearing

Arkay could hear whimpering.

The sound was coming from a small clearing in the forest. Fallen leaves covered the ground, and a weak sun shined through the empty branches above. But the clearing was lacking in leaves, showing open ground, with dew-coated grass. On a closer inspection, something was moving in...Read More »

Tale - To Ask or not to Ask

Psiksi sat on the edge of the little tree house, unsure what to do with himself. He was supposed to be visiting local Rethan villages and trying to convince them that they should register to vote (and potentially get them to vote for his brother) but Psiksi just couldn’t be...Read More »

Tale - Protective Cell

“Please, let me in!”

Thitavee-En bashed on the tattered, wooden door. He considered tearing it off its hinges and forcing his way in, but as he was about to do so, the door swing upon. Standing in the doorway was Veyar, looking rather bemused.


“Please, I need somewhere safe to go! My...Read More »

Tale - Free Cookies

“That’s a fuckton of cookies…”

Gath watched as the six tiny Rethans ran around the kitchen, all neatly organized in their pursuit to bake lots of cookies. He had no idea why the hell they were baking cookies, but it amused the giant Ethran-type, seeing them acting all busy.

“It’s actually only...Read More »

Tale - Catching up with the 471st Legion

“I should have visited more…”

“You were busy, ser.”

Elkay marched down the rows of small tents and camp sites. By his side was Captain Vallas, one of the two captains of the 471st Legion. The legion was currently out on a large training exercise, camping in a large field north of...Read More »

Tale - Voices in Recordings and the Mind


“Is there a problem?”

“I need… I need a word. Yes, a word.”

“What is the problem?”


“Envee, speak.”

“The voices. They’re back.”

“All of them?”



“Yes. Especially that… I’m sorry…”

“Have you been taking your medication?”

“Yes. Always.”

“Three times a day?”

“Yes! OF COURSE… Sorry.”

“How long?”

“Most of them started popping back over the last week. That… one… came...Read More »

Tale - Thitavee's New Job

“Why am I shaking?” Thitavee asked himself as he waited outside the glass-roofed office. All around him were books, specimens and all sorts of unusual items. Mostly books though. Occasionally, he’d see a ΘClass Ksa wander by. Some would wave, some would look confused. Some of them,...Read More »

Tale - Mind Tampering Ways

“So you’re, uh, unstable, huh?” Teekay asked as he sat down next to Envee.

“That is none of your concern.”

“Well, it is since your brother told me to speak to you. Similar problems.”

Envee looked up, confused. “You hear voices?”

“Sometimes,” Teekay replied. “They’ve said awful things to me. There’s… a reason I’m...Read More »

Tale - Psiksi's Worries

Arkay for a change was happy. He was busy sorting out piles of registration forms, to be delivered to the Rethan Registration Offices in Hertany. Since they’d started a while back, he, Kass and the members of the League of Brightly Coloured Rethans had managed to get three hundred Rethans...Read More »

Tale - A Panicking Rethan

“I’M NOT SAFE HERE!” Kayel-En screamed as he clawed against the walls of his cell. “PLEASE! HE’LL KILL ME! LIKE HE DID WITH THE OTHERS!”

The young Rethan had been screaming for several hours now. The R-Class Ksa, better known as the Arbiters or the Ksa Astynom, had picked him up...Read More »

Tale - An Invitation Out

Arkay had been unloading boxes for hours. Due to a movement in election dates, everyone was suddenly in a huge hurry to get everything sorted out for the elections next week. Luckily for Arkay, because he was located on Portalia, there were only a handful of polling stations that needed...Read More »

Tale - Job Security

The young Ksa dutifully opened the door and let Kayelar through. Elkay’s office was remarkably small, despite the importance of the position he was running for. In fact, Kayelar’s own office was larger, and he was aiming for Elkay’s old job.

“Good evening, Kayelar. How are you? Would you like anything...Read More »

Tale - A Brief Catch Up


Elksia’s day had been miserable, so seeing one of her best friends really cheered her up. She rushed over to Arkay, picked him up and threw him in the air as if he was a little kid.

