Magical Elements

When it comes to our otherwise rather basic forms of magic, there are many different metaphysical elemental properties, often shortened to just elements, you can play around with, assuming you can imbue them on magical items. These elements are based off of a myriad of natural effects and forces of nature, but are intertwined in … Read more

Magical Items and Their Creation

Within this universe, there is such a thing as magic. The source of this magic comes from the Allmaker Herself, the Grand Goddess of All, and what us mere mortals use are simple remnants of her power. Magic comes from one main source: cosmological background radiation, often referred to as CBR or “radia”. When the … Read more

Pictures from the Phoviverse

For Inktober, I decided to draw things from the Phoviverse. Here’s the 31 things that I drew. Day 1 – Kinisis Kinisis is the personification of the Phoviverse, the universe’s avatar and its creator. Nearly 14 billion years ago, the deity settled down in a little corner of the multiuniverse and gave birth to four … Read more

Skyavok Class System

Skyavok society is somewhat different compared to both normal capitalist and socialist societies but also communist ones as well. All Skyavok are separated into separate Classes, while each Class focuses on a specific job or duty. The leaders of each Class are traditionally known as Ksiar but are commonly called Ksa. Ksa generally run along … Read more

Deities of the Phoviverse

Kinisis Kinisis is the Heart of the Universe, the Goddess of All and the Mother of Gods. She is responsible for the creation, maintenance and general health of the universe. What Kinisis actually does is unknown, as she resides within an almost impenetrable bubble within the universe’s centre, protected by both her partner Kenon and … Read more

The Challenge of Four Gods and Four Empires

“Ah, it’s so loooovely to have you all here together once again!” Kinisis floated happily above her little palace, welcoming her four children. “My lovely Epani, my headstrong Kairos, my beautiful Yisini and my darling Arkadin, I welcome you all back here, feel free to relax for a brief moment, free of your duties, free … Read more

List of Leaders and other Important Beings

Athrevok Tribemaster Talah Banikans The Champion – C’Ttack The Voice – Ct’Era Bayvak Tharebay Krystal Cassids Prime Minister of the Cassids – Aesop Korinna Secondary Minister of the Cassids – Gaius Tullius Minister of Foreign Affairs – Vinicius Melanthios Minister of Home Affairs – Helena Verginia Minister of Trade – Linos Junius Minster of External … Read more