Role: Defence

Best at: Defending Points

Primary: Shotgun / Build Tool

Secondary: Pistol / Destroy Tool

Melee: Wrench

Base Health: 125

Speed: 100%


Bonus Stuff:

Sentries, Dispensers, Teleporters, yay...

The Engineer

Soft-spoken and highly intelligent, the Engineer is the guy you need to call if you have a base that needs defending. With his sentry guns, ammo dispensers and teleporters, Engineer helps keep the team pushing forward while making sure they don't run out of ammo.


Engineers can use their Metal to upgrade their buildings. Sentries do more damage and gain rocket launchers, Dispensers heal and dispense ammo faster and teleporters recharge more quickly. If the Gunslinger is used, the sentry is replaced by a mini-sentry.


The Engineer has some of the most fought-over weapons in the game. They're also a pain when there's five of them in Teufort.


Remember, never build your stuff next to another Engineer!