Role: Offense

Best at: 1v1 fights and jumping

Primary: Scattergun

Secondary: Pistol

Melee: Bat

Base Health: 125

Speed: 133%


Bonus Stuff:

Ability to Double Jump

The Scout

The Scout is the youngest of eight children. He's Incredibly fast and agile, the fastest of the mercenaries and the only one capable of doing a double jump. The downside of this is his low health, which means a Scout can easily be killed by spam.


Scout's primary weapons do more damage the closer to their victim they are, with the Scattergun being able to kill lighter classes in two hits.


As well as double jump, Scouts can triple jump at the cost of 10 health with the Atomizer, can boost themselves with the Force-A-Nature and can use the damage from the Boston Basher's self-bleed to jump even higher.


BLU Scout's mother is dating RED Spy.