Skyavok Class System

Skyavok society is somewhat different compared to both normal capitalist and socialist societies but also communist ones as well. All Skyavok are separated into separate Classes, while each Class focuses on a specific job or duty. The leaders of each Class are traditionally known as Ksiar but are commonly called Ksa. Ksa generally run along … Read more Skyavok Class System

The Challenge of Four Gods and Four Empires

“Ah, it’s so loooovely to have you all here together once again!” Kinisis floated happily above her little palace, welcoming her four children. “My lovely Epani, my headstrong Kairos, my beautiful Yisini and my darling Arkadin, I welcome you all back here, feel free to relax for a brief moment, free of your duties, free … Read more The Challenge of Four Gods and Four Empires