Lessons of Mortality

Waking Up Different

Kairos, the Dragon God of Time, woke up on the floor, not knowing where he was. The ‘not knowing where he was’ part of that sentence was somewhat worrying, but so was the whole ‘waking up’ point as well. Kairos normally never actually slept, and whenever he did, it was...Read More »

Mortal Camping

It would have been a genuinely pleasant day if there hadn’t been constant cracks of thunder and flashes of lightning. There were no clouds, but the sky was pitch black and very empty, with no moons or anything visible. Despite this, it was still light enough to see, not just...Read More »

Mortals to Call

They were still walking. They had been walking for hours, and Kairos was sick and tired of it. Was it really hours? Kairos didn’t actually know. Despite being the former god of time, Kairos had lost all sense of direction and just couldn’t tell how long all this had been...Read More »

Tenuk's Assistance

The four deities watched as a somewhat square ship landed about a hundred metres ahead of them, disappearing behind the trees in a small clearing. As soon as the engine noises died down, Arkadin excitedly rushed towards it, skipping through the grass.

“I wish I could be as happy as he...Read More »

Temporary Warehouse Home

“This is temporary, alright?”

The Temthan, the Falena and the Thraki all nodded solemnly as Tenuk opened the front door to the old Dessaron Headquarters. This building, an old, converted warehouse, had seen better days, as the small garden outside was filled with weeds and the interior needed a fresh coat...Read More »

More than Mortal Worries

“Hey, Arkay…”

Arkadin had been sitting at the table in the kitchen, fiddling with a new communicator device he had stashed away in his bedroom. It was late, later than Arkadin realised, to the point that the night time crickets had stopped chirping. Now that Arkadin thought about it, it was...Read More »

Kenon's Bad Mood


“Is something wrong?”

Kinisis’s sudden appearance nearly made Kenon react. He was not one to jump or otherwise be shocked by the abrupt appearances of others, but Kinisis had nearly managed to cause Kenon to, well, move. Kenon though was busy, working on one of his many plans and backup scenarios.

“Define...Read More »

Clothes and Wraps

“I swear I had more stomach wraps than this…”

Arkay rummaged through the drawers in his bedroom, desperately trying to find some sort of fabric he could use.

“I should have washed all my stuff before I went back to being a god…”

The reason for Arkay’s scrambling was somewhat sudden. Being a...Read More »

Shopping Trip

Despite the number of times Sini had fallen flat on her face, she seemed to be enjoying herself. It was nothing more than a trip to the shops, to replenish the food and drinks that Arkay, Sini and the others had… somewhat stolen from Tenuk, but roaming down the aisles...Read More »

Raptoric Involvement

“You certainly know how to pick them!”

Phovos smiled as she leaned by the open doorway to the old Dessaron Headquarters, watching as Arkay struggled to reach high cupboards, trying to put his freshly purchased shopping away. Helping him was an unfamiliar black and lilac Temthan wearing absolutely nothing, who was...Read More »

Test Training

“So when do we get our weapons?” Sini asked as she pranced around, completely ignoring the fact that her top had come off. “When do we get to hit things?”

Arkay rolled his eyes, sitting calmly on a stool, waiting for both Phovos and some of the Arena Trainers to arrive....Read More »

Enjoying the Show

Evening matches in the Dessaron Battle Arenas were always interesting, but this was a format Arkay had not seen before, clearly a new type of battle added recently. Everything was much darker than usual and situated in one of the old, forested arenas, meaning you could only see small sections...Read More »

Post-Fight Silliness

“THAT WAS SO MUCH FUN!” Ebania gasped for breath, utterly exhausted from both her fighting and her excitement. “I want to do it again!”

“Like, right now?” Arkay asked, watching as Ebania bounced about, swinging her large scythe back and forth. “Or tomorrow or what?”

