It had been three months since he’d left. Not only had he broken her heart, but he’d also taken half her money and any valuable belongings she had. Stephanie felt not just betrayed, but embarrassed. How had she not realised what a monster he was? Why had she not worked it out until now? Why … Read more

Friendship and Loyalty

“The Lord of the Dead, the God of Misery and Suffering, the Bringer of Death, and you live on an island world covered in pinkish grass and purple rivers?” King Ver had a lot of questions he wanted to ask his new favourite guest. The Lord of the Vrekans had always enjoyed making guests and … Read more

Fifteen Minutes

“Was there a moment where you were, like, scared?” Psiksi asked as he sat in bed, twiddling his thumbs. Sitting at the nearby desk was Arkadin, who had recently made himself look more like a Skyavok to vaguely blend in. Why he was here, sitting in Psiksi’s room, Psiksi had no idea. He just sort … Read more

Godly Interruption

The grand chamber was filled with gold and silver. Rivers of red wine ran down the sides, while rich and powerful Temthans lounged around on cushions, sipping from crystal chalices, scoffing their faces with platters of meat or sleeping off their exhaustion from an evening of drinking, eating and sex. In the middle of this … Read more

Unsettling Stranger

The little being had been standing outside the Voltaic Ember tribal residencies for about five hours now. Many of the Banikans had considered approaching the being, but they all knew something about it was wrong. As if it was both there and not there. As if the being had an aura of evil to it. … Read more

The Lord and the Dragon

Lord Avra was not expecting any other guests aside from his son and two of his advisors. The interruption from the massive, winged dragon was a… Pleasant surprise. “My wonderful little children! How are you?” The gigantic beast bellowed as it wanderded around the hall, sampling various foods from Avra’s personal buffet. “I have waited … Read more

Advice from a Death God

There was something in the High General’s bedroom. General Elkay had not noticed it at first. He had just gotten out of the shower and was dripping water on the floor. His official work armour was across the room, as were his weapons. His guards were outside, having been given strict orders to not disturb … Read more

Meeting Arkadin

While the homes of the other five deities had all been luxurious palaces and intimidating castles, the home of Arkadin, the Lord of Death, was a simple bungalow cottage, with an open kitchen and dining area, a pretty living room, four bedrooms (one en-suite), a bathroom and an office. Outside, the only luxury was a … Read more

Meeting Yisini

Tenuk sat in the cockpit, not sure what exactly he was looking at. This scenario had cropped up a couple of times throughout his journey, but this time he was particularly confused. Ahead of them was a planet that was more jungle than solid ground. The only thing on the planet that wasn’t jungle was … Read more

Meeting Kairos

Lights flickered on and off, sirens flared and things were generally going badly. Dessi had woken Tenuk up early, to tell him that something was attacking his ship, circling it and slashing at it with its razor sharp wings. The second Tenuk was awake, he threw on his space suit and headed to the cannon … Read more

Meeting Kinisis

The centre of the universe was much darker than Tenuk expected. Everything had been bright and glowing, up until they’d reached that strange gravitational field. Once they passed that, everything went black. There was very little light, just the twinkling of various particles, popping in and out of existence and darting around randomly, like bird-sized … Read more

Meeting Kenon

“Dessi, why aren’t we moving?” Tenuk’s ship was supposed to be teleporting through space to reach its destination. It was never going to be instant, especially with the much higher gravitational fields around here, but coming to a complete stop? That was weird. “Master Tenuk, it seems as though something has grabbed onto the end … Read more

Meeting Epani

About 10 light years east of the centre of the universe lies a magical cloud of red gases, glowing somewhat eerily in the void. Within it was the floating realms of Epanastasi, the home of the Panelix, the Goddess of Space. Massive, crystal towers fastened to the debris of dead planets, surrounded by beautiful rings … Read more