Twelve Guardians

After the destruction of her universe’s walls, Kinisis fled her own universe, taking twelve guardians with her. Twelve Guardians follows Kinisis on her adventures across the Periuniversal Void, visiting other realms and making new friends.

Recordings and Uncertainty

“Play that again for me, please.”

Teekay did as he was told, scrolling back through the recording and hitting the play button so his queen could view the audio again. This was the third time Teekay had replayed the recording, and each time he hadn’t heard anything.

This room wasn’t very big,...Read More »

Fuzzy Memories of a Distant Past

The Mess was where everyone ate. What the twelve Guardians ate was different, each being would eat according to their own specific diets, but the squeaky clean hall complete with benches and magically refilling buffets, complete with magical glasses that never needed filling up. And then, when everyone was done,...Read More »

Questions for Kinisis

The twelve beings all sat in a circle, wondering what was going on. Kinisis had said she wanted to talk, and there they were, waiting for her. All around them were soft cushions, bowls of food and glasses of drinks, to keep them all occupied until the Mistress arrived.

They all...Read More »

Relkir's Worries

Ever since the meeting with Kinisis, where everyone had managed to get a few questions answered, things had mostly calmed down. More than that, everyone had very quickly warmed up to each other, no longer that bothered about them all being different. The differences were only on the surface, and...Read More »

Tiny Tent

Asteroids weren’t at all uncommon across the void, but there was something particularly curious about this hunk of rock, floating mindlessly on its own. It wasn’t even the fact that this rock had an atmosphere, it was that there seemed to be something living on it.

The rock itself was mostly...Read More »

Hours Under the Microscope

“So, uh, what is that?”

Kinisis had been quiet for hours, silently peering at a piece of black fabric through a comically sized tiny microscope. Her Guardians had been watching her the entire time, waiting for Kinisis to make any sort of announcement.

“What is what?” Kinisis muttered, clearly not paying attention.

“The...Read More »

A Simple Dissuasion

“Hello, Life Goddess Kinisis.”

“Heya! How can we help ya?”

Kinisis beamed as the colossal being stood at the bottom of the ramp to her ship, far too large to actually enter it. By the being’s side were several guards or servants or… whatever they were, Kinisis wasn’t sure. A black and...Read More »

Meeting Head First

“Hello, Elkay.”

Relkir jumped, immediately drawing his spear and shield, ready to protect his two fellow Guardians. He had simply been accompanying Tahvra and Teekay as they traced a strange signal into this small cave, but now there was a large, fiery being standing in their way.

“What are you and what...Read More »


“What do you mean, no?”

Itaviir and Vikalos both sighed and rolled their eyes. Neither of them particularly enjoyed dealing with Life Goddesses, normally because they would complain constantly and wish to speak to higher ups until they got what they wanted. The never-ending stream of criticism and wishing to move...Read More »

Post-Love Concerns


The voice in the dark surprised Tahnahos. He had been sitting in the cockpit, minding his own business, keeping an eye on the ship and its maintenance while everyone else was asleep. Kinisis had demanded that her Guardians take her to a specific Life Oasis on the very edge of...Read More »

Throwing Mood

“Well, Kinisis is in a foul mood…” Relkir growled as he picked himself up off the floor and dusted himself down. The Life Goddess had been throwing things around for the last few hours, and that had included all the Guardians who had attempted to calm her down. While Atteh’Kus...Read More »

Failed Plans and Chats

“Well that completely backfired…” Tahnahos grunted as the ship door slammed shut. “I genuinely don’t think that could have gone any worse if we’d tried.”

Tahnahos’s complaining though was met with a handful of shrugs from his fellow guardians. Most of the Twelve had gone to bed, giving up on trying...Read More »

Planning an Alibi

“Phovos, you there?”

Phovos grunted as her little telepathic communicator sprung to life. The other Guardians were messaging her from the ship outside, while she was on duty watching over their boss.

“I am. What is the problem?”

“Is Kinisis still with you?” the high pitched mind-voice squeaked. Phovos immediately recognized that Tahvra...Read More »

Lonely Guardians

Tahnahos sipped his mug of soup as he wandered down the main hallway, all the way down into the navigation chamber. Technically it was a cockpit, but his boss seemed to hate that word, so it was the navigation room. The clear plastic doors immediately slid open so Tahnahos could...Read More »

Hangovers and Plans

Kinisis grunted and groaned as she rubbed her head, feeling very much how a Life Goddess shouldn’t. All around her were her caring Guardians, the twelve divine beings she had created from mere mortals, designed to look after her and support her.

