Corrupted Skies

A Bump

“Did you feel that?”

Arkay sat up in his cage and looked around. The only other Veth, an old, nameless Veth, around just looked at him funny.

“Feel what?”

Arkay shrugged. He wasn’t really sure. It felt like something had gently bumped into the ground, causing a very slight rumble. Like jumping on...Read More »

A Hole

Arkay scratched his head as he peered down the incredibly deep hole but not very wide in the ground. Next to him stood two other Veth, who were quite content to stand around and guard the hole.

“So why is there a hole in the ground?” Arkay asked.

“She didn’t teach you...Read More »

A Rant

There was something wrong with Death.

All the Veth had noticed it, ever since they felt that bump. They’d been keeping quiet about it though, because they all knew that when Death was in a funny mood, Veth tended to disappear.

In the mean time, twenty Veth had all been stationed around...Read More »

A Cage

A black and gold cage, lined with glass made of diamond, hovered perilously over an almost infinitely large hole, with an almost infinitely hot pool of molten metals and toxic gases. Outside of the cage, Stasis was floating around, examining the being within the cage. Attached to his wrist was...Read More »

A Chat

Veth gathered along the shoreline of Kinigi in their thousands. It had been a long time since the Vethic population gathered in its entirety, and many Veth had forgotten just how many of their kind existed. Their eyes faced forward, towards the ocean that separated Kinigi from the rest of...Read More »

A Panic

“This is insane!” Arkay repeated constantly as the three older Veth circled him, attaching goodness knows what to his body. “How the fuck is this even happening?”

Continuity looked up at the young Veth Prime as he tightened a belt around Arkay’s leg. “Kinisis has faith in you. I have faith...Read More »

A Fear

“Hold me, Stasis.”

Stasis blinked, unsure what to do. Above him was essentially the entirety of the universe that he had, well, grown up in. He was once a little slice of nothingness and entropy, and this universe had given him… not life, but meaning, at the very least.


Another blink. He...Read More »

A Pain


Continuity rushed into the room in a panic. “Arkay, are you well? Is it becoming too much? Do we need to find a new Veth to replace you?”

Arkay was sitting at a table, rubbing his hand. On the table was a large map of Kinigi, something Kinisis had made millennia...Read More »

A Plan

Arkay trawled through books and texts, anything he could get his hands on, looking for information. There were hundreds of books sprawled on the floor alongside Arkay right there, and he’d also emptied out four other rooms, only occasionally stopping just to keel over and growl in pain. Mostly from...Read More »

A Tooth

The pain was only just bearable, but Arkay had no choice but to put up with it. He had scrambled through Death’s libraries, then raced across the universe finding the things he needed. In his hand, his uninfected hand, was a mace made out of tooth, bone and blood. Body...Read More »

A Shame

“Kinisis, are you well?”

Stasis stood in the doorway as he watched Kinisis take swigs out of a large mug. She was sat at a small table. By her side was a bed, where a Veth was sleeping.

“No. Go away.”

Something landed behind Stasis. It was Kairos, just as concerned about Kinisis...Read More »