A Terrifying Sight

As he entered the massive, diamond-studded, gold-plated hall, Arkadin realised he had made a massive mistake. The floor was sticky, everything stank of an oddly sweet yet stale scent and most of the colossal room, spanning many tens of meters in all three directions, was filled with tails, scales and pleasurable moans.

“I came at a bad time… I’ll… leave you guys to it…” Arkadin muttered as he tried to back out of the hall, only to find that the exit behind him had sealed shut.

“You haven’t come yet!” Yisini giggled as the two gargantuan bodies slowly separated, leaving a groggy mess between them. “We wanted to invite you, to have you join in!”

“We think you’ll enjoy it!” Kairos panted, clearly exhausted but also looking very pleased with himself. The Whenvern though looked different, his scales were far smoother than normal and he’d gone for a more traditional six-limbed appearance. He had also trimmed his claws and horns. “Epani didn’t fancy an orgy, but you seem the sort to need a good old fucking.”

Arkadin rolled his eyes. “I’m not in the mood right now. And you could do with opening some windows or something, because it stinks of stale semen in here. I’m not normally bothered by bad smells but this is pretty darn off-putting.”

Kairos and Yisini both shrugged, neither of them seeming to care. Yisini rolled off of Kairos’s heavy, sweaty body and wiggled around so she could face Arkadin directly, towering over the tiny little Thantophor. Arkadin wished she hadn’t, as she was trailing slime everywhere, and the fact that Yisini and Kairos were both so insanely large was bothering him almost as much as the rest of the horrible situation he was in.

“You could do with a good, hard fuck. You’re a god, you need to treat yourself and get laid. You have a dick, yes? You should use it before it falls off from lack of use.”

“Maybe he’s just not into that sort of thing, Sini?” Kairos interrupted, twisting his way round so he too could get a better look at Arkadin. Much to Arkadin’s displeasure, he noticed that Kairos was also covered in various sticky substances.

“How do you mean, dear?” Yisini smiled, threatening to coil herself around Arkadin. Not wanting to be touched by the slimy Allbirther, Arkadin hovered in the air and summoned a gun-staff – not his normal one, just a cheap, crappy one that he wouldn’t mind getting goo on. He had been trying to silently teleport away, but this room was clearly designed in a way that Yisini and Kairos controlled what happened inside it.

Kairos shrugged. Arkadin wished he hadn’t glanced in the Whenvern’s direction, as he’d caught a glimpse of Kairos’s outlandishly sized second tail. The Thantophor shuddered, then decided to just stare at the ground beneath him.

“Well, Arkadin might want to be the fuckee rather than the fucker.”

“Oh?” Yisini beamed. “Well, you said you fancied trying anal, Kairos…”

“OKAY FUCKING STOP IT!” Arkadin suddenly screamed, no longer capable of tolerating this conversation. “LET ME OUT OF THIS ROOM!”

“Or what?” Yisini smiled. Kairos though tapped her on the shoulder, tutting.

“He doesn’t want to. Let him go.”

The Allbirther grumbled with disappointment. “Oh fine… Little bitch can stay as a virgin forever, don’t complain to me when you’re filled with eternal regret.”

The exit behind Arkadin began to open up.

“Trust me, I’m regretting coming here already!” Arkadin snapped. “Why the fuck can’t you two just leave me alone?”

Kairos smiled, reaching out and patting Arkadin on the head with a massive, sticky finger. “Because you want it. Badly. It’s on your mind constantly. But you bottle your desires up so you can be the good kid. Maybe one day you’ll get over it.”

“This is not helping!” Arkadin sneered, pushing Kairos away and promptly leaving. The Whenvern and the Allbirther watched as the Thantophor floated off, then sighed to themselves and sealed the exit behind them.

Yisini tutted, but Kairos put a reassuring hand on her shoulder. “It’s fine, Yisini. Means we don’t have to share.”

“He’s so miserable though.”

“Let him be miserable then. He’ll find his own way eventually.”

Once he was out of that horrible place, Arkadin stood still, taking deep, troubled breaths. A flurry of thoughts was rushing through his mind, making it hard to concentrate. After a few more deep breaths though, Arkay’s thoughts began to clear.

“Well that was a terrifying sight I won’t be forgetting any time soon…” the Thantophor muttered as he went back to work.