Role: Support

Best at: LOng Distance Picks

Primary: Sniper Rifle

Secondary: SMG

Melee: Kukri

Base Health: 125

Speed: 100%


Bonus Stuff:

Long Distance Assassination and piss

The Sniper

Having spent a lot of his life in the outback hunting wild animals, the Sniper has perfected his aim and will spend hours waiting for the perfect moment to pull the trigger. Well, kinda.


With the scope on his rifle, the Sniper can zoom in on targets and do critical damage by shooting enemies in the head. Charging up while zoomed in means even more damage, while firing while not scoped means you do less damage.


As well as his SMG, the Sniper can also use Jarate, which coats enemies in piss, revealing enemy Spies and causing victims to take extra damage. Works great with the crit-upgrading Bushwacka.


Although, with all that piss, maybe Sniper's spent too long in the sun...