The Great Deitic War

The Deitic War was a war between the mortal races of the Phoviverse, primarily the Cassids, Retha, Vreka, Banikans and Thanatians, and four Deitic races – the Anexartitai, Kronospasts, Allagon and Toanex. It lasted over two years, starting on January 1st 9,998 TDR and ending on December 2nd 10,000 TDR (1-3 BC in human time – see Dates and Times). The end of the war also brought the end of Deitic rule over mortal races, and within three weeks of their fall, the new Maza system arose in their place.

Before the war started, Deitic control over mortal races had become incredibly strict. Anexartitai in particular had started slaughtering swathes of beings, having claimed that they believed a small group of Vreka were plotting against them. Several small Vreka, Retha and Vohra rebellions popped up but were quickly crushed. In the previous 1000 years before the war, 20 species had been made extinct due to Anexartitan and Allagon genetic cleansing.

On February 22nd 9,997 TDR, a Kronospast experimental base on planet Threa exploded, unveiling a vast tunnel system. With all the Kronospasts involved in the explosion having been killed or respawned, many beings on the planet, mostly Retha, sought refuge within the cave system.

On April 30th 9,997 TDR, the body of Prince Ayvris of the Kronospasts, who had killed off the Treha (a Retha sub-species) three hundred years prior, was found in a ditch outside the Kronospast embassy on planet Thanatia 4. His head was missing and was found three days later on top of a pile of seven dead Anexartitai.

Attacks increased in frequency, although no one took claim to the deaths of the 36 Deitics killed between May 1st and December 23rd. During this time, mortal races had learned how to make Deitic-killing weaponry from a special silver found in the Threa tunnel systems. They were assisted by four beings who called themselves the Dessaron.

On December 23rd 9,997 TDR, the Allagon planetary headquarters on Thare was destroyed, with no Deitic survivors. An announcement was made on the 27th by the Vreka Liberation Society, claiming responsibility for the attack. The Anexartitai declared war on the Vreka on December 31st, which was followed by the Vreka, Retha and Banikans declaring war on all Deitics on the 1st of January.

The earlier skirmishes of the war brought several great victories to the mortal races, but by November 9,998 TDR, the Deitics had mentally enslaved 50% of the combined mortal races’ army. Small skirmishes continued back and forth, as the Cassids and Thanatians joined in the war, helping build technology that could free those mentally captured by Deitics.

On April 1st 9,999 TDR, the Dessaron made themselves more widely known and took charge of the struggling mortal armies. The four beings single-handedly destroyed three Deitic bases on planet Ethra in a single day, using other units of beings as distractions.

Throughout the year 9,999, the Deitics started losing more, as more and more mortal beings became equipped with anti-Deitic silver weaponry, making them much harder to fight. During September 9,999 TDR, High Lord Agnosis, the leader of the Anexartitai, decided to start building an Elekos tower which, when activated, would enable the Anexartitai to control any mortal race within a huge radius, using ten Anexartitai to power it.

As news of this tower leaked out, efforts were made to delay or destroy it. The mortal races gained assistance in the form of the Vohra and Bayvak, who quickly bolstered the mortal army’s ranks. Teams of Kalsa warriors assisted Threan-type Retha in hiding and protecting legions as the tides started to turn against the Deitics.

On June 16th 10,000 TDR, the Toanex turned against the other Deitic races and surrendered, in exchange for a cease of all hostilities against them. The remaining Toanex population, about 12,000 beings, fled to a far away world, although a team of 10 remained to fight alongside the mortals.

On August 19th 10,000 TDR, the Kronospasts surrendered and abruptly disappeared, after losing 500 individuals to the Dessaron and a legion of Hertan-type Retha and Thanatians.

On November 20th 10,000 TDR, the Battle for Portalia took place. The Anexartitai, in a loose alliance with the Allagon, attempted to defend their nearly functional Elekos tower with tens of thousands of mind-controlled slaves. The battle raged on for 10 days, with thousands of casualties on both sides, before the Dessaron managed to destroy the tower and the ten Anexartitai chosen to power the device. With Agnosis killed in the resulting explosion, the leaderless Anexartitai fled the Phoviverse. The Dessaron disappeared after the battle, where they went is uncertain.

The Allagon and the few remaining Kronospasts surrendered on December 2nd 10,000 TDR, ending the war.