Union of All

The Union of All follows what is left of the old universe, which Epani and Yisini are dutifully protecting from any and all harm. Inside the universe though, the former Voidborn Kenon is plotting to bring unity to literally everyone.

Pleas After Catastrophes

“I wasn’t prepared for this…”

Kayel, the All-Ksa of the Skyavok, was shaking, trying to keep himself upright, trying to focus on his words. But as he stood in front of the High General of the Rethavok, Kayel couldn’t make the right words come out. Broken, crippled words squeaked from his...Read More »

Plans of a Union

“Alright, so let me get this straight. You want to create a pan-universal union of mortal races, where every race has their own specific job and duty?”

Kenon nodded, perched on his throne, going through a series of notes. In the last few days, the Rethavok leadership had been visited by...Read More »

A Late Hospital Visit

Lysar tutted as she flicked through a glossy magazine. She never really understood who read these rather unsavoury tabloids, normally written by gossiping Skyavok or Cassian Temthans, but there were always tons of them in waiting rooms across Rethan territories.

This waiting room was particularly quiet, but that was because it...Read More »

Quotation for a Sculpture


Estee seemed not at all bothered that the High General of the Rethavok was standing in front of her, blocking the light from her work. Sure, her world had been turned upside down and destroyed, pretty much literally, but she had so much more time to work on her art...Read More »

Time Off Work

Rethais sighed as he climbed out of bed and wearily made his way to the bathroom. He sighed some more as he relieved himself then washed his hands and face, then continued to sigh as he wandered back into the bedroom, staring at the empty bed. Lysar was already awake,...Read More »

Work Demands

As the heavy golden doors slammed shut behind him, Rethais was beginning to think that maybe he should have had this meeting over the phone. Standing at the gold-laced desk, papers scattered everywhere, was a furious High General Kenon, snorting in anger and frustration.

“So you want to betray me again.”

Rethais...Read More »

Unexpected Work Meeting

Rethais wasn’t really sure what he had did to be the subject of the High General’s rage. He had done everything that Kenon had asked and more. He had barely stopped to eat and his office was now his home. Yet for some reason, the High General was furious at...Read More »

A No Show At A Meeting

“You look awful. Are you alright?”

“I am fine, thank you. I get that a lot.”

Rethais rubbed his eyes wearily as he sat down at the table alongside Kayel, the All-Ksa of the Skyavok. Really, Kayel looked far worse for wear than Rethais did, but they both had an aura of...Read More »

Recovery Night

“You should be resting.”

Veeyel shuffled across the room towards the front door, where his partner had just entered. Kayel’s bright yellow armour is what always reminded Veeyel of his beloved friend, but even with his jumbled memories, Veeyel could tell that Kayel was not doing well. His armour was faded...Read More »

A Racy Request

“Do you ever get bored, Yisini?”

The Allbirther rolled her eyes at Kenon’s question. She was bored right now, clearing up the remains of a small outbreak in a suburban Temthan town. She had been bored a lot lately, having been busy dealing with both the life and death sides of...Read More »


Kohra grunted as he spat metallic blood from his mouth, then carefully wiped tears and more blood from two of his eyes. The formerly noble Kronospast was covered from head to toe in dust and pain, white and gold robes turned grey from dirt.

Standing behind Kohra were a handful of...Read More »

A Slight Miscalculation

“I think… I may have miscalculated…” Kohra muttered to himself as he collapsed in the middle of the hall, his strength flooding from his tiny body. It had taken all of Kohra’s might to achieve this singular feat, to teleport the last 203 remaining Kronospasts to a new, safer home....Read More »

Surprise Lawyer

While the sudden supply of candies and sweets had helped calm his nerves, Kohra was certain that something strange was going on. According to the guards muttering outside his cell, he was supposed to have been shoved onto a ship and abandoned in some remote region. But apparently, one of...Read More »

Teleport to Freedom

Kohra gasped for air as he pulled himself out of the water fountain, trying not to choke on dirty, endlessly recycled water. It must have been late as there was no one around and the lights on the edge of the fountain were the only things guiding him to safety....Read More »

Stray Skyan

“Can I keep him please, dad? Pleaseeeeee?”

Rethais grunted as he threw his briefcase on the floor and chucked his cape vaguely at the cape hook, then grunted some more as he had to pick both items up and put them away properly. He hadn’t even properly looked at whatever the...Read More »

Some Sort of Job Review

“Good evening everyone, and welcome to our first review!”

