Role: Offense

Best at: Nothing, but is good all-round

Primary: Rocket Launcher

Secondary: Shotgun

Melee: Shovel

Base Health: 200

Speed: 80%


Bonus Stuff:

Ability to Rocket Jump


Downright insane, the Soldier is the meat and veg of the team, good at everything but not excelling in any particular situation. His desire to fight meant buying tickets to Poland in the second world war. Luckily, he stopped killing people when he realised the war was over in 1949.


By timing firing a rocket at his feet and jumping, Soldier can rocket jump and leap huge distances at the cost of health, negating his normally rather slow walking speed. The secondary 'weapon' the Gunboats helps reduce this damage but leaves him without close/middle-range protection.


Soldier's name is supposedly Jane Doe, the name usually given to unidentified women. And he's really, really patriotic.