Tale – Tea with Death 20

“Tennypoo!” Death smiled as she wrapped cling film-covered arms around the bewildered Kronoreth and pulled him inside. “Tennypoo! I missed you so much!” Tenuk struggled to break free from Death’s grasp, but finally relented and let the monstrous thing hug him. “You seem happy today.” Death didn’t reply. She squeezed harder, making it hard for … Read moreTale – Tea with Death 20

Tale – Tea with Stasis

Tenuk hated the Overlord’s Office. A horrible, pitch black place with stupid gold trimmings everywhere, floating in an eternal nothingness. It was where the Personification of Entropy and Vacuum did his business, and Tenuk had been invited to speak to him. He was currently sitting on a black and gold chair, waiting impatiently for Stasis … Read moreTale – Tea with Stasis