Make Them Happy

“So, what do ya think?” Kairos glanced at Epani. Epani glanced at Kairos, then back to Yisini. Yisini stared at both her fellow gods, waiting for an answer. “You want to make life a paradise for everyone until you can find out how to make everyone immortal?” Kairos asked. “Like, everyone, everyone? Or just those … Read more

More Serpentine Issues

Yisini frowned to herself as she worked. Something had cropped up, interrupting her normal duties. A little plague. Not a dangerous one, just an annoyingly contagious one. One that was irritatingly asymptomatic for too damn long. Luckily she was getting it under control, mostly by convincing everyone to stay inside and watch television. “Yisini, am … Read more

Serpentine Offer

“Good day, little ones!” Yisini beamed as she coiled herself around the small, concrete bunker, blocking the front door “May I come in?” The occupants of this bunker both struggled to find an answer. One of them was absolutely terrified – after all, a massive serpent was currently stopping them from leaving the building, trapping … Read more

Worrying Concerns

“Kairooooooos?” The Whenvern always hated when Yisini spoke to him like that. Yisini knew Kairos hated it as well, but she enjoyed annoying the Whenvern occasionally. Today though, Yisini was more focused on just getting the attention of the Dragon God of Time. “What do you want, Yisini?” Kairos was busy looking at something under … Read more

A Very Good Idea

“Yisini! YisiniYisiniYisiniYisiniYisiniYisini! I gotta talk to you! Right now!” The Allbirther peered down the small drain in the sink, where the voice was coming from. She was quite surprised to see a tiny little Thantophor, bouncing around excitedly. “What are you doing in there, Arky? What’s going on?” Arkadin pulled himself out of the drain, … Read more

Unequal Opportunities

“But… but that’s unfair!” Arkadin crossed his arms and pouted as Kinisis tried to lead him over to the table, where a plate of cakes and sweets was waiting for them. “That’s super unfair! You said I could! You said I had the same rights as everyone else!” Kinisis quickly gave up on trying to … Read more

Meat Library

“Hm…” Arkadin scanned the tattered yet silky sheet of paper, then copied down each line onto a new, fresh piece. He delicately made sure that each word was spelled correctly, then noted down a series of numbers next to each one. As Arkadin worked, he’d catch the glances of beings working around him. The automatic, … Read more

A Couple of Options

Yisini fluttered around in a cloud of stardust, waiting for the perfect moment to go down and talk to her brother. Normally the Allbirther, the Goddess of Life, would just interrupt whatever the Lord of Death was doing, but he seemed to be particularly busy right now, destroying something that Yisini, weirdly, had no hand … Read more

Requesting Questions

“What are you doing, Allbirther?” Yisini didn’t respond to the question. She was busy peering down a microscope, staring intently as she very gently nudged some cells around on a glass dish and observed the results. “Allbirther, I am talking to you.” Yisini continued to not respond. She needed to concentrate on what she was … Read more

A Request for Yisini

“ARKY!” Yisini screeched with excitement as she wrapped her serpentine body around the Thantophor, squishing him in the warmest and friendliest hug imaginable, before letting go and dropping Arkadin on a small stool in front of where she was working. “HOW ARE YOOOOU? I HAVEN’T SEEN YOU IN AAAAAAGES!” Having sat her sudden new best … Read more

Godly Tea and Biscuits

Kinisis smiled as she placed various plates of biscuits and cookies on the table. She may not have been in the best of moods, but biscuits and a hot chocolate drink always made her feel better. Also at the table were Epani, Kairos and Kenon, who were all waiting patiently for the other deities to … Read more

Shouting Racial Arguments

“I told you, no more than a few hours ago, NOT TO INTERFERE!” Kenon’s voice echoed across the hall, bouncing off the brightly lit ceiling and lilac curtained windows as the Voidborn stomped down towards the other two occupants in the room. While Arkadin was somewhat shocked about how angry Kenon was, Kinisis sat in … Read more

Watching Voidborn

Arkadin had been hiding in the shadows for a few hours now. He had initially left the Crystal Palace of the Time Dragon after seeing a strange anomaly, but one anomaly had led to another anomaly and now Arkadin was somewhat stuck in a corner, watching as his father, Kenon, worked in utter silence, while … Read more

More Text Messages

“I’m trying to be better…” “I know you are.” Arkadin glanced away from the small screen in his hands, over to where Kairos was lying, swinging in a large hammock and reading a book. Every so often, Kairos would glance back, yet pretend he wasn’t looking. Once Kairos had finished looking, he went back to … Read more