Threavok and early Retha

The Retha are a relatively young race compared to the other dominant species alive currently, only becoming sentient 10 thousand years ago. Before then, they had an intelligence level similar to feral Vahrga, aggressively attacking anything that came near them. They hunted in packs and were often left alone.

50 thousand years ago marks the first evidence of the Retha’s existence. The species was known early on as Rethavok, many of which were around 2.5m tall, although they spent the majority of their time on all fours. Most sentient races of the time had little to no contact with the race, as they were considered as nothing more than a Vahrga variant, not even considered a separate race.

20 thousand years ago, the Rethavok were slowly herded by a much smaller Panvok race known as the Threavok. The Threavok were an untouched Panvok race that had survived the mass extinctions similarly to the Bayvak – they were simply so isolated, few beings knew they existed. They had no real physical strength, but had telekinisis and telepathy, which they used to tame the incredibly dangerous early Retha. Within five thousand years, they managed to raise the Rethavok from lowly animals into beings nearly equal to the Threavok’s intellect.

For many centuries, the Threavok used the Rethavok as their body guards and made peace among the many Threavok tribes. As a thank you give to the Rethavok and as Threavok technology started to improve, the Rethavok were given freedom and the same rights as the Threavok. The two races considered themselves equals.

11 thousand years ago, the Threavok population remained steady, but the Rethavok population exploded, outnumbering their cousins three to one. After a horrific year of both droughts and floods, causing much hunger, the Rethavok created their own religion, worshipping the sun above them. The Threavok saw this religion as a threat and tried to stop the religion spreading, but the Rethavok elders believed the Threavok were taking their rights away.

10 thousand years ago, the Rethavok attacked their cousins, slaughtering and enslaving the Threavok population. Betrayed, heartbroken and unable to fight back, the Threavok gave up. Many Threavok ended their own lives rather than being captured by their former allies. Those who survived ended up as slaves to the Rethan upper classes, where almost all of them were sexually abused.

Five thousand years ago, the Rethavok ended their slavery, but the dwindling Threavok race was no more, having been absorbed into the new main species. Around this time, many sub-types of Retha started to appear. But after several wars, the four main Rethan sub-types became dominant, and the Rethavok renounced their sun-worshipping ways. With peace among the entire race, they reorganised themselves into the powerful race that we know today.

As for the Threavok? The Threavok were not destroyed by the Retha. Instead, the enslaved Threavok bred with the early Rethavok and among themselves, and were slowly folded into the rest of the species. Today, the Threavok live on as Threan-type Retha, keeping their powerful telekinisis but also gaining the heavier stronger armour of their former students.