Goodbye Chips

The metal door slammed shut with such ferocity that the door frame was still shaking. Vibrations travelled down the corridor, making other doors shudder as well. Kairos couldn’t help but wonder what he had done wrong, but was also wondering just how much the room on the other side of the door was shaking. “That … Read more

Temporary Quarantine

“What do you mean, quarantine?” Litvir grunted as he watched Vikalos tape plastic sheets to the doorway. “What do YOU mean?” Vikalos asked back. “We need to undergo quarantine for a bit.” “Why? What do you mean by quarantine?” Vikalos grunted, stopped what he was doing and tapped on his wristband. “Definition of Quarantine: A … Read more

Brief Visit Plan

“The plan is very simple. You three go inside. Inform the occupants that we received a distress signal from them. Record how they react. Check for any obvious break-ins. Understood?” Arkadin raised a hand, clearly having questions. Itaviir frowned, wondering why the Decayling hadn’t understood. “What is it, Deathbringer?” “Uh… why are you sending us … Read more