Diary on the Star Soarer 10


Dear Diary,

I’m bloody scared now. The casualties are just piling up. Not just deaths, injuries too. We’re at thirty one people dead and seven people injured. Since the Star Soarer set off. Thirty one. THIRTY ONE PEOPLE. Mostly humans and Cassians as well.

Then again, they make up like 75% of the ship. So, uh, it kinda makes sense.


Thirty one dead beings.

This isn’t going to stop.

The up tops keep on beaming messages into our inboxes. Telling us to stay put and keep calm. Everyone, including the cleaning staff, is being told to stay inside as long as possible. Basically if your job isn’t that important, they want you staying in your room or in the lounge areas, the one place the creature hasn’t gone to. If you need to go somewhere, you go to that place then you go back.

That’s why I spent an hour earlier making a map, trying to work out the quickest routes everywhere. A fast route to the lounge areas and a super speedy route to the food courts and dining areas. And a super super fast route to the shopping area, which is much better than the other two. My plan is to basically use my food credits in the shops buying ready-made snacks and stuff, rather than risking the extra five minutes going to the food courts.

There doesn’t seem to be much of a pattern with these attacks, but if you get in the creature’s way, it almost certainly kills you. That’s what they are officially saying. That’s why they want us all locked up in our rooms.

So if I stay here, it won’t see me as a threat and it will leave me alone.

That’s assuming that they’re all right though. I don’t think they are. I got a message from Eftyin that some unlucky Raptai was killed as the creature broke down their door and dragged them from their room. I thought it was a rumour but then his area went into lock down and Eftyin didn’t get back to me for two hours. Thankfully he’s alright but…

I don’t know. I’ve gone and hoarded a load of food in here. Most of the dead people are the rich folks who don’t do much on the ship anyway. It’s as if the creature has some sort of purpose outside of just running around eating people. It’s not even really eating them. Just leaving a bloody mess everywhere.

And that’s assuming there’s even one creature! There might be more than one! The bloody thing is so fast, no one can tell where it goes after it kills someone!

No one knows what this monster is! And we’re all being kept in the dark about it! It’s bad enough for us average folk, but what about all the poor people who need to go and work? The crew still need to keep an eye on the ship, even if it is mostly auto pilot. The communication specialists need to do their jobs. And the police have to deal with all this mess!

I’m regretting getting on this ship. I really am. Things weren’t great back at home but it’s better than being permanently scared because of some nasty thing going around killing people!

Worst thing is, we’re too far away from anything for anyone to come along and help us. There are smaller ships with stasis pods in them, used for emergencies in case the ship is going to explode, but otherwise it’s just us and this damn monster.

We’re basically alone out here…

I’ll see you tomorrow.