The Preemptive

Tale - Death's Deal

They weren’t breathing.

Lying on the ground, slumped over, the light flittering and fading from their eyes. Were they dead or frozen in time? There was no way to tell.

Arkay feared that it was the former. He’d put them all in the standard recovery position. He’d held their wrists, checking for...Read More »

Tale - Perhaps Not Such a Good Deal?

“So let me get this straight,” Tenuk growled as he stomped across the room. “You gave up your own soul to die in a short amount of time and serve Death for eternity, in exchange for a bunch of people you didn’t even know and a guy who is immortal?”

Arkay...Read More »

Tale - Meeting between Monsters

Thanatos always considered himself to be a tall, powerful and all-round large Thanatian, but even he was dwarfed by the size of the Banikan king he was secretly meeting. This Banikan, Lek’Ril of the united Water Tribes, was so huge, Thanatos did not understand how he was capable of standing....Read More »

Tale - Realization at the Kolasi Nest

“Korak, are you there?”

Korak seemed to be ignoring everyone lately. She was supposed to be in charge of the Kalsa Warrior nest of Kolasi, but these days, she spent most of her time with her friend Talok. Talok didn’t mind, he was a Varga, a feral, adult male Vohra, he...Read More »

Tale - The Voice in the Night

“My beloved children…”

No one expected the booming voice of Stasis to ring in everyone’s ears. No matter where each Deitic was, they heard the voice, clearer than their own.

“I have an idea. A plan.”

Tenuk was lying in bed when he heard it. So his side was yet another partner, his...Read More »

Tale - Half Deitic Meeting

“You should not be here.”

Out of all the beings the High General expected to see in the doorway to his private bedroom, a young red and silver Ksa was not among them. Not one of his Ksa anyway.

“I know I shouldn’t. But you are one of the few people I...Read More »

Tale - Thanatians Moving Foward

In the centre of the large cave, a fire was flaring up, roaring around a metal cauldron full of boiling water. The cauldron was large enough to fit a whole aggelad inside, and that was exactly what was inside it. The aggelad, weighing about 200kg, was slowly boiling in the...Read More »

Tale - Back at the Old Place...

For some odd reason, the front door was unlocked.

The front door shouldn’t have been unlocked. Elksia wasn’t due home until tonight, and Tenuk was off doing, uh, whatever it was he normally does when he wasn’t out drinking. The only other person who had a key was Arkay but he...Read More »

Tale - A Guest at the Kolasian Nest

“King Ver, it is an honour to have you visit our humble nest!” Korak smiled nervously as the leader of the Vrekans and his team of highly trained assassins marched through the entrance of the Kolasian Nest. “Y-you did not need to come in… person…”

The Vrekan king, adorned in gold...Read More »

Tale - Iron Deficiency

“Good evening, Arkay, how are you feeling today?”

Normally, Feteer’s gentle and overly calm voice annoyed Arkay, but today, he felt almost welcoming.


“Take your time…” As always, Feteer had a handful of needles and vials at hand. Arkay had just had blood tests done, but no matter what, Feteer always seemed...Read More »

Tale - A New Warrior

Vahlok roared as he clawed at the walls of his cage. He had been trapped for three days, ever since he’d been caught stealing anti-ageing drugs. He needed those drugs. He needed them to not become a Varga.

Everything had been fine up until six months ago. Back then, Vahlok was...Read More »

Tale - A Possible Inheritence

Gath and Retvik fidgeted in their seats. The chairs were not made for Rethans, they were hard and wooden, with no room for their tails. Well, there were holes in the backs of the chairs, but they were too small for the two gigantic Rethans and their decorated tail armour...Read More »

Tale - Breaking the Tavran Deal

“What are you DOING here?”

For over seven hundred years, the chambers of the Tavran Grand Palace of Colour had been free of Temthan soldiers. Decades of peace and sustainability were only moments away from potentially being destroyed.

Aspras, Arhontas and leader of the Tavrans, stood his ground as Temthan warriors approached...Read More »

Tale - Tea with Death 18

“Do you know what I find odd?” Death giggled as she opened the door Tenuk was just about to knock on. She found Tenuk’s confusion incredibly amusing and slightly attractive as well. To add to his confusion, as Tenuk entered the room, he found that Death was at the opposite...Read More »

The Dark Alley

Arkay wished he knew how to read maps better. His bright idea of walking to the Tsainiz Restaurant would have been much easier if Arkay had accurately judged the distance. He knew where he was going, it was just that his short, stubby legs were groaning from the walking he...Read More »


“Thirteen counts of murder. Thirty counts of attempted murder. Fifty counts of grievous bodily harm. Pretty impressive. Especially for self defence…”

The Temthan prosecutor walked up and down, taunting the prisoner with his ability to stand. For everyone’s safety, the prisoner had been tied to their chair, unable to move anything...Read More »


“Wow, five days. Five days, you ran and hid from the Veth I designated to pick you up and bring you here. Well, to you it felt like months, because there’s no real time here. But it was really just five days. Still, five whole days. Five days, you somehow...Read More »