Magic and Elemental Powers

Note: This only applies to MK3 Phoviverse. MK4 Phoviverse does not have true elemental powers and only has magic, which is documented here and here.

Some races in the Phoviverse have access to abilities far beyond that of normal, natural evolution, in the form of either elemental powers or the use of magic. All magic is connected to elemental powers. The difference between the two is that, while elemental abilities come from the being itself, magic-users must focus their power via either an item or specific movements, thoughts/beliefs and words.

The power itself comes from three main places. Elementally-powered beings all have particular genes (although where these appear in one’s genetic code varies considerably) that interacts with the environment around them and comes active as a being starts to grow. Generally referred to as the Elemental Genes, they are affected by a low-energy field that permeates the entire universe, nestled within the background radiation remains of the universe’s birth. This field, known as Stoihi or Stiheia, is the main driving force of elemental and magical powers and affects each Elemental Gene differently, causing varied amounts of powers.

The Elemental genes are also influenced by a low level electromagnetic field that permeates the local ‘Maza’ solar systems, known as the δ-ν or Din Field. The Din Field was created when the largest star of the local solar system neighbourhood, a short-lived star, exploded 7 billion years ago, the remains of which created the stars and planets of the Phoviverse today. Because of its high frequencies, the Din field is incredibly hard to block and can potentially have a mutagenic effect on many beings, with the gene or otherwise, and many believe the Din field is the reason why evolution seems to happen much faster within the Phoviverse solar systems than in the rest of the galaxy.

An additional benefit of the Din Field is that it increases the abilities of elementally or magically-enhanced beings. Beings born within the Din Field tend to have stronger powers than those born outside of it, and those living under its influence for long enough will gradually see a boost to their abilities.

There are currently several races that can use supernatural abilities:

Vohra are pure elemental beings who can manipulate a single elemental power to extremely high levels based on their age and type, with queen Vayra and Kalsa Warriors being the most powerful.

Thanatians and Banikans are low level elemental beings who, while unable to manipulate their given elements as well as Vohra, are adapted to be highly resilient to their elemental power’s effects, and can use their powers at low levels via magic and specially attuned gems.

Bayvak are elemental beings who can manipulate a tiny amount of all elements using magic.

The Rethavok and their sub-species were all originally of individual elements until they evolved into one main species, and are considered incredibly weak Light elementals, with only the ability to use low-level telepathy. The only exceptions are Threan-type Retha, who are considered Light/Psionic hybrids and have abilities that extend beyond that of normal Retha.

The currently known elemental powers (in order of rarity) are:

  • Water
  • Fire
  • Air
  • Earth
  • Ice
  • Sand
  • Sonics
  • Jungle
  • Psionics
  • Electricity
  • Magnetism
  • Gravity
  • Vacuum
  • Light
  • Shadow
  • Life
  • Time

How elemental powers are distributed depends on species. For Thanatians and Banikans, the distribution seems mostly randomized despite being influenced to where each individual is born. Vohra pass down their elemental powers genetically, and the majority of the Vohra in a nest will have the elemental power one of their parents had.

Deitic abilities are completely separate from elemental abilities. The powers any Deitic may have come directly from the being known only as Stasis, and is known as Pisti.

Pisti is a technique which involves acknowledging that one is superior to and above the life and death cycle of the universe, as well as being outside of time. It is a concept of ‘one-ness’, and the strength of Pisti is diluted the more beings tap into it. As all Deitic beings are born and bred from Stasis itself, this knowledge is intrinsic to them and they can use Pisti to shape the universe around them.

It is possible for a mortal being to gain Pisti abilities through sheer force of will, but failure to do so often destroys any being that attempts it.