“You’re happy to see me!” Arkay smiled. “I’m so sorry I kept on missing...Read More »

Tale - A Little Package

The package landed in front of Teekay, abruptly waking him from his nap. Whoever delivered it shouted a quick apology before disappearing upstairs, leaving Teekay capable of only muttering a few curse words. He wanted to go back to sleep, after all, Teekay hadn’t slept properly in weeks, but the...Read More »

Tale - Birthday Surprises

Arkay could hear everyone muttering downstairs, planning their surprise. In fact, he could hear them through the heavy wooden door to his bedroom, and through the pillow he had put over his head. What he couldn’t hear though was what they were saying. Not that Arkay wanted to know. He...Read More »

Tale - Long Drive Home

The vehicle parking area was mostly empty now, but Kass was too lazy to move his hovercraft. He’d been waiting there for about an hour now, and was idly fiddling with the electric roof and windows to pass the time. But finally, he spotted a familiar figure walking over, their...Read More »

Tale - Meeting Up With the New High General

Ver was surprised when the little Rethan secretary told him the meeting was to be held outside. A second Rethan with feathery wings led the Vrekan King and his soldiers back downstairs, through a side passage, which then opened up into a large courtyard, filled with silver statues.

Each statue stood...Read More »

Tale - A Late Night Drink

The only decent thing about this Vrekan bar on the outskirts of Palaestra was that it was open all night. That was the only reason Retvik was there. Everything else about the bar, from the décor to the service to the drinks was mediocre at best. But they had a...Read More »

Tale - A Bad Hangover

“Gaaaaaath..?” Retvik shouted and instantly regretted it. He had a horrible headache and was just making it worse. He had tried going for a walk to calm his aching skull, but his trip outside had only left him feeling awkward and confused.

“What?” Gath shouted from the kitchen, where he was...Read More »

Tale - Vethic Questions with Death

The Veth all gathered around Kinisis, all waiting for their regular weekly meeting. This meeting had been delayed because Kinisis had been working on a new Veth to join their ranks, but that didn’t bother Death’s humble servants.

“So, my wonderful little loyal buddies!” Kinisis grinned as she threw out snacks...Read More »

Tale - City Exchange

“Good evening…”

“Phovos. You can just call me Phovos.”

High General Elkay waited for the Raptor to sit down, before sitting down himself. “… Phovos. It is a pleasure to meet you again.”

Phovos smiled. “You were going to call me Ser. I could see it. Shame you don’t have a feminine version...Read More »

Tale - Cleaning up the Shore

Death clapped her hands as a swarm of Veth ran around, cleaning up the coastlines of Kinigi.

“Move your asses, kids! I want this place looking like a fancy thropy beach resort!”

Several Veth sighed as they removed piles of skulls by quietly swallowing them, or taking them inland to bury if...Read More »

Tale - The Omelette of Consent

Death yawned and stretched, then reached for a glass of something to drink. But as she did so, she realised something was missing. Her new little friend who had been chained up next to her was missing.

“Where the fuck have you gone?” Death tutted. She got up and headed downstairs,...Read More »

Tale - Breakfast Buffet

The six of them sat around the table eating various breakfast dishes. While Retvik and Gath chowed down on sausages and mashed root vegetables, Vel, Elksia and Kass took bites out of their bacon and kotopoul eggs. Psiksi was eating a bowl of porridge with a vast amount of honey...Read More »

Tale - Mysterious Mining Liquids

“Kalsa Warrior Nuvak, we need your assistance!”

The Vohra jumped up and down. Like most normal Vohra, her voice was monotonous, but Nuvak knew that she was excited. Her pheromones gave it away. Normally, Nuvak would be doing higher level duties in the nest, but occasionally, he would do the rounds....Read More »

Tale - A Sugary Corpse

Normally, other Veth remained far, far away from Arkay’s cage. The angry monster would always leap up at them, threatening them with claws and violence. Every Veth knew that the Veth Prime wasn’t to blame though. Outside of his missions on the mortal plane, he was treated far worse than...Read More »

The Ostar

At first, I thought this world was dead.

