Quick question, IX is Roman for nine, right? Okay, just checking.


Merasmus is STILL in debt. He hasn't paid off those debts from 2015. In fact, he's got more debts, ever since he decided to to help fund that Yeti park, even after finding out Yetis were now extinct due to a tragic explosion of fists. That was dumb. Anyway, here's Scream Fortress 9, which looks a lot like Scream Fortress 8. And a lot like Scream Fortress 7. Is it a coincidence? Yes... Well, maybe... Is there a skeleton behind you? YES! Not really. Made you look.








Just open those beauts from the Jungle Inferno update! High quality stuff in there! Plus, since we added those silly banana hats, it's a wonder why we even bothered with restricted items in the first place.

No, we're not going to remove those restrictions.



While we were busy making one single map, the community was busy making all the other maps in the Jungle Inferno update! Go play them!

Rather than have you messing around with that stupid gargoyle, we decided to do you all a favour and put all your contracts, Halloween-related or otherwise, inside that ConTracker of yours! Ain't that great?


Plus, we think they work this time. I don't know, we got Team Crabwalk Rocketjump Fortress to test the ConTracker. So if it's broken, blame the newbie. Totally not my fault. No way. I just make the update pages.

Your ConTracker now deals with all the shit that your gargoyle had to put up with. It has the added bonus of containing all the contracts from Jungle Inferno. What it actually rewards you, we don't know, but I haven't seen any paints yet...
What do Yetis have to do with anything? I don't get it. Didn't we already kill the last yeti in that comic series we all forgot about? Where's the Teufort library when you need it?

Clearly Engineers needed some more things to do while they lazily sit by their sentries, watching your team die. While their Pyro buddies taunt around as well, doing almost as little as those Engineers. Oh well. At least Heavy got some nice taunts.

Is this still a thing?
This is just a link to that nice big update we did a few days ago. Go on, play that. We haven't had time to do a Scream Fortress update in the time it took us to make that damn Pyro update. Now go away...

This is clearly a spoof. Made by Medic, who writes a blog called the Daily SPUF, although this is clearly a website called phovos.net. I'm not affiliated with Valve in any way. Just thought I'd clarify that. Rest in peace, Steam User Forums, you were taken too soon. I still miss my nineteen thousand posts.