Kinisis is one of the three multi-dimensional beings of the Phoviverse. She is the personification of the Endless Cycle, the Matriarch of All, of the constant life, death and renewal of all things within the universe. Kinisis appear to have in three forms – Genisi, the avatar of birth; Thanati, the avatar of death; and … Read more


Kenos, better known as Stasis, is one of the three multi-dimensional beings that controls the Phoviverse. He has also been known as Kathisykaz, Vakenon or The Nothing. Stasis represents stillness and the vacuum of space, the gaps between existence. Stasis is also considered to be the ‘drag’ of the universe, the antithesis of time and … Read more


Kairos is one of the three multi-dimensional beings that controls the Phoviverse, and controls the passing of time, making sure that it always flows forward and never backward. He is often referred to as the Whenvern, the Forwyrm or Dragension, and in his few appearances to mortals, appears as a spindly white, black and silver … Read more


In the beginning, there was nothing and everything. Pante. The Singularity. But Pante was lonely, bored, lacking. It felt empty. It felt an endless cycle of nothingness. A particle would flash in and out of existence. Over and over. Waiting to become something. Eventually, Pante became tired of the cycle, and of the nothingness. It … Read more

List of Leaders and other Important Beings

Banikans The Champion – C’Ttack Bayvak Tharebay Krystal Cassids Prime Minister of the Cassids – Aesop Korinna Secondary Minister of the Cassids – Gaius Tullius Minister of Foreign Affairs – Vinicius Melanthios Minister of Home Affairs – Helena Verginia Minister of Trade – Linos Junius Minster of External Economics – Lysistrata Cosmas Minister of Health … Read more

Threavok and early Retha

The Retha are a relatively young race compared to the other dominant species alive currently, only becoming sentient 10 thousand years ago. Before then, they had an intelligence level similar to feral Vahrga, aggressively attacking anything that came near them. They hunted in packs and were often left alone. 50 thousand years ago marks the … Read more

Common Illnesses and Diseases

Like anywhere with living beings, bacteria and viruses are always the organisms that flourish the most, occasionally causing illness among larger creatures. This article is a list of the most common illnesses in the Phoviverse. Gripi Symptoms: Stomach cramps, back pain, headaches, nausea, lasting for approximately 2 weeks if untreated. Spread: Airborne virus Affects: All … Read more

Commonly Debated Issues

The Thropes have opinions on many issues, which are clear to most. The various races of the Phoviverse have opinions too. This article covers popular opinion on subjects that Thropes often argue about. Democracy Banikans, Cassids and Retha are strong defenders of democracy and believe it to be vital to a strong society. Vreka heavily … Read more

Magic and Elemental Powers

Note: This only applies to MK3 Phoviverse. MK4 Phoviverse does not have true elemental powers and only has magic, which is documented here and here. Some races in the Phoviverse have access to abilities far beyond that of normal, natural evolution, in the form of either elemental powers or the use of magic. All magic … Read more

General Religions

The majority of the mortal species are not religious and haven’t been since the Deitics fell 2000 years ago, having relinquished all religion. The only races that still have a religion are the Bayvak, who preach oneness with nature, and the Thanatians, who worship the light from the stars. Neither of these are official religions, … Read more


Default currency is the Evra, founded by the Vohra. Retha Lires and Thrope Dollars are also occasionally used. Many races also trade goods for goods. All races produce enough food to comfortably feed the majority of their populations with basic meals, although exotic foods make for lucrative trades between the richer species. Energy is derived … Read more


The main language in the Phoviverse is Panglish, a form of English mixed with words from lesser languages. Old Vohra and Old Retha are sometimes occasionally used by their respective species, although this is rare. The Thanatians have their own language that consists of growls and roars that appears to have no correlation with any … Read more

Dates and Times

The current date matches that of the current Thrope date, with Thrope year 0 AD/BCE matching the Phoviverse year 0 CE. CE stands for Current Era, signifying a new start after the destruction caused by the Great Corruption. This date was agreed to by the three main empires of the time, the Deitic, Vohran and … Read more