A land of hot stone, boiling rivers and spikes of bone, the spines and remains of animals long since deceased. Asterkitoi, gigantic beings that came to this world to leave the mortal coil and be renewed by the Cycle, their bodies melting in...Read More »

Tale - Burning Letters of Insanity

To whoever finds this,

Consider this a farewell to my sanity. I am chained up in an endless white space writing on a piece of skin ripped off from the hollow corpse of a Kronospast, using my own blood which is so hot it literally burns this supposedly nigh unbreakable skin.

Not...Read More »

Tale - A Fun Day for Vahlok

Vahlok was enjoying himself.

Normally, heading off to isolated colonies was tiring and stupid. He’d do some magic tricks, he’d perform some ‘miracles’, he’d explain everything, and if he was lucky, the barbaric, undeveloped tribes and races he’d wasted all that time on MIGHT convert and start following Overlord Stasis. Might.

Today...Read More »

Tale - Ice Cream Sunday

Kayel was exhausted.

In the last few weeks, he had been all over the place, rushing around on both Rethan and Thanatian duties. He had done all sorts. Lots of healing. A little bit of diplomacy. A lot of fighting beings trying to invade private Thrakian spaces. Worst of all, he...Read More »

Tale - A Proper Farewell

The fire crackled away to itself. Kass watched as little flames drifted away and burnt into nothing. He’d been sitting there for about ten minutes. He wasn’t sure why, but that note he got after work was rather… convincing. The handwriting was identical. The little symbol at the end was...Read More »

Tale - Insane Amounts of Paperwork

“The whole city?”

“The whole city.”

“From this tiny office?”

Gath was not amused. He’d bashed his head on pretty much every single door frame as he’d made his way to the office of the ruler of Palaestra. He was supposed to have a new job but he didn’t even know what to...Read More »

Tale - Waking Up in a Weird Place

She told me my name was Iatre. I don’t think she told me the truth. I look around at my fellow inmates and they all seem to think the same. Six of them I am pretty sure are all friends but the last one, it has a look of hatred...Read More »

An Undead Letter

Dear Tenuk,

I don’t know why I’m writing this. I just wanted to write. If I direct it at someone, the words come easier. As if I’m imagining that you’ll sympathise with me. I mean, if I said this in person, you probably would… You know what I mean.

I just want...Read More »

Tale - A Boxed Cabbage

Retvik tutted as he flicked through paperwork then switched back to his computer, closing a tab he had open in his browser. He only had a few bits to finish, but there were things on his mind. Since he’d taken this job, he’d noticed more beings coming to Palaestra. He...Read More »

Tale - Clearing Out

Psiksi felt weird. He had spent all day going through Arkay’s old stuff. They’d been meaning to do it for ages, but every time Retvik had entered his bedroom, he’d burst into tears, Elksia was unable to even go near Arkay’s belongings and Tenuk was… well Tenuk was doing Tenuk...Read More »

Tale - Wandering Around Lost

I’ve been wandering around for ages. Not really sure where I’m going, except towards the big dome. It’s the only real thing on the landscape. Everything else is just generic plains, with the odd rocky outcrop or dead tree. Oh and the river and its many reeds. But that’s about...Read More »

Tale - The End of a Tradition

A circle of generals. That had always been the collective term for a bunch of Rethan Generals, mostly because their leaders had always sat in a circle. One of the first things Elkay had done when he got into power was to bring back that tradition. He’d always enjoyed the...Read More »

Tale - Confused but Excited Ksa

“I don’t believe you!” Seth growled. “For real? The High General managed to convince all of them?”

The other members of the Θ-Class Ksa were all equally dumbfounded and shocked.

There’s no way he managed it!” Renth gasped. “The old Vice General tried for decades and…”

The Ksa...Read More »

Tale - Anger Between Ksa

“I’m still in shock over all of this…” Teekay muttered as he scribbled his way through paperwork. “All this hassle, just to get the same job I had last week. Fucking retarded.”

Geekay, Veekay and Enkay, who were busy packing away boxes and moving things around, both rolled their eyes. They’d...Read More »

Tale - A Deathly Ramble

“Arkay, I want you to listen to me. You’re tied down, you can’t move, but you can listen. You aren’t going to say or do anything. You’re just going to listen.

