Role: Offense

Best at: Setting things on fire

Primary: Flame thrower

Secondary: Shotgun

Melee: Fire Axe

Base Health: 175

Speed: 100%


Bonus Stuff:

Ability to reflect projectiles


No one knows who or what the Pyro is, but we do know that he... she... it likes setting things on fire. And that it sees things differently from the rest of us.


With its flame thrower, Pyro can set crowds on fire with ease. It can also set things on fire from afar with its flaregun, detonator or scorch shot. If you're feeling silly, you can set people on fire with the sharpened volcano fragment too.


A common Pyro trick is to set someone on fire, then hit them with the Axtinguisher, killing them quickly and easily.


For all we know, Pyro's some sort of alien. Who hasn't been writing letters to other dimensions.