Requesting Questions

“What are you doing, Allbirther?” Yisini didn’t respond to the question. She was busy peering down a microscope, staring intently as she very gently nudged some cells around on a glass dish and observed the results. “Allbirther, I am talking to you.” Yisini continued to not respond. She needed to concentrate on what she was … Read more Requesting Questions

Watching Voidborn

Arkadin had been hiding in the shadows for a few hours now. He had initially left the Crystal Palace of the Time Dragon after seeing a strange anomaly, but one anomaly had led to another anomaly and now Arkadin was somewhat stuck in a corner, watching as his father, Kenon, worked in utter silence, while … Read more Watching Voidborn

More Text Messages

“I’m trying to be better…” “I know you are.” Arkadin glanced away from the small screen in his hands, over to where Kairos was lying, swinging in a large hammock and reading a book. Every so often, Kairos would glance back, yet pretend he wasn’t looking. Once Kairos had finished looking, he went back to … Read more More Text Messages

Death Seizures

Yisini and Kairos both charged up the narrow staircase, nearly tripping over each other, as they raced to the sound of terrified screaming that had suddenly started echoing across the colossal castle they were currently in. Neither of them knew what was going on, all they knew was that something terrible was happening at the … Read more Death Seizures

A Sexy Apology

Much to Arkadin’s surprise, there was a polite knock on the door. Normally the Allbirther would break down anything impeding entrance to any of Arkadin’s abodes, but today, she was calmly knocking and waiting. At first, Arkadin considered that Yisini’s patience was some sort of trap. After ten minutes of standing around though, Yisini was … Read more A Sexy Apology

Setting Up Punishments

Kenon had been hovering for a while, watching Kinisis work. She rarely left the safety of her inner sanctum and whenever she did, Kenon knew that strange things would happen. In this particular situation, Kinisis was busy setting up special chairs complete with different sets of leather straps on them, which was making Kenon particularly … Read more Setting Up Punishments