“I know you’re there, you two…” Arkadin sat up, nudging Kairos with his elbow as he did so. The two deities had been lying in the long, silvery grass, staring off into the night sky. With their godly eyes, they had watched a new sun being born, a new species rise up, two races going … Read moreBabysat

Impatient Fury

“HOW DID YOU DO IT?” the Allbirther screeched as she coiled herself around the Whenvern’s body, summoning hundreds of small, serpentine beings to help keep the Dragon God of Time constrained. “HOW DID YOU GET HIM TO TALK, LET ALONE GET INSIDE THAT ARMOUR OF HIS?” Kairos didn’t do anything to stop the Allbirther’s attack. … Read moreImpatient Fury

A Chat About the Before

Kairos perched at the top of the tower, watching Kinisis work below. She wasn’t doing anything special, she was just pruning some bushes and watering some plants. That was what Kinisis, the Personification of the Entire Universe, spent most of her time doing, tending to the beautiful gardens that made up the centre of the … Read moreA Chat About the Before

Annoyance For A Deal

Kinisis sat in the grass, fiddling with a cup of tea. She was having a nice little picnic with her daughter Yisini, but something was bothering her. A sudden interruption to her thoughts. To solve that interruption, she snapped her fingers, causing three coloured clouds of smoke to appear. The first two clouds, a blue … Read moreAnnoyance For A Deal

Choices of Belief

“Arky!” Kairos was in a very… swirly mood today. His current form was much more Time Drake rather than Time Dragon. A soaring, serpentine creature, all wings and tail and no legs. He sailed over Arkadin, then twisted round him, brushing his strangely fluffy tail against the Death Lord. Arkadin was just sitting on a … Read moreChoices of Belief

Creatures of Dark

Everything down there glowed. But at this moment, something new glistened in the darkness. A strange glow that lured the other dark beings in. The creatures edged around the glow, curious and confused, but also rather hungry. They had no concept of time, but knew that they needed to eat. The divine being in front … Read moreCreatures of Dark

Plans of Patricide

“I thought Voidborns were immortal?” Yisini asked as she coiled herself around Epani, comforting herself from thoughts she didn’t like. “We can’t just… go and kill him?” Epani put one of her fins over Yisini, patting her gently. “They are not immortal, dear sister.” “They seem pretty immortal…” The four deities had gathered in one … Read morePlans of Patricide

Not Her

Kayen spluttered as he woke up, his mouth feeling dry, his throat feeling worse. He was thankfully lying in his own bed, with a glass of water nearby. Also nearby was a familiar face. “It happened again, didn’t it?” Kayen asked. “Everyone else is safe, right, Phovos?” Phovos didn’t answer. It took Kayen a moment … Read moreNot Her