It had been three months since he’d left. Not only had he broken her heart, but he’d also taken half her money and any valuable belongings she had. Stephanie felt not just betrayed, but embarrassed. How had she not realised what a monster he was? Why had she not worked it out until now? Why … Read more Rooftop

Godly Interruption

The grand chamber was filled with gold and silver. Rivers of red wine ran down the sides, while rich and powerful Temthans lounged around on cushions, sipping from crystal chalices, scoffing their faces with platters of meat or sleeping off their exhaustion from an evening of drinking, eating and sex. In the middle of this … Read more Godly Interruption

The Lord and the Dragon

Lord Avra was not expecting any other guests aside from his son and two of his advisors. The interruption from the massive, winged dragon was a… Pleasant surprise. “My wonderful little children! How are you?” The gigantic beast bellowed as it wanderded around the hall, sampling various foods from Avra’s personal buffet. “I have waited … Read more The Lord and the Dragon