Ver’s Worries

“Elkay, may I have a word?” King Ver had an anxious look on his beaked face. There was clearly something bothering him. “Of course.” “In private?” “Of course!” There was definitely something wrong. The High General of the Retha and the King of the Vrekans had been good friends for a very long time. There … Read moreVer’s Worries

A Great Mistake

“Elkay, my best of allies, my humble friend, can we please talk?” The High General had been staring out of the window all morning. Journalists were outside, desperate to ask questions, desperate for news. King Ver had been watching him as he constantly sighed and rolled his eyes. “About yesterday, I assume.” “Well… yes.” Ver … Read moreA Great Mistake

The Stopped Bullet

The bullet floated in mid air, hovering a metre and a half above the ground, vibrating awkwardly. Two metres away from the bullet’s tip was its intended victim, who was unsure whether he was alive or not. “C-could you all get down please?” The victim blinked once, then twice, then laid down on the ground, … Read moreThe Stopped Bullet

Religious Wobbles

Away from the main palaces of the Temthan Empress was a single, luxurious tower that only the most esteemed Raptesses and Raptorans had access to. It was sealed off to almost all other Temthans aside from the Empress herself. A tower of archives and ancient scrolls. A tower of preservation, filled with treasures and guarded … Read moreReligious Wobbles

Hushed Conversations

“General Elkay…” Retvik stifled his yawn as he answered his communicator. “How are you, ser?” “Please, Retvik. Just call me Elkay. We are family, we should talk as such.” “Only if you insist.” “The line is secure. I can talk freely.” “Ah, I see. I assume you are calling me for an important reason as … Read moreHushed Conversations

General Meeting

Teekay sighed as the doors in front of him opened. To each side of him, lining the marble walls, were members of the Myst and the Fear, the elite warriors of the Vrekans and Rethavok. At the end of the room were two thrones, the Lord-King of the Vrekans in one, the High General of … Read moreGeneral Meeting