Tri-Serpent Conflict

Of Gods and Children

It had been a long time since Arkadin stepped foot in this strange place. The centre of the universe, the home of Kinisis, the Allmaker Herself. Normally, Arkadin wouldn’t have dared set foot here, not wanting to disturb the Creator and her work, but today, Arkadin felt he had to....Read More »

Voidborn's Warcry

My dearest, most beloved child,

I am writing this message to you as we are in great peril. Horrible events are afoot. Your mother Kinisis has exiled me, cast me out and locked me away from the universe I so love and wish to protect.

The reason? Your dastardly sibling Arkadin. He...Read More »

Kairos's Call to Action

Kairos tutted as he rummaged through the massive pile of mail that had been shoved through the castle letterbox. He always received a lot of letters and notes, but today, after a massive earthquake on one of those fanatic Kronospast planets, he had been overrun with letters begging for miracles,...Read More »

Meat-Filled Walls of the War Machine

The Goddess of Life grinned with relish as she read through Kenon’s letter to her. None of it was surprising to her. She had always expected her other half, her polar opposite, to one day turn on them all. In fact, Yisini had been preparing for such an event.

“Is everything...Read More »

Request of the Panelix

The Panelix circled the heavens, soaring over stars and fields of asteroids, before finally settling down on a somewhat plain, rocky planet. From the surface, it looked barren and hostile. Underground, it was a small paradise, filled with thriving Vohran nests that had created a small utopia for themselves. This...Read More »

Worries of the Thantophor

“They’re coming for us.”

Arkadin had been pacing up and down for hours. At first, it was amusing to Kinisis. She enjoyed seeing her son worry, mainly because she was glad that he had emotions. But that enjoyment only lasted about ten minutes, when she realised what he was thinking about...Read More »

Kairos's Awkward Visit

“Hi, honey, are you alright?”

The last thing Kairos expected to see when he rang the doorbell of the Kinigi Gate was to see Kinisis herself. She was standing there, the little speck that she was, all happy and cheerful.

“Uh, hi, mum, I was going to ask the same of you.”

Kinisis...Read More »

Awful Advertisements for the Allbirther

“Hey, I need your help.”

Timik had a rather horrified look on his face as he slammed a pile of leaflets on Phovos’s coffee table. He, Kohra and Kayen had all been staying at her place for the last few weeks, simply because it was the most secure place around. True,...Read More »

Scientific Quotas

“Seventy five thousand, six hundred and thirty one.”

Yisini snorted as the Temthan scientist read out that number for the second time. Yisini assumed they were a scientist. They were the only Temthan in the room who happened to be wearing clothes. A lab coat and some shorts.

“And how many of...Read More »

The Great Gooing

“This is fucked up.”

Everything in the house was coated in a horrible, sticky substance that trapped and entangled anything it touched. Particularly sentient lifeforms, gluing them to the ground and stopping them from moving. More sticky substances blocked out the windows and locked up the doors, preventing any sort of...Read More »

Unwanted Burning

Arkadin smiled as the facility swiftly began to burn and collapse. Normally he didn’t enjoy this sort of thing, but this horrible place was one of Yisini’s little ‘secret bases’ where she gathered up huge amounts of genetic material to use in her experiments, so Arkadin was quite happy that...Read More »

The Banikan's Tale

“A long time ago, the universe was created. The universe was fine until intelligent life began to bloom. Life soon began to realise that maybe the universe wasn’t as good as it seemed. Of course, blame was sought.

“The Serpent of Space wanted nothing to do with blame. She after all...Read More »

A Complete One Eighty

Kairos rolled his eyes as his army of necromancers suddenly exploded in a puff of gore and fire. A Kronospast ship had fired upon them, destroying their much smaller ships. Kairos wasn’t annoyed at the fact that they’d all died, he was more annoyed about them dying before he was...Read More »

An Argument of the Ages

The four deities sat around the glass table, awkwardly looking anywhere but at Kinisis. The Allmaker was prancing around, naked as usual, rummaging for packets of biscuits and making sure that everyone had a drink. She’d for some reason also brought a sword along with her, a pretty basic-looking one...Read More »


The ship skidded to a halt on a rather flat, rocky outcrop, coming to a sudden halt. Its occupants didn’t have a chance to see whether the atmosphere outside was breathable or not as a large, sharp rock had stabbed straight through the hull of the ship. There was no...Read More »

Eternal Strings of Questions

“So, uh, what are you going to do?”

Kayen had asked that question a couple of times, but the goddess hadn’t answered him yet. She’d start saying something, then change her mind and go back to fiddling with… things. Machines, Kayen assumed.

Really, the whole room made no sense. It was both...Read More »

A Lot of Things to Say

“What are you doing?”

Arkadin sat up straight. This was the second time in the last few hours that someone had tried to stop him from dying. But this time, it wasn’t a bunch of delusional mortals. A familiar time dragon was standing above him, holding a silver sword that had...Read More »

Wasted Breath

Kinisis rolled her eyes as she started turning off machinery. She seemed somewhat angry, and the other deities all knew why. Someone had been fiddling with time.

“KAIROS, GET YOUR BACKSIDE IN HERE RIGHT NOW!” the Allmaker roared. Epani and Yisini both cowered in their little perches. Kenon sighed. The four...Read More »

Tri-Serpent Agreement

The three deities hovered over the barren planet, one that had never been touched by the gentle hands of life. That was soon about to change, but not quite yet. One of the three deities here had more important things to work out.

“So why did you summon us again?” Yisini...Read More »