Role: Support

Best at: Healing and Pushing

Primary: Syringe Gun

Secondary: Medi Gun

Melee: Bone Saw

Base Health: 150

Speed: 107%


Bonus Stuff:

Ubercharges are terrifying...

The Medic

A man of science and eternal curiosity, the Medic is the team's doctor, keeping Scouts and heavies alike at full health.


A Medic is the backbone of any good team, with his ability to heal everyone and smash defences with his Ubercharge. But this is countered by his inability to properly defend himself, because, let's face it, a syringe to the face isn't as nasty as a bullet to the brain. Medics do run faster than most other classes though, which gives them an edge while trying to escape.


While the Medi Gun's invulnerability is generally the best choice, the Kritzkrieg provides huge amounts of power in the form of critical hits and the Vaccinator provides unique resistance healing for 2v2 and single-damage combat. Let's not get started about the Quick-Fix...