The First Thanatian Elections

Tale - A Midnight Phone Call

“What is it now, sister?” The voice on the other end of the line growled.

“I have an amazing idea!” Mavri Thyra beamed, spinning round in her comfy chair. “I really amazing idea!”

“What idea.”

“Oh come on, Phovos, you’ve got to be more excited!”

The voice growled again. “I haven’t slept in days....Read More »

Tale - Gossip and Goo

“News travels fast, even for us Thanatians, do you not think?”

The voice echoed around the dark, desolate cave. Black, tar-like slime dripped from the walls, pooling into small streams, which snaked from the edges of the room into a large pit in the centre. Slowly walking around the pit of...Read More »

Tale - Cease

“You need to cancel this stupid election right now!” Phovos shouted as she charged into the throne room, with several followers in tow.

Mavri looked up from whatever it was she was reading and sighed. “You against democracy, sister?”

“No. I am against cheating and unfairness. Tell me, sister, what’s the current...Read More »

Tale - Asking a Politician

“You ever thankful for anything, Elkay-En?” Phovos asked as she waltzed into the private changing room, her clawed hands full of sheets of paper.

The Threan-type Rethan who was just about to change out of his armour rolled his eyes as he removed his helmet. He placed it neatly on the...Read More »

A Failed Election

The huge, gem-encrusted hall was bustling with bodies big and small, all filing in through a single pair of doors at one end of the room. At the other end were eighteen raised thrones, the two in the middle being particularly large to seat the oversized beings that sat in...Read More »

Tale - A Thanatian, Lost for Words

“How long has she been like that?”

“Since we arrived on Portalia.”


Thymos and Phovos both watched over Mavri, who had been silent apart from the odd whimper for about twenty for hours now. She wasn’t physically hurt, but deep down, she was heart-broken. The betrayal of her own children had torn...Read More »