“Alright. Are you comfy? Silly me. You can’t answer. Well, I’m going to talk anyway.

“I’m angry at you, Arkay. You...Read More »

Tale - Unexpected Person in the Courtyard


“Oh light oh light oh light this is bad…” Gath panicked as he rushed into the office. Everyone around had been on high alert ever since… IT had appeared in the courtyard. No one knew what to do, it had just stood there, patiently waiting for someone to come out...Read More »

Tale - A Cause for Concern

Continuity hovered around the storage unit, watching as the Veth Prime tried on various bits of armour, none of which he seemed to like. He’d been trying to approach the angry Veth for a while, but after all that had happened recently, Continuity was feeling slightly scared of him. No,...Read More »

Tale - Veekay's Blood Tests

Veekay was feeling nervous and he didn’t understand why. Things had been awfully quiet ever since he’d essentially lost his job as a Ksa, but the quietness had done nothing to calm down the conflicts in his mind. He had always had one duty – to protect the Vice General…...Read More »

Tale - The Last Official Ksa Leader Meeting

“Where’s Veekay?” Feyar growled as Teekay entered the room, dragging a wooden stool with him. The other Ksa all remained silent, wondering how the self-proclaimed ‘Electric Ninja’ would reply.

“He’s at work. Signed up with the 200th Legion. He can’t make it,” Teekay replied bluntly. “Unlike most of us here, sitting...Read More »

Tale - A Toothy Return

“Your brother is waiting for you in your office,” Captain Vallas smiled as the High General walked by.

“My brother?” Elkay blinked. “Which one?”

“Which one is the green one?”

Elkay tutted. Psiksi was supposed to have been in Vriskera, Portalia, helping with the Thanatian problem there. What he was doing here was...Read More »

Tale - An Oddly Familiar Cell

Photeianos blinked. Once to wake himself up. Twice to clear his vision. Three times in disbelief. He was tied down. Leather straps kept him stuck to a large table. The sort of table a Rethan might be operated on. All around him was a familiar but not really familiar room,...Read More »

Tale - Three AM Call

Psiksi sighed as the phone rang. It was three in the morning, everyone was asleep and this infernal communicator had woken him up. What sort of idiot calls at three in the morning anyway?

With another sigh, Psiksi rolled out of bed, onto the floor and across the room to where...Read More »

Tale - Still Friends

The room was brightly lit, with a white-paned window and painted walls, decorated with childish white and grey clouds. In the corner was a clean, neatly made bed with a freshly fluffed pillow. A desk, a lamp, a small computer sat in the opposite computer, next to a free-standing cupboard...Read More »

Tale - Land Requests

“Another day, another pile of land purchase offers to reject…” Retvik muttered to himself as he sat down. He could have had an assistant do this. He could have had Gath do this. But deep down, a small part of him liked doing this. He got to say no to...Read More »

Tale - Miniature Picnic

Kayel adjusted his hood as he walked down the hallway. In one hand was a visitors’ pass, in the other was a bag of treats. He’d spent a good hour at the nearest convenience store picking out what would be best, what was low in calories and in sugar. After...Read More »

Tale - Battered Veth

“What the fuck happened to you, Arkay?” Continuity asked as he held an ice pack to his head.

Arkay rolled his eyes as he limped into the room, trailing behind him a large roll of bandages that was soaking up an even longer trail of glowing blood.

“Bitch decided that she wasn’t...Read More »

Tale - Not Convinced

The scantily clad Temthans stood in the middle of the room, offering threats and war and goodness else knows what. They’d happened to invade on the one day that the leaders of each Maza race had come together alongside their representatives to discuss the future of the Maza. Well, invade...Read More »

Tale - Confused Veth

“I think we need to reset…” Syklos said for the seventh time that evening.

“We can’t do a reset now,” Continuity repeated for the eighth time. “We just can’t. Not now. Not after a corruption. We could accidentally get ourselves infected again. And there is no way we can get the...Read More »

Tale - A Stupid Plan in Action

“Wow, you somehow managed to do it…” Istoria blinked as Iatre opened the bedroom door. On the bed was Death, snoring loudly and drooling all over the place, completely naked. She didn’t even have her normal pointless black tentacle wraps on.