Standing directly in front of her was Phovos, the...Read More »

The Uncomfort of Tahnahos's Room

Tahnahos smirked to himself as he opened the door to his personal living quarters, leading Akah inside. Each of Kinisis’s Twelve Guardians had a personalized bedroom, decorated exactly how they wanted it. The perfect living space with everything each Guardian needed to feel comfortable and at home, sprinkled with subtle...Read More »

A Call for Tahnahos

“Hi, is this Kinisis’s Guardian Ship?”

The voice on the other end caught Tahnahos off guard. He expected a deep, booming voice. Most of the Decay Lords that tried to contact them were gruff individuals, normally calling to politely ask Kinisis to move as they had detected something troubling nearby and...Read More »

Party Breakup

Tahnahos wasn’t sure how, but between the four of them, they had managed to finish off nearly all the food in the palace. They’d also had a lovely time sharing stories and generally chatting around a small fire that Retvik had made in the middle of the table. Overall, Tahnahos...Read More »

Sneaking Out

“Where do you think you’re going?”

Tahnahos swallowed nervously as the weight of his backpack shifted, carefully tucked to one side as to not interfere with his two pairs of wings.

“Uh… nowhere…”

Both Tahnahos and Kinisis knew he was lying. In all honesty, Tahnahos hadn’t expected to have been caught out so...Read More »

Recap with Kinisis

Tahnahos wasn’t expecting a hug from anyone, especially not Kinisis herself. While all of Kinisis’s other Guardians were their normal, quiet selves, Kinisis seemed genuinely happy and excited to see Tahnahos.

“I want to know everything!” Kinisis bounced delightfully as she led Tahnahos to the nearest soft seating area. Phovos hovered...Read More »

Worries of Visions

Tahnahos smiled as he gazed up at the glimmering specks in the sky. The glimmers definitely were stars, but they were very young ones, slowly forming and spinning into existence in the nearby newly born universe. Nearby, water could be heard rippling, as two of his fellow Divine Guardians floated...Read More »

Strange Reappearances

Relkir grunted as he left the dining table and his meal, and followed Atteh’Kus down a narrow corridor, down the ship and towards the cargo bay, which everyone weirdly used as the ship entrance. For some reason, the order of “don’t let anyone in” was too much for the massive,...Read More »

Kanuva's Excitement

“Hello, strange Tawahian and Elwahian! How can I be of service today?”

While his new friend Kinisis seemed clearly annoyed by the appearance of the two armoured beings, Kanuva was relatively unphased. He knew he was in a strange, new domain, so these two creatures, despite their ferocious looks, weren’t that...Read More »

A Hint of Envy

Retvik had been waiting for a while now in this little room. The dinner in front of him had gone cold a long time ago, but the food wasn’t his to eat. It was the leftover romantic meal between a Life Goddess and the strange entity he and Galyn had...Read More »

Time Drake Gift

“Intruder alert! A Time Drake is in the base!”

The siren echoed around the Kiniseon One, causing a lot of ruckus.

“A Time Drake is in the base?” Kayenus exclaimed through his long, sharp teeth as he reached for the nearest weapon rack. He unsheathed the large blades that made up his...Read More »

Obscure Distress Frequency

Despite being a partially mechanical being that always wore a mask, Akah was somehow visibly miserable. He had been miserable for a long time, but ever since that strange being Kinisis had met had gone and disappeared, Akah had been even more miserable than normal. Tahnahos had spent a lot...Read More »

Ancient Signals

“What do you think, boss?”

Kinisis crossed her arms, listening carefully to the recording, rewinding it and playing it again. She had done this a good twenty or so times now, carefully examining each little sound and crackle.

“Hm… Curious…”

“We’re gonna need more than just the word “curious”, boss. What is it?”

The...Read More »

Nothing There At All

Tahvra blinked in confusion as he checked out the window, then checked the myriad of consoles around him, then checked outside again. He had gotten the coordinates perfect. They were at the exact location Kinisis wanted them to be. But as Tahvra continued to frantically check all the monitors and...Read More »

Temporarily Stuck in Place

“What do you mean, we have to stop here?” Kinisis screeched as she stomped into the main deck. “We can go anywhere and do anything, why the hell are we stopped here?”

Normally Tahanhos was quite content with his duties. He had a nice, tidy schedule, great co-workers and all the...Read More »

Screeching Signal

The signal crept through the darkness, scratching its way through various frequencies, before suddenly screeching to life, nearly deafening its not-entirely-intended recipient. Teekay fell back from his chair in shock, only just managing to catch himself by grabbing on to the desk to his side.

