Plans of Patricide

“I thought Voidborns were immortal?” Yisini asked as she coiled herself around Epani, comforting herself from thoughts she didn’t like. “We can’t just… go and kill him?” Epani put one of her fins over Yisini, patting her gently. “They are not immortal, dear sister.” “They seem pretty immortal…” The four deities had gathered in one … Read morePlans of Patricide

Not Her

Kayen spluttered as he woke up, his mouth feeling dry, his throat feeling worse. He was thankfully lying in his own bed, with a glass of water nearby. Also nearby was a familiar face. “It happened again, didn’t it?” Kayen asked. “Everyone else is safe, right, Phovos?” Phovos didn’t answer. It took Kayen a moment … Read moreNot Her

The Lewdest Contest

“You all pick the weirdest places to have our godly meet ups…” Arkadin sighed as he brought out the ‘special’ glasses that he only used for special occasions. The glasses would automatically fill up with a being’s drink of choice when held, and would refill as needed. It was good for occasions like this, because … Read moreThe Lewdest Contest

Godly Sandbox

“What are you… uh, doing?” Arkadin hovered nervously over the barren planet. Yisini was sitting on a mountaintop, rolling her eyes, while Epani played with a collection of various toys. Diggers, trucks, drills, the works. “Playing!” Epani beamed. Her smiles though abruptly stopped. “Oh no. We were supposed to follow the flat plan.” “You mean … Read moreGodly Sandbox

Yisini’s Domain Only

“NO!” Yisini screeched as she twisted and skidded around, clawing at anyone who came near her. “I refuse!” Kenon tutted, then grabbed Yisini by the scruff of her neck and sat her down at the table with the other gods. “Refuse what, child?” Kinisis smiled lovingly. Yisini was always her favourite daughter, but her anger … Read moreYisini’s Domain Only

Epani’s Desire

Epani hissed and grumbled, only to hiss and grumble more as Arkadin entered her lab. They both knew things must have been serious, because Epani was in her ‘busy doing fiddly, finesse work’ form and because she’d summoned Arkadin in the first place. Normally the Panelix, the Creator of Space, had nothing to do with … Read moreEpani’s Desire

Disguised Meal

“This place is pretty nice!” Arkadin smiled as he sat down on a large pile of cushions. To the eyes of the Temthans in the restaurant, he was just pretty young female Ksithan with curvy hips, possibly a servant or helper to the attractive, muscular silver and blue Thrakani regular. Thrakani were always known to … Read moreDisguised Meal

Thud on the Wall

“You know, generally, when I’ve beaten you up and faded away dramatically, that means I do not want to see you any more!” Kinisis snapped as she leaped up from her cosy armchair. “Why in the name of Me are you here?” For such a small, snug and comfortable place, the central home of Kinisis, … Read moreThud on the Wall