Avoiding Furry Fury

The second Tenuk stepped outside, a massive, furry, clawed hand wrapped itself around his throat. Ct’Era, the heavily-built tank of flesh that she was, sneered as she lifted Tenuk off the ground “You violated us.” “I-I-I j-j-just wanted us all to be happy…” “By violating our minds?” “It was just dopamine…” “Means nothing. You betrayed … Read moreAvoiding Furry Fury

Talked Into It

“I can’t BELIEVE you are going through with this insane plan!” Tenuk shouted as Retvik put on his armour. “I can’t believe that Skyan convinced you into doing all of this! Elksia I get, you can talk her into eating a sand sandwich if you tell her it’s tasty enough, but YOU? You’re smarter than … Read moreTalked Into It

Thanatian Star Signs

While most species think that luck and superstition are silly, old traditions, the Thanatians still cling on to their ancient, environment-worshipping beliefs. One of the more dominant beliefs is Raptoric Astrology, particularly the twelve star signs which are used to predict fortune at both the hatching and throughout the life of individual Thanatians. Although they … Read moreThanatian Star Signs

Religious Groups

Religion is generally frowned upon in the Phoviverse, due to the knowledge of Deitics and events like the Soul Rupture. In many areas, organized religion has pretty much died out, leaving nothing but a few shared beliefs. The only races to actively worship anything are the Thanatians and the Bayvak. The Thanatians believe in a … Read moreReligious Groups

Genders in Panvok

Panvok races are weird when it comes to genders. While the majority of Panvok races generally have females that are larger than males, the Vrekans have larger males who are all-round stronger. Rethans are actually hermaphrodites, having both male and female genitalia, as were a lot of other races related to them. Bayvak are one … Read moreGenders in Panvok

Threavok and early Retha

The Retha are a relatively young race compared to the other dominant species alive currently, only becoming sentient 10 thousand years ago. Before then, they had an intelligence level similar to feral Vahrga, aggressively attacking anything that came near them. They hunted in packs and were often left alone. 50 thousand years ago marks the … Read moreThreavok and early Retha

Rethan Stripes

Fun fact. As the Retha are a heavily militarised race, it is important to know the rank of who you are speaking to. The average Retha is normally the average soldier, but all Retha spend three weeks a year doing army duty and honing their skills. Rethan soldiers on duty will have “Stripes” and “Studs” … Read moreRethan Stripes

Breathing Nitrogen

Vohra, Vreka, and Bayvak all breathe nitrogen. They evolved from bacteria that absorbed nitrogen and converted it into energy. Rather than two large lungs, they have four small lungs that work independently of one another. Due to how common nitrogen is, this has allowed them to expand and colonize many worlds normally unsuitable for other … Read moreBreathing Nitrogen

Sauric Relationships

Cassids, Banikans and Thanatians are all distantly related to each other. All three species evolved from an early reptilian being similar to cynadonts. While Cassids and Thanatians evolved to be more reptilian and avian-like, Banikans evolved into marsupial beings. Due to their reliance on oxygen, these three races haven’t managed to spread out and colonize … Read moreSauric Relationships