Lacking Nominations

“Let me get this straight. We have zero candidates who wish to run for High General?” The circle of Rethans all nodded. Present were the most powerful and most respected of the Rethan elite, each one a heavily armoured, highly decorated General. At the head of the table was Rethais Rethianos, the former High General … Read more

A Chat With Ver

“You look ill, High General!” Ver smiled as he swished his glass of mead. “You look genuinely absolutely awful. Being the boss too much work for you?” Rethais sighed, sitting down at the table opposite the King of the Vrekans. Ver was annoyingly right, Rethais was tired and stressed and looked as much. But Ver … Read more

Bedtime Thoughts

“Please, Rethais, come to bed.” The High General had been standing by the tinted window for at least an hour, gazing off at the city of Thre-Vretantia, one of the main capitals of the planet Retha. Physically, Rethais was the perfect Rethan specimen, but deep down, Rethais was mentally exhausted from a never-ending stream of … Read more

Meeting the New High General

It was business as usual in the central political hub of Thre-Vretania, but for King Ver and his guards, something felt off. Ver was here to meet with the leader of the Rethavok, a race the Vrekans had been allied with for quite a long time. At least for Vrekan standards. He didn’t expect parades … Read more

Meeting of Many Leaders

“I’ve seen that look before!” King Ver chuckled as he entered the main throne room. Sitting at the large, round table were the High General of the Retha and the All-Ksa of the Skyavok. The three of them were always the first to arrive for the Year-Beginning Alliance Dinner. To be fair, it was hosted … Read more

A Tingling Sensation in the Ears

It had been a long day, but Elkay was finally at home, having finally escaped from all his duties as the High General of the Retha. He was a humble yet strong leader, but some times all Elkay wanted to do was stay at home and read a good book, to melt away into an … Read more

Ver’s Worries

“Elkay, may I have a word?” King Ver had an anxious look on his beaked face. There was clearly something bothering him. “Of course.” “In private?” “Of course!” There was definitely something wrong. The High General of the Retha and the King of the Vrekans had been good friends for a very long time. There … Read more

Intoxicating Gases

“How was your trip, Kayel?” Teekay asked as he and several guards ushered the All-Ksa into his quarters. “Productive, I hope?” “I guess?” Kayel shrugged. “You seem rather frantic.” Teekay didn’t answer. He was in charge of all forms of protection of his fellow Skyavok. He was always frantic and it vaguely annoyed him that … Read more

Bumping Into Family

Yisini clapped her hands with glee as she watched the little mortals fight in the arena below them. Sitting next to her was the Empress of the Temthans and in front of them was a table filled with luxurious food. To their left were several empty chairs, then an important Ksithan, a Thraki-Temthan and a … Read more

Missed Political Opportunities

“Sit.” Psiksi immediately did as he was told, trying to ignore the bland, empty surroundings. Nothing but grey walls, a grey table, two grey chairs, some grey sheets of paper and a grey door. “You’re angry.” “I am, Psiksi.” “Because of the Dessaron or the fact I was late returning home?” Arksi paced up and … Read more

Offers to the Worker

“All-Ksa, what in the name of the Void do you think you are doing?” Teekay hissed as he and members of the K-Class walked their leader down the hallway. “We literally just got word from the Arbiters, the elite Rethavok security and military force, that these Temthans plan on trying to kill you if they … Read more

Circle of Portalian Raptors

“We all agree, yes? We need to do something, before they destroy our home…” The circle of Ksithanai all sat down in unison. Each individual was dressed in ceremonial coloured robes, wearing leather armour on top. There were five Raptors in total, one Kinotark for each district of Planet Portalia. The neutral world, home to … Read more

A Great Mistake

“Elkay, my best of allies, my humble friend, can we please talk?” The High General had been staring out of the window all morning. Journalists were outside, desperate to ask questions, desperate for news. King Ver had been watching him as he constantly sighed and rolled his eyes. “About yesterday, I assume.” “Well… yes.” Ver … Read more

The Stopped Bullet

The bullet floated in mid air, hovering a metre and a half above the ground, vibrating awkwardly. Two metres away from the bullet’s tip was its intended victim, who was unsure whether he was alive or not. “C-could you all get down please?” The victim blinked once, then twice, then laid down on the ground, … Read more

Religious Wobbles

Away from the main palaces of the Temthan Empress was a single, luxurious tower that only the most esteemed Raptesses and Raptorans had access to. It was sealed off to almost all other Temthans aside from the Empress herself. A tower of archives and ancient scrolls. A tower of preservation, filled with treasures and guarded … Read more