The Feralheart Plague

Tale: Attack at Home

I never slept well, so I was incredibly pissed off to find a Rethan being thrown through my living room where I had fallen asleep. This isn’t the first time I had monsters fighting around my house, but last time they had the courtesy to just mess up my garden...Read More »

Study on Feral Threan-Types

This was supposed to be an isolated prison area. As part of my duties as a Lanex, I have been observing this little valley ever since the Feralheart Plague started a few days ago. It acts so amazingly fast, I am relieved to not be affected by it.

The main focus...Read More »

Extract from the diary of a Feralheart Plague sufferer

I have this thing. A book. It’s like a big lump of paper. Full of empty pages though. I just feel… compelled to fill these pages. I’m going to write things in it. Like what happened today.

Me and Yellowblack were playing around. Having a lot of fun. His name isn’t...Read More »

Tale: Crashed Ship

“Vo! I require assistance! Ship is down, hostile vok are approaching! Come in! Vo! Vo!”

That was the third time Elkay had called for help in the last ten minutes. There had been zero response from anyone.

“Help! I require assistance! My transport is down and I am surrounded! Is anyone there?”

He...Read More »

Tale: Attack on the Royal Vrekan Palace

King Ver of the Vreka was supposed to be benevolent. Kind. Caring. Not somevok who sullied his blades with the blood of lesser beings. But this was war. Feral Vreka against Sane Vreka. The Winds had blown a wicked evil across his lands, corrupting the minds of Vreka and allavok...Read More »

Extract from the diary of a Feralheart Plague sufferer - 2

I am still writing in this. Not so much, but I am. Feel as though I should. Especially after the last few days. Things have been weird. A big thing tried to kill us but we dragged it from the water and killed it and ate it. Still have a...Read More »

Transcript: Slow Infection

<Start Transcript>

Elkay: Thank the Light someone finally fucking picked up Rethais are you there?

Rethais: You are speaking a mile a minute, kid.

Elkay: I have been trying to call for help for ages. My ship went down and everyone is trying to kill me. I think I have the same insanity...Read More »

Tale: Chat between King and High General

“I see you are not taking any risks either, General!” Ver welcomed Photeianos, his arms open to embrace the Rethan. Photeianos hugged Ver back. Since he had been in power, relationships between Vrekans and Rethans had been at an all time high. Photeianos tapped the gas mask that he’d been...Read More »

Tale: Thrakian Capture

Baxavius stepped off his hoverbike cautiously, not knowing what to expect. He reached for his weapons, today a large broadsword and a tranquillizer gun, then looked around. Considering the fact that Portalia was in the middle of the Feralheart Plague and was by far one of the worst hit cities,...Read More »

Tale: Assassination Attempt


The Myst Guard pushed Ver to the ground as something exploded behind them. Ver tried to turn around and see what was going on, but the Myst quickly got him to his feet and pulled him away into an alcove, where they could better protect him.

“What is going on?”

“Attack…”...Read More »

Tale: Maza Meeting

The Maza Tower in Portalia City was full of movement and commotion. Hundreds of journalists, mostly Cassids but a few Vrekans and Lanex too, all huddled around the entrance, waiting for the representatives inside to conclude their hours long meeting. The Feralheart plague had been beaten, thanks to cooperation between...Read More »

The Feralheart Plague

The Feralheart Plague is an airborne disease which causes patients to become incredibly aggressive. It is best described as a “return to the old, primative days”. Infected beings mentally revert to a primal state, becoming purely predatory and acting as if they are normal animals. In some races, notably Bayvak,...Read More »