The Godly Coup

This series follows the twisted paths of a race enslaved by a deity and those fighting for an almost unwanted freedom.

The Godly Coup


Photeianos stood proudly in the middle of the room, branded in golden armour and studded with glistening gems. In one hand he held a long, golden sword. In the other he held a golden...Read More »

Pledges of Loyalty

Kenon smiled as he watched Rethans pour into the city below. It had only been a few mere hours since he had taken control of this race, but everything was going swimmingly. Sure, there had been a couple of distractions, what with a few Rethavok dying and a few Rethavok...Read More »

Tunnels Below The City

“I believe we are in the clear, at least for now…”

Underneath the vast buildings that made up the cornerstone of Rethan society, there were a vast number of tunnels and sewers, designed to provide shelter and safety in case of emergencies. Despite all that had happened though in the last...Read More »

At The Shops, Alone

Lysar held her breath, watching anxiously behind the shelves as a couple of armed Rethans marched past her then exited the store. She wasn’t sure how long she had been hiding there, but the number of soldiers that had marched in then out again was at least starting to dwindle....Read More »

Discussions of Other Leaders

“We have a massive problem…”

King Ver stood at his desk, addressing a series of screens. Normally he would arrange meetings in person with the leaders of the other members of the Reth-Vrekan Union, but considering what had just happened with the Reth- part of said union, Ver really didn’t want...Read More »

Skeletal Hall

“Are you alright?” Rethais gasped as Retvik hurriedly slammed the door behind them, his claws struggling with the lock, before collapsing against the nearby wall.

“Not really, no. You were not shot again, were you?”

Rethais checked himself quickly. There were a couple of small grazes on his side from brushing against...Read More »

Change of Appearances

“Hm, antlers or no antlers?”

“Why are you asking me, Lord Kenon?”

Kenon turned from the mirror, his eyes scanning the elegantly decorated room, until he was met with the Rethan chained up in the corner. Vaksavar, formerly one of the most powerful Rethavok alive, sat awkwardly on the ground, not understanding...Read More »

Banikan Sunset

Rethais sat quietly as he watched the sun set behind a vast forest of trees, some of them leafless and dead, others covered in fresh, green needles. In the distance, a body of water could be seen, but there was no life around it, no boats, no lights, no houses,...Read More »

Resting Plans

“They finally convinced you to get some rest, eh?”

Rethais sat up from bed, as his brother Retvik stood in the abnormally large doorway. He wasn’t sure how long he had been sleeping for, but it was dark outside, faint moonbeams shining in from a gap in the bamboo window blinds....Read More »

Midnight Intrusion

Ver’s little Vrekan heart began to pound as he realized he was not alone in his bedroom. The doors had been closed, the room had been swept, the guards had been patrolling yet somehow there was something in there with Ver. Something was sharing a room with the Vrekan king...Read More »

Free-Minded Secrets

Lysar sighed as she watched yet another patrol walk by in the distance. While Lysar and her group of similarly free-minded Rethans had somehow managed to tiptoe their way out of Thre-Vretania and towards the port city of Thre-Sypria, walking down narrow train tunnels, their journey to freedom had come...Read More »

Rethan Hijacking

Just as Ksiel thought he was about to finally get off this accursed planet, he just had to get stopped by a bunch of renegade Rethavok, all panting and desperate and spouting all sorts of nonsense.

Ksiel and was the last of the Skyan ambassadors to the Rethan home world, having...Read More »

Depressive Episode

Rethais sighed as he desperately tried to find a way to occupy himself. He had spent much of the past few days confined to an over-sized bed in an old Banikan tent-house, in a small Banikan village on a planet filled with large monsters and Banikans that hunted said monsters....Read More »

Bottom of the Crater

While most of the village was still in one piece after what had appeared to have been a massive, midnight explosion, the church in the centre of the village had essentially ceased to exist and was currently nothing more than a smoldering pile of rubble. In fact, the explosion had...Read More »

Welcoming Back


The weird, tall, gangling Rethavok-like being with blue and silver armour charged over to where Retvik and Rethais were standing, wrapping his arms around Retvik and hugging him tightly. It took a moment to realize who this being was. It also took a moment for them both to realise where...Read More »

Voidborn Rage

Vaksavar had remained in the corner for about an hour now, watching helplessly as the Voidlord smashed through the room, destroying everything in sight. Lord Kenon had been in a foul rage for a long time, seething with anger yet not actually informing his loyal subjects what the problem was....Read More »

Golden Meal

“So, tell me about yourself?”

