A Sexy Apology

Much to Arkadin’s surprise, there was a polite knock on the door. Normally the Allbirther would break down anything impeding entrance to any of Arkadin’s abodes, but today, she was calmly knocking and waiting. At first, Arkadin considered that Yisini’s patience was some sort of trap. After ten minutes of standing around though, Yisini was … Read moreA Sexy Apology

Setting Up Punishments

Kenon had been hovering for a while, watching Kinisis work. She rarely left the safety of her inner sanctum and whenever she did, Kenon knew that strange things would happen. In this particular situation, Kinisis was busy setting up special chairs complete with different sets of leather straps on them, which was making Kenon particularly … Read moreSetting Up Punishments

Varying Disagreements

“You called?” Arkadin wasn’t in a great mood. He had been having a good afternoon doing some actually useful stuff like repairing atmospheres and things like that, tasks that benefited mortals for a change. But no, just as he was starting to get to the fun stuff, like removing radioactive waste, someone had to summon … Read moreVarying Disagreements


“I know you’re there, you two…” Arkadin sat up, nudging Kairos with his elbow as he did so. The two deities had been lying in the long, silvery grass, staring off into the night sky. With their godly eyes, they had watched a new sun being born, a new species rise up, two races going … Read moreBabysat

Impatient Fury

“HOW DID YOU DO IT?” the Allbirther screeched as she coiled herself around the Whenvern’s body, summoning hundreds of small, serpentine beings to help keep the Dragon God of Time constrained. “HOW DID YOU GET HIM TO TALK, LET ALONE GET INSIDE THAT ARMOUR OF HIS?” Kairos didn’t do anything to stop the Allbirther’s attack. … Read moreImpatient Fury

A Chat About the Before

Kairos perched at the top of the tower, watching Kinisis work below. She wasn’t doing anything special, she was just pruning some bushes and watering some plants. That was what Kinisis, the Personification of the Entire Universe, spent most of her time doing, tending to the beautiful gardens that made up the centre of the … Read moreA Chat About the Before

Annoyance For A Deal

Kinisis sat in the grass, fiddling with a cup of tea. She was having a nice little picnic with her daughter Yisini, but something was bothering her. A sudden interruption to her thoughts. To solve that interruption, she snapped her fingers, causing three coloured clouds of smoke to appear. The first two clouds, a blue … Read moreAnnoyance For A Deal