“Well, you asked me to!” Iatre smiled. “Was rather simple,...Read More »

Tale - Panic over Coffee

Elkay sipped his frappé, while Aesop, the Prime Minister of the Cassids, sat there, panicking and fretting over a lost piece of paper.

“I was so certain I brought it with me! I swear! It was with everything else!”

Aesop paused for a moment, having spotted something. But upon realising that it...Read More »

Tale - Lacking Below

“Hang on! Hang on!” the grumpy voice shouted from behind the door. “I can’t use my fucking legs, medic! Give me a moment!”

Rummaging around could be heard as the being on the other side desperately tried to reach the door. After about thirty seconds, the medic pulled out a key...Read More »

Tale - A Favour from Ksiel

KL0135L is now online

3L0138L: What are you doing online?

KL0135L: I have a favour to ask.

3L0138L: You’re dead and not supposed to be in this text channel.

KL0135L: Then why didn’t you take away my channel privileges after I died? You’re the channel mod, you could have taken them away.

3L0138L: I assumed...Read More »

Tale - Hot Rethans

“Fuck me, it is so hot…” Retvik moaned as he leaned back in his chair, flapping a piece of paper in his face in an attempt to fan himself. “Is it always this hot or am I just delirious?”

“This is like the seventh time you’ve asked, dear,” Gath grunted. He...Read More »

Tale - Lying Away

KL0135L is now online.

DL0139L is no longer away.

DL0139L: You’re finally online. We need to talk.

KL0135L: What’s wrong?

DL0139L: Ksiel’s in hospital.

DL0139L: Attempted suicide.


DL0139L: Said he was going to visit Veeyel. Got a call from Zitel about an hour ago. I didn’t know any other way of getting in touch with...Read More »

Tale - Citizens' Advice

Kayel sat in the dark, staring at the tiny screen of a pocket computer, noting things down. His hot chocolate drink had long gone cold, his small tub of ice cream had melted long before that. A half-empty bottle of water had been ignored for nearly a day now.

With a...Read More »

The Broken Chain

The straps were finally off. Arkay was finally free of his duty. A normal being once more. Mostly normal. Still a Veth but no longer chained to existence itself.

Above him, up the stairs, in the galaxy-laden room, Kinisis was waking up. A weight had been lifted from Arkay’s shoulders and...Read More »

Tale - Silent Company

“What’s wrong with Arkay?” Iatre asked as he helped himself to some of Istoria’s popcorn. “And why are you three just watching him rather than helping him?”

Below them, the Veth Prime, the most powerful of the Veth, was tearing things apart in an arena known locally as “Death’s Playground”. It...Read More »

Tale - A Broken Light Beast

“I don’t know who’s dumber, you or the whimpering baby down there,” Syklos snorted as he walked past Iatre. “You both sat there for what, twenty four hours? You’re both dumber than a barrel of spagloops.”

“I notice you’re not saying that to Arkay’s face,” Iatre retorted. “You’re just saying it...Read More »

Tale - Whatthefuckistan

“There’s this place I planted a seed for, I really like how it came out, but I’m hesitant to let it spread elsewhere.”

“You say that about a lot of things, Kinisis.”

“Yes, but this time I mean it. This world I created. Well, not created. Pushed? Prodded? What’s the term?”

“I don’t...Read More »

Tale - The Tree House

One tree stood out from the rest of this vast, oaken forest. It wasn’t nearly as tall as some of the other trees, but it was much, much thicker and fatter, as if it had been specifically grown to be round. In its branches was a tangled, twisted structure, a...Read More »

Tale - Lying on the Beach of Kinigi

Arkay sighed as he shifted himself, trying to get the pink sand out of the crevices of his armour. There were things he had to get done, but Kinisis had insisted he stay on the beach and cool off for a bit. Still, the sound of crashing waves was rather...Read More »

Tale - A Kronaron Reunion

“Which table are they at?” Nenth whispered as he and Arksi entered the very fancy restaurant.

