Wait, it's October already? Damn potted plant and its calendar-stealing ways!


Merasmus is STILL in debt. He hasn't paid off those debts from 2015. In fact, Merasmus is still trying to pay off his student loans in a vague attempt at building a new, Soldier-free life for himself. Anyway, here's Scream Fortress 10, which looks a lot like Scream Fortress 9, which looks a lot like Scream Fortress 8. And a lot like Scream Fortress 7. Is it a coincidence? No. Is there a skeleton wearing a neon green Scout cosmetic behind you? YES! Not really. Made you look.










We actually have some new crates this year! The Violet Vermin crate full of cosmetics and a War Paint case, specially for Halloween! Now you can't accuse us of making you open Jungle Inferno crates!



New Community maps! What would we do without those poor suckers... uh, I mean great guys?

We all love the Contracker, right? Of course we do! It's totally bug free and amazing and we can easily go and shove all the Halloween contracts into it like we did last year!


Plus, we think they work this time. I don't know, we got Team Crabwalk Rocketjump Fortress to test the ConTracker again and it was fine last year. Although we did reset them... Oh well, you'll tell us if there are any bugs, right?

Since we have a ton of these left over from Scream Fortress 2017, we've decided to give you all a Gargoyle anyway, because why not? They're totally not haunted or anything.
Look! More taunts! I wonder which of these will be more popular? Wait, these taunts look rather familiar...

We only have two taunts this year. We spent our entire budget on Unusual Effects most players will never own. There's no spells either. I asked the potted plant and he said no. I know, I feel your pain.

This is only still here because I don't actually know how to do anything useful and can't work out a good way to properly get rid of this section. I'm an update page maker, not a member of the TF team!

This is clearly a spoof. Made by Medic, who writes a blog called the Daily SPUF, although this is clearly a website called phovos.net. I'm not affiliated with Valve in any way. Just thought I'd clarify that. Rest in peace, Steam User Forums, you were taken too soon. I still miss my nineteen thousand posts. I wasted way too much of my time doing this.