Keepers of the Cycle

The Keepers of the Cycle are an almost hidden force of beings from multiple races, dedicated to keeping both the Acolytes of Stasis and the Disciples of the Whenvern in check. They desire no power, no grand gestures, just unity and peace across the universe.

Their main belief is that the universe can only function correctly if Kinisis, Kairos and Kenos remain in harmony and do their jobs correctly, and that the universe could be torn asunder if Kairos and Kenos abandon their duties, or attempt to damage Kinisis. The current universe is stable, but many believe the machinations of both Stasis and the Whenvern could fatally destabilize or even destroy the universe, particularly if extra-universal threats like the Corruption take advantage of Kenos and Kairos abandoning their duties.

Many followers of the Cycle believe in reincarnation, that all mortal beings are actually immortal, being reborn as something new when they die. They see the offerings of immortality from Kairos and Stasis as nothing more than tricks and falsehoods, meant to take beings away from the cycle of life and death. They consider reincarnation to be the most pure method of immortality, as the cycle of renewal cleanses one of sin and pain and repeats almost endlessly. As for other believes, these are hugely varied, especially about what exactly happens when a being dies and is reincarnated. But the Keepers of the Cycle all believe that the free will of all sentient life is key to a stable universe, as well as working hard and protecting others.

Unlike the other groups, the Keepers of the Cycle remain discreet in their actions, and try to avoid fights if possible. Their main tool is logic and a sharp tongue, and many will try and talk others out of their beliefs. Even the formerly incredibly violent Veth, the protectors of Kinigi, have been known to avoid conflict when they can, if only because the death of a firm believer of the Disciples of the Whenvern or the Acolytes of Stasis will only go and strengthen Kairos and Stasis themselves.

Many active Keepers are Veth that have been allowed to roam outside of Kinigi. Other groups are organizations set up by well-meaning beings who have been prompted into action either by high-ranking Veth, or by Kinisis herself. The majority of Keepers of the Cycle though only consider themselves partially loyal to Kinisis and often don’t even refer to themselves as Keepers. This is because they aren’t so much loyal to Kinisis as they are strictly opposed to the brainwashing done by both Stasis and the Whenvern. They simply seek to get rid of these cults and religions, so that the universe remains stable.

A handful of groups actively worship Kinisis, but these are often disregarded by the majority. Kinisis herself has been known to say that she hates beings who worship her, as she is just doing her job.



Main Groups

The Veth

Secondary Members

The Rethavok
The Vrekans
The Tavrans
The Kolasian Vohra Nest

Notable Individuals

Veth Prime
Tahnahos tou Avran/Tenuk Diplastron