“Have a look around and guess…”

With a nervous sigh, Nenth did as he was told. It suddenly became very obvious which table they had booked, since there was a large, red Banikan sitting at it....Read More »

Tale - The Decade Freeze


Istoria sighed as she bent down to pick up the pen she had dropped. But as she got back up, everything felt weird. She felt as if something catastrophic had happened in the space between her pen hitting the ground and her reaching down to grab it.

Whatever the feeling was,...Read More »

Tale - The Arbiter's File

Elkay stood by the window, looking over the city of Thre-Vretania. The weather had been weird lately, blowing dust across the city’s streets, with heavy cloud ruining the strength of their solar panels. Elkay’s office was just as dusty as the streets below, with the high winds lifting it easily...Read More »

Tale - The Captured Castle

“How many?”

“Forty, Feyar.”

“Any deaths?”

“No. Just injuries.”

“And the target?”

“That… is rather hard to explain…”

Normally, Deyar would have been thankful for still being an active Ksa. He considered his duties as a member of the Arbiters to be one of the most important jobs around. So when Feyar sent the entire R-Class...Read More »

Tale - A General's Double Take

Elkay was done for the day. He was exhausted. Between a diplomatic crisis between the Cassids and the Banikans and their own troubles with the former High General, Elkay had long ago realised that maybe he just needed to finish up, take a few hours off and come back fresh...Read More »

Tale - Breakfast Nonsense

Ever since Psiksi had moved in with Kass, he’d found it harder and harder to wake up early. There was no need to get up at 5am like he used to, but getting up at 7:30 had made him complacent. He would still get up if...Read More »

Apologetic Pancakes

Kass woke up to the scent of something incredibly sweet. It was most likely coming from the kitchen, but Kass hadn’t bought anything sweet in a while. He was supposed to have been on a brief, sugar and alcohol free diet after he got a little too drunk the week...Read More »

In Need of a Dragon

“I want to make a dragon…” Death mused to herself as she sat in her deckchair, watching the waters of Kinigi flow by.

The beach was mostly empty apart from a handful of higher Veth, patrolling the pink sands and defending it from Deitics and anything else that might have threatened...Read More »

A Sickly Evening

Kass stood by the doorway, holding a large tub of milky yogurt mixed with shredded cucumber – a dip called tsatsiki. In the bathroom behind him, Psiksi had been throwing up violently. He had been doing so for the last half an hour, and Kass had no idea what had...Read More »

Clients from Kinigi

“What the fuck have you done to yourself?” Death gasped, dropping her cup of tea all over the place.

Arkay blinked, all confused. He’d given himself a large pair of horns, an even larger pair of demonic, scaly wings, huge claws and big spikes on his tail. Otherwise he looked like...Read More »

Last Day of the Holiday


Psiksi almost screamed as Kass pulled the blankets off him. After a brief struggle, Psiksi grabbed a blanket and wrapped it around him.



Kass shrugged, then pulled the blanket off him, only for Psiksi to grab the blanket and wrap himself up again. Knowing he wouldn’t win, Kass then got...Read More »

Jobs for Eternity

Lately, Vahlok had been doing the same jobs over and over. “Go get this, go get that!” was all Stasis ever told him to do. So that was what he did. Endless fetch quests. Today’s job was no different. Vahlok had to capture this rogue ‘Unhumin’ scientist. Apparently this thing...Read More »

Separated and Confused

Shards of frosted glass littered the alleyway. It made a change from the normal large pile of rubbish that would normally cover the ground, but the glass wasn’t exactly reassuring. In the middle of the broken glass was a confused, dazed, young, Rethan-like being that probably shouldn’t have been there.

At...Read More »

An Awkward Inconvenience

Veeyel had been standing in the doorway for about twenty minutes now. In the living room, Frienir was arguing with his partner. Clearly there had been a misunderstanding, but perhaps this had happened before. Frienir bringing someone home who he shouldn’t have. Either way, his partner, Lousanos, was incredibly angry.

