Role: Defence

Best at: Firing Huge Weapon

Primary: Minigun

Secondary: Shotgun

Melee: Fists

Base Health: 300

Speed: 77%


Bonus Stuff:

Capable of tanking damage

The Heavy Weapons Guy

The Heavy Weapons Guy, or Heavy for short, is the mascot for Team Fortress 2, and is very much the tank of the team. With his high health, high damage and low speed, he's pretty much a sentry on legs. Even more so if he's using the Brass Beast.


Heavy's best known item though is the Sandvich, which lets him heal when he's injured. Of course, you can't fire a giant gun while eating a sandwich, so he's fragile while nomming. Heavies can also negate their lack of speed with the Gloves of Running Urgently, although he takes extra damage while using them.


Despite outward appearances, Heavy is actually rather intelligent. He has a PHD in Russian Literature and makes his own bullets.