Role: Support

Best at: Prime Target Assassination

Primary: Revolver

Secondary: Invis Watch / Disguise kit

Melee: Knife

Base Health: 125

Speed: 100%


Bonus Stuff:

Turns invisible and disguises a lot

The Spy

A dashing rogue with the ability to disguise as his enemies and turn invisible, the Spy is the sneaky saboteur of the team.


Using his Disguise Kit and Invisibility Watch, the Spy can sneak behind enemy lines. He also comes with a Sapper, used to shut down and slowly destroy enemy Engineer buildings. Spies cannot attack while invisible and attacking while disguised will remove his cunning disguise. You can place sappers while disguised though.


An alternative to invisibility on demand is the Dead Ringer, which drops a fake body and turns the Spy invisible when he's damaged. This is supposed to fool enemies, but it doesn't always work.


The Spy's worst enemy is the Pyro.