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Still Lost, Still Confused

Veeyel had been watching from the shadows for about twenty minutes now, as three armoured vehicles were lined up in front of the Astynom station. Armed soldiers made a line between the entrance and the vehicles, one hand on their gunstaff, the other on their electric stun-tasers. They were shepherding...Read More »

The Cassid Champion

Twenty Cassids. Baxavius had beaten them all. Cassids in heavy armour, Cassids with robots, Cassids in giant mechs. They had all succumbed to Baxavius’s fiery harka-blade, his collapsatic shield, his elegant butterfly knife, his righteous Boson-Initializing Somatic Offensive Nuker. Admittedly, his BISON had done most of the work, but compared...Read More »

The Fountain of Youth

Most of the waters in Kinigi were part of the massive rivers that cleansed and recycled souls, erasing their memories and preparing them to be reborn into new bodies. Each one would twist and turn, from the Sea of Death to the Ocean of Birth. This lake though was the...Read More »

Both Different

“Are you alright?”

Something tapped Veeyel on the shoulder. He rubbed his eyes then slowly sat up. His back ached. He’d fallen asleep on a bench and somehow everything on his body was still intact. Then again, Veeyel didn’t have anything on him worth stealing.

“You don’t look alright.”

Veeyel finally looked up....Read More »

Mistaken for Something Else

Lykins. Horrible, furry, dog-like creatures, an army of whores, wenches and monsters that stampeded these lands, ruled by an iron-fisted king who spent his time wasting his underlings’ hard earned money on food, wine and sex. A nasty, cruel leader who deserved to die. At least, that was what Kinisis...Read More »

Around 30 Phoviverse Things

Inktober Image

Quick Warning – lots of images ahead. Turn off mobile data if you’re using it! The images aren’t that big, but if you’ve got a small amount of data like me (I only have 100MB a month), you’ll want to save it.

So I decided to give Inktober a go. One...Read More »

Meeting a Neraid

“You are… not a Thanatian…”

Laina shook her scaly, snake-like tail, sitting herself upright on the sofa as the leader of this strange race approached her. She was both upset and amused with the fact that this being did not know what she was. It was to be expected from a...Read More »

The Frozen Child

“Are you the Dark One?”

The little creature pulled a blanket around itself. Underneath the sound of beeping security sensors and the crackle of monitors all switching off, their teeth were chattering. She was cold and scared. A small, furry kid, her first antlers not grown in yet. Fur was missing...Read More »

A Brief Break for Busy Leaders

“Are you sure this room is secure?” the High General asked as he and the King of the Vrekans both sat down. “I do not have many fears, but I am not particularly fond of large, glass windows.”

“It is all secure,” the King of the Vrekans tried to reassure the...Read More »

Too Many Transmissions

“Did you have a good meeting with the Vrekan king?” Rethias asked as the High General waltzed in and threw himself into one of the oversized sofas.

“Yes, I did actually,” Elkay smiled. “Perhaps a little too much. It is rude to reject alcohol if a Vrekan offers it to you,...Read More »

Donating Blood and other Body Parts

“It is a poor move to barge into the office of a ruler without asking permission. Or at the very least making an appointment…”

The High General of the Retha didn’t even look up from whatever it was he was doing. It was almost as if he didn’t care that Stasis,...Read More »

Genetic Insanity

Rethais couldn’t decide between being shocked or being insulted. The rest of the Circle had settled on shocked AND insulted. Their very own High General, a vok of sense and reason, had just stood in front of them and claimed he wasn’t 100% Rethan but in fact half ‘corrupted’,...Read More »

The Misplaced Blade


The Keeper’s voice echoed through the Great Library, bouncing around corridors lined with books and almost sacred texts.


Arksi had been busy organizing a stack of medical papers relating to a plague that had flared up a year or so ago....Read More »

Verlais's Extra Blades

“Hey Arksi!”

Verlais’s voice echoed down the line. There was always something about Vrekan telecommunication that made their voices sound like that.

“How you doing?”