“What happened? What was that?” Relkir...Read More »

Emetic Growth

“Oh heck… I really don’t feel well…”

Teekay clutched his head in one hand and his stomach in the other as Relkir tried to gently sit him down on the bed. Most of the medical bay had been unused so far, so Relkir wasn’t quite sure where everything was located.

“How so?”...Read More »

Spindly Control

Viia smiled as she coiled her long, snaking fingers around the neck of the tiny creature. This one had just managed to send out a distress signal out into the void, but that was fine. It simply meant Viia could get more subjects later. Her takeover had gone very smoothly,...Read More »

Control Issues

“So… we work for her now?”

“Yes, yes we do.”

“And you’re all just… accepting that?”

Relkir nodded, somewhat blankly, as he kept an eye on Teekay. Teekay was strapped to the table, for reasons he wasn’t completely sure about. He’d originally thought it was because, due to some rather weird events, he...Read More »

Transmissions Through the Storm

“Group Six here, please respond.”

Galyn grunted as he picked up the receiver, listening in to this communication. “Thantir Two here, what is the problem?”

The voice on the other end, a weirdly mechanical voice, immediately perked up. “Oh, hello Galyn! How are you doing?”

“Kal, I thought you had headed off on...Read More »

Perhaps Too Happy

“Alright… We are passing through onto the Kiniseon One…” Retvik was doing his best to be optimistic. “Do you wish to let me do the talking?”

Litvir shrugged as the three Decaylings appeared in the cargo bay of this new ship. “Sure. Arkay can keep an eye out and I can...Read More »

Wall of Fire and Ice

Litvir grunted as a small cloud of steam whizzed past his head while he was working. For the last twenty minutes, he had been trying to work out how to sedate the beings that were trying to kill them, with little success. Meanwhile, for those entire twenty minutes, Retvik had...Read More »

Explosions Behind

Arkadin scrambled to his feet as rubble and shards of metal collapsed around him. The explosion that had just torn through the hull of this small ship was meant to kill him, but Arkadin was determined to keep himself alive. His bigger worry however was that the Life Goddess trying...Read More »

Thoughts of Returning Thoughts

Kinisis sighed as she read the long list that the Decay Lord has presented to her. Galyn meant well, but this massive list of items seemed like a very passive-aggressive way to say that Kinisis had majorly fucked up and needed a little too much assistance.

“Is there a problem, Life...Read More »

Games and Sad Sandwiches

“I feel like I have been repeatedly bashed over the head with a frying pan…” Relkir grunted as plates of food appeared in front of him. “Too much for my small Rethan brain to handle.”

Only a few hours ago, Relkir and his fellow Divine Guardians had experienced a rather traumatic...Read More »

Bored Guardian

“Ugh, I am so bored…”

Relkir grunted as he sat by the window, idly tapping on the ultra thick glass pane. Outside, stars were forming, nebulae were blooming and a new universe was being born. This should have been a wondrous moment, but Relkir had seen it all before. It was...Read More »

Ranting About Home Visits

“Ugh, if I had known, I would have signed up for something else! The whole point was to explore the omniverse and shit, not dick around in the local neighbourhood before returning home for the holidays!”

Tahnahos was in a bad mood and it clearly showed. Throughout his entire shift, monitoring...Read More »

Ditching Guardians

Kinisis clapped her hands together with glee as she and her loyal guardians stepped out of her ship and onto the crystal landing pad. Standing to one side, waiting to greet them, was Kairos, the Whenvern and Dragon God of Time.

“Oooh! You redecorated!” Kinisis beamed, giving Kairos a quick hug.

“Completely...Read More »

Quick Tour

The plan had been to head straight to the fancy villa that Kairos and Kenon had set up. But as soon as Epani had heard that Kinisis arrived, she INSISTED on inviting the Allmaker on a tour of her new universe. A cute little floating sleigh had been summoned, with...Read More »

Reunion in the Cells

“Tahnahos, you shouldn’t be snooping around down here!” Phovos protested as the little Kronospast tugged at her arm. “We are supposed to be on duty, protecting Kinisis!”

Tahnahos paid no heed to his fellow Guardian’s concerns. Instead, he continued dragging Phovos deeper into the golden palace, down several stairwells, past a...Read More »

Rewarding Job


The Allmaker disappeared, leaving the six Guardians all looking rather disorientated. They’d been taken to a small castle on the southern pole of the small universe, been told to keep guard and keep look out, and then quite obviously abandoned. They could have left this tiny outpost if they needed...Read More »