“Right now! Or tomorrow! I want more!...Read More »

Back Home From A Date

Timik waved goodbye to the busty female Temthan. He had wanted to walk her home himself, but she was adamant that she only lived around the corner and that she wasn’t supposed to be out anyway, so people seeing her returning home with a date would have been too obvious....Read More »

Milkshake Chat

“You sure it’s alright to leave Tenuk with them for a few hours?” Arkay asked as four chocolate milkshakes arrived at the table. One for him, one for Kayen and two for Psiksi, because Psiksi had stomach ache and was under the impression that only sweet, milky goodness could fix...Read More »

Post-Midnight Slime


Sini leaped into the room, making the door frame wobble, then jumped into the lone bed, squishing the poor soul who had been occupying it.

“Fffhhhphhhggg-Get off me!” a voice gasped from underneath the blanket. “Sini, what the fuck is going on?” Arkay eventually managed to pull himself out from underneath...Read More »

Sudden Break

Someone was knocking very rudely on the door and this was beginning to annoy Voltiidro. He was busy trying to navigate the kitchen without knocking anything over, so him getting to the door in time to open it was almost impossible. Thankfully, someone else had heard the knocking and would...Read More »

Haunted Words

“I didn’t even know your name.”

The small, stone marker was dirtier than most. A small metal plate had been bolted to the front, but the name written on it was scuffed up, barely legible. Flowers had been placed somewhat recently, but they had wilted in the autumn sun, a lack...Read More »

Bruised Wings

“Why do you always return home looking like you were dragged through multiple bushes?” Sini asked as the front door blew open a tattered Thraki wandered inside.

“Generally because I have been dragged through multiple bushes, as well as other things. Like trees and stuff…” Voltiidro grunted, sitting down awkwardly on...Read More »

Knocked Out Briefly

“Was he… was he dead?”

“I don’t… I don’t know…”

“Did I accidentally kill him?”

“No, you just… well I think you just knocked him out…”

Arkay sputtered back to life, his head throbbing and his side hurting. He wasn’t quite sure what had happened, aside from seeing Ebania running up to the house...Read More »

Thraki and Temthan Alone

“Soooooooo… What now?”

Sini laid in the large pile of cushions that made up the main living area. There was a screen playing something in the background, but Sini cared little for it. Voltiidro was trying to edge his way closer so he could sit on the pile of cushions as...Read More »

Messy Mess

Tenuk grunted as he swept dirt out of the back door. He wasn’t grunting because he was cleaning, Tenuk actually somewhat enjoyed cleaning and found it relaxing. No, he was annoyed because he was still sharing a house with one normal vok and three complete and utter retards, two of...Read More »

Mortal Moulds

“Kinisis?” Kenon asked as he approached the massive, crystal tower on which the Allmaker was perched. “Kinisis, may I have a word?”

“What do you need, dear?” Kinisis hadn’t moved. She was staring off into the darkness, her eyes fixed on a single point.

“I was hoping you would allow me to...Read More »

Message from Darkness

Arkadin woke up on a cold, eternally black and somewhat dusty floor, his mind confused and his stomach contents unsettled. Acidic drool sprayed out of the Thantophor’s mouth as his godly powers returned to him, alongside the almost endless screams of the dead and dying.

Scurrying to his feet, the Lord...Read More »

Muddy Messy Garden

“I can’t believe they fucking did it again…

Tenuk put an arm around the little Skyavok who was quietly sulking on the bench outside. It was a muddy, murky day with nothing but clouds in the sky and a constant, somewhat ominous rumble of thunder in the distance. The normally...Read More »

Breakfast Interruption

The diner was currently somewhat empty. Only moments ago, it had been not busy, but definitely rather populated, as locals helped themselves to a large breakfast buffet. Now, only a few beings remained, and the majority of those were hiding in the kitchen.

“I love how my parents enjoy blowing my...Read More »

Post-Mortal Wreckage

“Wow, your siblings are fucking assholes…” Phovos muttered as she surveyed the ruins of the Thirteenth Night Arena. Half of this forested, sheltered arena was fine, if a bit roughed up. The other half had been completely flattened, as if someone had dropped a massive cartoon-like weight on it.

“Yeah, I’m...Read More »