Arksi grunted. He had been in the middle of washing the dishes and wasn’t in the mood for any more interruptions. One dish in particular, everything had been...Read More »

The Other Side of Kinigi

Kinisis was waiting for Arkay as he returned from his latest job. She was actually wearing something for a change. A ribbon-like wrap around a pair of massive breasts that tied up behind her neck, and a flowing, knee-length skirt. She seemed happy, but not in a malicious way....Read More »

A Sweet Drink Between Rulers

“You haven’t touched your drink…” King Ver smiled as he walked around the furniture, running his hands across the silky satin fabric, before throwing himself into the large sofa in front of where the High General was sitting. “I am thinking of giving my Vrekan representatives a little pay raise....Read More »

Macromera Arrangements

It had been a quiet day at the main government offices of Palaestra. Quiet enough that Retvik and Gath were able to have lunch together in peace. It turned out that, because of the recent bad weather across Portalia, a lot of the local Thanatians had decided to hibernate...Read More »

At the Winter Market

Psiksi felt somewhat hopeless as he sat on the cold, stone bench and watched the world go by. Lots of Thanatians and Vrekans, with the odd Rethan scattered among them, wandering through a holiday marketplace. Winter was always a time for holidays, as the more ancient races were preparing for...Read More »

Vast Golden Donations

Captain Vallas was annoyed. He thought the High General was in his office. He was supposed to be in his office, working with a speech writer, covering all the speeches and talks he would be giving during the Macromera break. But the High General wasn’t there. He was somewhere else.

With...Read More »

Death's Bed

Arkay woke up realising he wasn’t alone in bed. He also quickly realised that his bed had moved to a large, dark room with a glass window facing the wider rivers of Kinigi. He then realised that he wasn’t in his bed, but someone else’s bed. Clearly, someone had messed...Read More »

The Honesty of an Old Veth

Arkay stood in the doorway, waiting awkwardly for everyone else to leave. He wanted to speak to Istoria in private, but didn’t want to make that obvious. The more Arkay thought about it though, the more obvious he felt. Either way, he needed to speak to Istoria alone.

Finally, the other...Read More »

A Void of Despair


He knew she’d come running to him. That was why he hesitated. He could have thrown himself off the edge right now, but he didn’t. He had stood there and waited. Waiting for a sign, perhaps?


Her cries were fierce, full of anger and sorrow. She was as conflicted as he...Read More »

Coffee over Veth

Iatre had been watching Veth go by all day. They’d enter Death’s dome-shaped mansion one at a time, there would be a five minute delay and then they’d stumble out in their new Veth V9 forms. Smaller. Sleeker. More powerful. Iatre’s work had been wasted time for him, but...Read More »

A Silver Invitation

“What’s this?” Teekay asked as a silver envelope dropped in front of him. He put his fork down and opened it up, curious.

“An invitation!” Eksi grinned. Ever since they had become free Rethans, Eksi was basically a whole new being. Full of life and energy. Finally pursuing the things he...Read More »

A Day of Drunks

“HAPPY MACROMERA!” Tenuk slurred as the door opened and he tumbled into the old Dessaron HQ. “I have preseeeents!”

Retvik smiled, leading Tenuk in and gently closing the door behind him. “It is good to see you, Tenuk.”

Tenuk wobbled around, admiring the holiday candles and decorations. The smell...Read More »

Slowing Down

Something is different around here.

Some time ago, I allowed myself to become Kinisis’s partner. My duties mostly remained the same. Kill the unkillable. Protect the Cycle. Lead the Veth. The first two, they seem mostly identical to the duties I performed before I took Kinisis’s hand. The latter…...Read More »

The Laugh of the Thantophor

Four figures had climbed this treacherous mountain, edging their way along dangerous paths and narrow passes. Their robes were torn and tattered by the cruel winds, their arms and legs shaking, their limbs wrapped up and bloody from the rain and snow. Their suffering though was coming to an end....Read More »

Figure on the Roof

Tenuk had spotted it as he brought in the shopping. It was hiding on the roof, watching him. Tenuk had decided to get all the shopping inside and lock the hovercraft before dealing with it. After all, he’d offered to do the shopping, since he was staying with Gath and...Read More »

The New Guy

“That wasn’t there before…” Iatre muttered to himself as he exited his lab, blinking in the bright light. “I suppose that will teach me for spending most of my time working…”

The small, green dome had been crudely attached to the side of the much larger green and white dome that...Read More »