Vaksavar was struggling to believe his eyes and ears. Moments ago, he had been sitting on the floor, heavy chains around his arms and legs, being essentially kept as a pet. Suddenly he was now sitting on what was essentially a golden throne with plush red...Read More »

Lovers' Reunion

The ship shifted silently down the tarmac right into the center of the Portalia City Space Port, surrounded by other ships that had either just landed or were refueling and preparing for their next flights. The simple Skyan charter ship was nothing special, many of them passed through this particular...Read More »

A Request for Yisini


Yisini screeched with excitement as she wrapped her serpentine body around the Thantophor, squishing him in the warmest and friendliest hug imaginable, before letting go and dropping Arkadin on a small stool in front of where she was working.


Having sat her sudden...Read More »

Cottages, Cake and Circuses

Vaksavar peered through the frosted window, squinting to see the movement in the streets below. From the weirdly joyous yet muffled racket that could be heard, Vaksavar assumed that the Rethavok were having a pretty good time, cheering after every single one of their new High General’s words and then...Read More »

Three Hundred Rethavok

“Three hundred Rethavok…”

Rethais looked down at the crowd in front of him. They had all gathered on this rather cold, windy day in a vast, grassy field that was normally meant to hold five hundred armed soldiers. This current crowd was hardly armed and hardly sure what was going on....Read More »

By the Throat

“Ah, Kaldoran, it is a pleasure to finally meet you!”

The former General of Medicinal Affairs was trying very hard to remain calm as the massive, clawed hand of the Void Lord clung to his throat, dangling him above a very, very high drop.

“W-w-what d-d-do you w-w-want?” Kaldoran stuttered, shaking, holding...Read More »

Carpeted Walls

“Does this happen often?”

“I… cannot say.”

Kaldoran ran his hands across the weird, fluffy walls, feeling for any sort of ridge or window or exit or literally anything, hoping that there was some way to escape this hideous, lowly lit room. Knowing that there wasn’t any such exit, Vaksavar sat on...Read More »

Kid of the Former

Relkay Rethianos was not having a particularly good time. After two weeks of beatings, torture and forced feeding and drugging, he had finally broken. He had admitted knowing about the secret tunnels underneath the cities, he had admitted to creating distractions so other Rethavok could flee to safer lands. He...Read More »

Medical Curiosities

“So let me make this next sentence as clear and concise as possible for you. You discovered the ability to give your fellow Rethavok super powers and decided to shut the whole experiment down?”

Kaldoran nodded awkwardly. In the last day or so, he had been forced to go through vast,...Read More »

Brotherly Ultimatum

He had received a multitude of warnings over the last two hours, but even if he’d had a year’s warning in advance, there was no way Rethais could have been prepared for the mess he was currently looking at. Like the 300 other free-minded Rethavok, beings who were unable to...Read More »

Yet Another Sacrifice

“Well, if Retvik is going, I guess I will go as well…”

All things considered, Trismit didn’t feel too bad, especially since he had just been told he had to give himself up to a dangerous deity that had forcefully taken control of his entire race. While he had expected to...Read More »

Last Drink at the Dusty Wagon

“Heya, Dee!”

“Hey, Revan, you’re not dead! Same as normal?”

“Same as normal please, Dee!”

Dekadee, known as Dee to his customers, was an older Skyavok from an older time, back when the Skyavok normally hid away in the shadows, yet he had been here, running the Dusty Wagon bar, as long as...Read More »

Stabbed Plea

Everything was dark and cold, from the chilled concrete floor to the frozen glass walls that formed an unfriendly, sanitary cell around each of the two Rethavok. Small blue-white lights were the only thing that allowed the two Rethavok to see what was going on. There were seemingly no...Read More »

At the Guard Tower

“So, what now?”

“What do you mean by that?”

Rethais had been on guard for hours now, standing at the newly erected guard tower at the town gate since it had finished being built that very morning. He had given out his orders for the day, handing out tasks for every able-bodied...Read More »

Honesty Between Leaders

Rethais had been unsure how to react all day, as he had been shown around what used to be the old Rethan governmental headquarters and was now a glimmering, golden palace. The High General had taken him to every refurbished room, shown him every renovation he had done and smiled...Read More »