The New Dessaron

The New Dessaron - Part 1

“… Where am I?”

The creature blinked its large, glowing yellow eyes as it rolled over, disorientated. Its appearance was unusual, an upright, humanoid being, with a reptilian head, covered in bone-like armour. A large armor plate ran up its head, while more bone armour covered its chest, arms and legs....Read More »

The New Dessaron - Part 2

The four beings made their way through the debris of the ruined space shuttle, being careful of the flames. But no matter how far they walked, there only ever seemed to be more flames, more scraps of metal, more carnage. It seemed as though they had been walking forever.

“I have...Read More »

The New Dessaron - Part 3 - Interlude 1

“Oh shit…”

Arkay stood helplessly at the barrier blocking entrance to the crime scene. In the distance, the local Astynom, the Rethavok police force, were investigating and trying to work out what happened. A small public transport shuttle carrying fifty passengers and a crew of four had signalled for help before...Read More »

The New Dessaron - Part 4

“Alright… Cut down the middle slowly… That’s it… Alright, I got them!”

Arksi was using his telekinisis to keep the unconscious pilot off the ground, while Ct’Era and Verlais pulled away the remaining goo from their body. Behind them, Kindyna was keeping twenty very sleepy, very scared beings awake, by trying...Read More »

The New Dessaron - Part 5

“Do I really have to ask where we are AGAIN?”

Arksi woke up to find himself hanging from a ceiling, tied up in heavy, rusty chains. To his right was Kindyna, to his left was Verlais. To Verlais’s left was Ct’Era. Everything else was pitch black, apart from the odd flickering...Read More »

The New Dessaron - Part 6


Ct’Era was somewhat stuck. They’d been walking for a long time. No one knew how long they had been walking for, as there was no point of reference around. They had expected to find a wall or something, but instead happened to find a hole in the ground. Which Ct’Era...Read More »

The New Dessaron - Part 7

“I knew we should have cryofroze them for longer…” the Anexartan repeatedly muttered as he lead the four beings down hallway after hallway. They walked past various doors and pathways, none of them labelled. The only thing that ever changed was the colour of the walls, which randomly changed between...Read More »

The New Dessaron - Part 8

“This is not right…”

The lumpy ship touched down on the ground, so smoothly that its occupants were unsure that the ship had actually landed at all. A door slid open and they slowly inched their way out.

The landscape was strewn with debris. Crumbling buildings, shredded roads, small fires, all littering...Read More »

The New Dessaron - Part 9

The little creature was unconscious, breathing heavily to itself. It was about the same size and shape as Arksi, but more ‘feral’, with a pair of large, curved horns protruding from behind its eyes. Its skin was black, but the armour plating covering its body was yellow.

Ct’Era edged over to...Read More »

The New Dessaron - Part 10

They’d walked for about twenty minutes, yet the sun still hadn’t set. The little creature happily bounced around ahead of them, leading them away from the demolished space port and towards the outskirts of the city. As they reached the edge of the destruction, they started to see signs of...Read More »

The New Dessaron - Part 11

“Verlais! Wait!”

Kindyna chased after the exhausted Vrekan as he stormed away.

“Please, come back!”



Verlais was having none of it. He was tired and hungry and confused. He wanted to lay down somewhere and have a nice sleep or something. But all around him was yet more rubble, more nothingness. Finally, he...Read More »

The New Dessaron - Part 12

The cafe should have been closed, but the freezing of time meant that its owner hadn’t gotten around to locking it up and flipping the sign. The owner was instead standing at the till, counting money.

Kindyna shuddered as she opened the door and walked in. The team had been fine...Read More »

The New Dessaron - Part 13

“Do you think we’ve gone a bit overboard on the weapons?” Kindyna asked as she inspected a large, decorated sword and started tying ribbons on it. “I mean, we have eight rifles and there’s only four of us and Ct’Era can’t even use them so you brought two extra large...Read More »

The New Dessaron - Part 14

The drive had been eerily quiet so far. Apart from the odd frozen animal, the roads had been rocky but barren. No life, nothing, just a cold, silent stillness, interrupted only by the roaring engines of the eight-wheeled truck.

“How long have we been driving for?” Arksi asked from the back...Read More »

The New Dessaron - Part 15

What had previously been rocky fields and outcrops had turned into sheer, flat planes of nothingness. The ground was still made of rock, but it was perfectly flat, with not a single bump in it. Where there had once been trees, there were now tall, black cylinders that stood unmoving...Read More »

The New Dessaron - Part 16

“Easy now…” Verlais muttered as he supported the webbed-up creature and Arksi slowly cut through the mess. “Careful…”

“You’re not helping…”

“Sorry… How many have the others done?”

Arksi rolled his eyes and sawed harder at the webbing, his blade going nowhere. “Including this one and that one? None. Don’t get why this...Read More »

The New Dessaron - Part 17

“Is she okay?”


“Come on, wake up!”

“Is she asleep? Unconscious?”

“I hope she’s not comatose…”

“I know what will wake her up…”

Kindyna’s eyes flash open as something poked her breast. She sat bolt upright and slapped Verlais across the face.

“What the ever loving fuck is wrong with you, you fucking Vrekan fuckface!”

Verlais grinned....Read More »

The New Dessaron - Epilogue

Verlais was trembling. Past the door opposite him was the office of the Myst Prime. Essentially Verlais’s boss. But being the lowly Myst soldier that he was, he’d never actually met the Prime. Now, suddenly, in this small base in the Vrekan territories of Portalia, he’d been called up to...Read More »