A Game of Flings

Just Two Skyavok

Kayen slammed the door shut with his foot while he carried his groceries inside. He dumped the bags on the table then threw himself into his single comfy beanbag chair. Kayen was angry and tired and didn’t want to do anything right now.

Of course that meant that the doorbell had...Read More »

Shattered Glass Cells

Arkadin breathed a sigh of relief as both life and consciousness returned to Kayen. A few seconds later and he might not have made it.

W-where am I? W-what h-happened?” Kayen shivered. The Thantophor wrapped his arms around Kayen, trying to warm him up.

All around them,...Read More »

Space Beast on the Beach

Kohra had been sitting on the beach for a while now. The tide had gone out and the water of the lake suddenly seemed like it was miles away. The sun hadn’t set quite yet, but the light of several closer stars and planets could be seen. A cool winter...Read More »

Allbirther's Bribes

Timik growled as he dumped the huge pile of chocolates, flowers, exotic furs and sex toys on the table.

“What the fuck is going on!”

“I don’t know…” Kohra tutted. “But did you really have to drop all that on our game of Ones?”

“Well where else was I gonna put all this...Read More »

Retvik's Espionage Skills

“I believe your brother is dating the Panelix…”

Tenuk glanced up from his work. Retvik was standing over him, holding a large file which he was desperate to slam on top of Tenuk’s own paperwork.


“That is dangerous.”

Tenuk sighed, then moved his stuff out of the way so that Retvik could put...Read More »

Birthday Date

Arkadin sat at the small table by the kitchen, wondering about the series of events that had led him there. He watched as Kayen hurried around the kitchen chopping vegetables and stirring pots of things, but didn’t say anything. Suddenly Kayen rushed over and stood by his side.

“I’m so sorry,...Read More »

Late for Work

“Kayen, you in?”

Kayen’s eyes snapped open, the knocking on the door giving him quite a fright.


The voice belonged to Phovos, one of Kayen’s few friends. After pausing to wipe the drool off his face, Kayen glanced around the room looking for a clock. The one on the television screen flashed...Read More »

Watching a Storm

Timik sat under the glass and plastic roof, his ears deafened by the thrashing rain and booms of thunder. He’d spent most of his afternoon there, watching the storms roll in and out. It wasn’t like Timik had any work to do. In fact, he could probably do this any...Read More »

Millennia of Inequality

No one liked Kenon’s home. It was dark and gloomy yet somehow overly shiny and ostentatious at the same time. Golden statues and chandeliers failed to light up otherwise pitch black rooms, while evil shadows loomed around every corner. Even the more public areas that Kenon would allow others to...Read More »

Not Her

Kayen spluttered as he woke up, his mouth feeling dry, his throat feeling worse. He was thankfully lying in his own bed, with a glass of water nearby. Also nearby was a familiar face.

“It happened again, didn’t it?” Kayen asked. “Everyone else is safe, right, Phovos?”

Phovos didn’t answer. It took...Read More »