Tea with Death

Tea with Death follows the adventures of the Kronospast Kohra, as he meets with the very god he was taught to hate, Arkadin, the Lord of Death

The stories in with this series are in no real logical chronological order, and may be read in any order one likes.

Tea with the Lord of Death


The Kronospast’s screams echoed across the small, rocky world, covered in long, winding rivers.


There wasn’t anything particularly scary going on. In fact, the landscape was rather pretty. Sure, most of the grass was brown and dead and none of the trees had leaves on them, but the rivers were all...Read More »

Tea with the Lord of Death 2

Kohra shifted his weight and sneaked forward, hiding behind rocks and trees as he made his way up to Arkadin’s home. For some reason, the teleporting key Kohra had used hadn’t actually teleported him to the house on the hill, but a good 100m away. Luckily, Kohra had shapeshifted into...Read More »

Dinner with Death

Kohra sat quietly at the table, tapping his feet together. In front of him was a placemat, a knife and fork and a glass of water. At the other end of the table was an empty seat, its owner prancing around in the kitchen behind them.

“Are you sure that you...Read More »

Lounging Around Death's Cottage

The wind was howling, the grass was shaking and the trees were blowing around, but the skies were perfectly clear, filled with endless sparkling stars. The stars were the only thing lighting the path towards Death’s little cottage home.

“It’s not normally this dark…” Kohra muttered, shifting a heavy bag across...Read More »

Cookies with Death

“Has to be both…”

The Lord of Death inspected the two objects in front of him. One was a bag of finely ground white crystals, the other was a golden bronze mush.

“White and brown sugar?” Kohra asked.

“Yep. White and brown.”


Arkadin looked at the bags again. “Why not?”

“I was always told not...Read More »

Tattered Skin

Kohra hadn’t expected to see any lights on. He expected to come back to this little house and it all be empty. But the lights were on and someone was home. Being polite, Kohra walked up to the front door and delicately knocked on it.

“One moment.”

Some form of movement was...Read More »

Tea with Someone Else

Kohra was genuinely surprised that the door opened up and revealed something vaguely familiar. For weeks, he had been trying to reach the realm that the Thantophor called home, only to find nothing but emptiness. Or occasionally a field of flowers. It wasn’t the fact that Kohra wanted to die...Read More »

A New Life with Death

Hey. Hey diary. I know I said I wouldn’t do this shit again after dad found that diary of all my weird dreams, but… this all has to be a dream. It’s all so fucked up.

I’m gonna start from the beginning.

I’m Kohra. Kohra Tou Avran. I’m a Kronospast, a pretty...Read More »

Weird Guy Staring Out The Window

Hey. Me again.

I can’t sleep.

How can I sleep? Death Itself has been standing by the window, staring outside, almost motionless for about three hours now. I know the Thantophor is in the other room and he’s not directly bothering me or anything but… it’s Death. Standing there.

I still can’t get...Read More »

Breakfast with Death

“You… bought me shopping and cleaned up the apartment?”

Kohra gently closed the door behind him, but left it unlocked. In the kitchen, the being known as the Thantophor, the God of Death, was awkwardly grilling slices of bacon.

“If I am to live here, I need to contribute.”

The Thantophor turned off...Read More »

Extra Sweets in the Stash

Hey, Kohra here.

Things are still weird. I still have Death Itself as a room mate.

I suppose there are far worse room mates around though. The last time I had a room mate, he stole pretty much all the candy from my secret stash. Alright, that room mate was my brother...Read More »

Catching up with the Lord of Death

For the first time in days, someone answered the door. Kohra almost jumped as it creaked open, revealing a tired, grumpy Thantophor.

“Oh. Hello.”

“Hi, Arkadin, you alright?” Kohra smiled. He held up a bag of various things, which clanged against each other as he shook it. “I brought food and drinks.”

“Why...Read More »

Tea and Cakes with a Death Goddess

“Been a while since we met up for tea…”

“Yeah…” Kohra sat down at the table where Arkadin was sitting. The Thantophor was playing around with a bunch of paints, trying to decide what colour to put on his nails.

“I wonder why that is?”

“Well…” Kohra answered awkwardly....Read More »