New Personal Space

Arkay hesitated briefly as he stepped out of the cold, grey corridor and into what was now his own little apartment. Immediately to his right was a small kitchen. Ahead of him was a living room and a doorway that lead to the bathroom and bedrooms. Most of the walls were bare and empty, a … Read more

Feeling Amazing

“Good morning!” “Hiya…” Arkay twiddled his thumbs as he anxiously watched Vikalos struggle with a key and let himself in. This room in particular was rather… well-defended. Rubberized walls, sound-proof windows and an anti-energetic device which subconsciously blocked the ability to use any godly powers. Arkay wasn’t sure why he had been brought here, but … Read more

A Brief Visit

“R-Retvik?” Tenuk stumbled over his words and thoughts as the flame-cloaked mountain of a Rethavok slowly approached. He knew who he was looking at, but was so surprised that Tenuk couldn’t think of anything to say. Thankfully, Elksia took the initiative and stampeded towards the fire god, with not even a hint of hesitation. “RETVIK … Read more

Help Accepted

“Name, please.” Arkay shifted awkwardly in his seat. Words were a bit difficult currently. Mostly because he’d been crying. A fog of guilt still covered Arkay’s mind, unmoving and not shifting. To the credit of the Decay Lord on the other side of the glass window, they were being very, very patient. “Which one?” Arkay … Read more

Unusual Suggestion

“Aaaaand, we’re open!” The line of ribbon fell rather awkwardly to the ground as Kinisis greeted absolutely no one. The only other beings present, aside from herself, were the three Decay Lords and one Decayling she had hired for protection. “Were there… supposed to be vok here, aside from us?” Galyn asked as he picked … Read more

A Sudden Reunion

Retvik grunted as he hauled large bags of coal from the storage facility at the back of the Kinigi Oasis, dragging them over to the main entrance where Kinisis was building a fancy campfire. The Allmaker had requested that Retvik help with a few tasks, and Retvik needed distractions, so he was happy to help. … Read more