Epani was a much, much smaller being than she used to be. The Panelix used to sail through space, overshadowing planets and capable swallowing moons. But ever since she took control of this tiny slice of her old universe, Epani had shrunk...Read More »

A Nose for Things

The Whenvern soared across the edge of the tiny universe, a place now known as the Panelixsphere. What had once been a rather standard universe had been reduced to mere fragments, and now Kairos was spending most of his time trying to stop it from fragmenting further. While the Panelixsphere...Read More »

Technically Post-Apocalyptic

Kayen grunted to himself as he hang out wet clothes and plating on the balcony, somewhat lost in thought. Across the way, an older Rethan was also hanging out their laundry on their own balcony, while a handful of gats wandered around in the street below. The weather was cloudy,...Read More »

Brief Interview with a Kronospast

“Bloody Light, we ordered way, way too much food yesterday…” Kayen groaned as he spotted the piles of sealed food in the fridge, then tried to pick which one he wanted to eat. Most of it was rather chunky and wet, heavy, sauce-covered stews with soft meat and plenty of...Read More »

A Rethan Disguise

“There’s no way this will work…”

Kayen shifted his weight, the extra armour on his shoulders feeling rather heavy and awkward. Normally Kayen wore very basic armour. While most Skyans considered him somewhat attractive, Kayen never really liked explicitly showing that he was attractive. His coverings, from the plain stomach wraps...Read More »

No Longer In Two

“Where the fuck am I?”

Everything was a little bit too bright and white. Arkay blinked, trying to open his eyes and see where he was, but gave up. Instead, he tried to shield his eyes with his hands, but Arkay quickly discovered that he was tied down.

“What the fuck are...Read More »

Eavesdropping on Deities

Rethais and Vaksavar pressed the side of their heads to the door, hoping to better hear what was happening on the other side. Normally, the two Rethan Generals would be working very separate duties, but something weird was going on with their boss and they were curious. After a couple...Read More »

Siblings and Family Plans

“It took too long to get to this…”

Yisini flapped her pointless little wings as she signed her name on the four-page contract, then moved to one side so her little brother could do the same. The six deities had been arguing for far, far too long over this stupid universe,...Read More »

Nicle Day

“Alright, everyone has the day off!”

Everyone stopped what they were doing and turned to face their dear leader, who had seemingly popped up out of thin air in the middle of the hall. Everyone present had literally just arrived at work, on perfect time as always. As their leader had...Read More »

A Proper Goodbye

Gath growled as the doorbell rang. He wasn’t expecting visitors. He didn’t want visitors. He just wanted to be left alone. Just him and his little, unhatched egg. And maybe Talmin, whenever he returned home from work. But, despite his desires, Gath didn’t want to just ignore whoever was at...Read More »

Lonely Epani

Epani never liked visiting the crystalline sky temple. She didn’t like leaving the safety of her lovely, adopted universe, to visit the place where all the ‘time stuff’ happened. But that was where Epani was going, because she needed to talk to Yisini and that was where Yisini had been...Read More »

Dessaron Donations

“Wow… that’s a huge offer…”

Psiksi fidgeted awkwardly, not at all sure how to feel. Standing on the opposite side of the desk was Veeksiar, the grand Rethan Archivist, keeper of the Great Rethan Libraries. Standing next to him was Veeksiar, the Great Skyan Librarian. They were both aware they shared...Read More »

Lord of Void and Sadness

Rethais was late for work. He was almost never late for work, but today was an exception. Thankfully, Rethais had called ahead of time, informing his colleagues that he needed to drop someone off at the nearby port, but, weirdly, he’d never gotten a response.

As Rethais arrived at work, he...Read More »

A Weird Knock on the Door

Psiksi wasn’t sure what to say as the door opened, revealing the purple-scarfed Skyan behind it. A hundred different phrases raced through his head, to the point that he didn’t actually know what he said.

“I’m sorry.”

Kayess-En blinked, staring at the cute little yellow Skyan at the door. Kayess-En, Kass for...Read More »

Plans Behind Epani's Back

Yisini clapped her hands together with glee as Kenon and Epani both sat down at the table. The room was very gaudy in its decorations, with false gold pillars in every corner and a fountain of wine in the room’s centre. The table was overflowing with food and drink, all...Read More »

All-Ksa's Partner


Kenon stared at the strange little being standing in the doorway. It was clearly a Skyavok, but it was also clearly disabled, leaning on a pair of crutches despite having seemingly working legs. As Kenono scanned the being’s physical integrity though, he became suspicious. Mental trauma, not so much physical...Read More »

Plans for Political Dinner

Rethais grunted as he fumbled with his keys, struggling to find the right one for the front door. Most Rethans only had a handful of keys – one for their home, one for their vehicle and one for their work. Rethais not only had those, but he had tons of...Read More »

Mini Quarantine

Kairos as tempted to scream as the frozen water unexpectedly poured over him, but he had to restrain himself, lest someone else heard him. That being said, the last thing Kairos expected as he set foot back into his old universe was for a torrent of icy water to land...Read More »