The Soul Rupture

Tale: The Soul Rupture of Kinigi

Note: This event may or may not have happened yet.

The Deitics are soulless beings. They have no soul. No morality. That’s why they cling on to us mortals, because they are jealous of us, they want to know what it feels like to be mortal and to understand life as...Read More »

Where were you when the Soul Ruptured?

Note: This may or may not have happened.

Gath Tsoriou

Where was I? At our team quarters in Palaestra. Kohgrah had been injured, I was on break and offered to take his place for a Dessaron battle. I was chatting with my dear friend Vel, while Kass was in the basement, having...Read More »

Tale: Announcement to the Press

Note: This is set on the 4th of February 2016

“Deep breath, ser.”

“I know, Teekay, I know…” Elkay sucked in air through his nostrils, before slowly expelling it through his mouth. He hated press conferences with other-racial media. They were ravenous monsters. Gnashing and clawing at every little word one said....Read More »

Tale: Transcript 20160703

“Are you worried?” Baxavius hesitated as he followed Gath towards the base.

“Worried about what, little Cassid?” Gath grunted. “There are many things one should be worried about. Working enough to provide for family and loved ones. Pondering whether this conflict will ever end. Being fearful for the health of my...Read More »

Letter to Gath

My beloved Gath,

It is horrible here. Cold. Damp. I can feel the sickness in the air, creeping underneath my armour, clawing down my throat. I cannot say that I do not deserve this though. I was hoping that, when we turned ourselves in, we’d remain locked in a Rethan prison,...Read More »

Tale: Unhappy Ending

Argyros watched as the Rethan slumped across the office, lugging heavy boxes around and carelessly throwing things into them. He hadn’t seen the Rethan like this before, he had always assumed that Retha were just as tough and powerful as Vrekans were. To Argyros’ side was Baxavius, who was also...Read More »

Tale: Escapement

“What do you mean, they escaped?” Tanui was furious. Ever since he had given up his Anexartan form to become a full-time Lanex, so many things had gone wrong. Being put in charge of the Fylakotetratheoktonon was supposed to be the start of something better, but already things were going...Read More »

Tale: Meeting in Kinigi

The Deitic’s skull exploded wonderfully between the Veth’s claws, shimmering gas disappearing into the thin atmosphere and sparkling fluids dripping down each long, terrifying talon. This Deitic had been lucky to have a swift execution.

Arkay dutifully cleaned the ancient fluids off his claws. It had been a good hunt, but...Read More »

Tale: Secret Brother Conversation


The second he heard that voice, Retvik leaped up from his chair, arms and legs straight. Close to a standard Rethan salute.


“No need for rank, Retvik. Sit down.”

Retvik did as he was told, as his brother closed the door behind him and sat by his side.

“What do you want, Rethais?...Read More »

Missing Conversation

“Where in the name of the Light are you?” The Vice General’s voice screeched down Teekay’s communicator. Goodness knows how long he had been trying to call him.

“I apologize, ser…” Teekay glanced around. He was in the middle of a large, grassy plain. The sun was slowly rising over some...Read More »

Found Conversation

The hospital was incredibly busy dealing with the huge influx of dead and dying beings, as well as the sudden burst of pregnancies, births and miscarriages. But this corner of the hospital was pretty empty. No wonder, as it was the Quarantine section.

In the corner of the room was a...Read More »


They had been traipsing up the cliff side for an hour now, and they’d just reached the summit. It was fine for everyone else who had wings, but Arkay had to travel by foot and none of the N-Class Ksa were amused, having to wait so long for him. Teekay...Read More »

The Soul Rupture

The Soul Rupture of Kinigi was an event that started on the 13th of February 2016 PDW and ended on the 27th of April 2016 PDW. The realm of Kinigi, a place that recycles the souls of all beings and controls the circle of Life and Death, was blocked off...Read More »