Deathless Days

Not Her

Kayen spluttered as he woke up, his mouth feeling dry, his throat feeling worse. He was thankfully lying in his own bed, with a glass of water nearby. Also nearby was a familiar face.

“It happened again, didn’t it?” Kayen asked. “Everyone else is safe, right, Phovos?”

Phovos didn’t answer. It took...Read More »

Not a Breakup

“So you’re… breaking up with me?”

Kairos rubbed his eyes, his massive wings aching from a hard day’s work. Phovos sat opposite him looking all confused. Between them was half a rack of ribs, part of an “all you can eat” buffet that Phovos had invited Kairos to.

“No… That’s not what…”...Read More »

Mess on the Floor

There was a Skyavok-shaped patch in Teekay’s garden that hadn’t been there when he’d left that morning. The Skyavok-shaped patch had left drag marks across Teekay’s otherwise immaculate lawn, then left muddy skids across his immaculate marble patio, before somehow managing to open the back door, lock the back door...Read More »

God-Given Adventure

“… And how long do you want your items to be kept in storage, ser?”

“Um… indefinitely.”

“So you are aware, there is a one week time fee when it comes to removing storage if you do not set a time.”

“That’s fine.”

“What about your current housing unit, ser?”

“I won’t be needing it.”

“Very...Read More »

Waking A Corpse

Teekay expected to come back and find the mysterious yellow Skyavok gone, but as he opened the front door, he realised that Arkay was still there. He had changed his position in the corner and was desperately clinging to a stuffed animal like his life depended on it, but nonetheless...Read More »

Planning An Adventure

“So, before we go off gallivanting across the universe in my ship, we need a plan.”

Phovos was clearly a little excited. She’d invited everyone round to her newly rebuilt home, ordered in some sort of takeaway meal for everyone and bought plenty of drinks.

“Kayen, what’s the mission?”

Kayen looked around the...Read More »

Deathy Time Dragon

“Muuuuuuuuum!” Kairos whined as he flew towards the realm of Kinigi, the place where Kinisis normally spent her time. He wasn’t feeling well and on his journey there, he’d crashed into a few things, much to the dismay of his siblings.


Kinisis stepped out of her palace, her hands on her...Read More »

Teekay's First Request


The All-Ksa’s voice always annoyed Teekay. Yes, Kayel was a huge breath of fresh air when it came to ruling over Skyan society, but there were so many things about the All-Ksa that bothered Teekay greatly.

It was mostly because of experience. Teekay had been the Ksa Leader of the K-Class...Read More »

Looking In The Weak Places

“I’ll be honest…” Phovos sighed as she unlocked the door and led everyone inside. “I don’t think our little plan is working…”

“Of course it’s not working…” Kayen also sighed. “He could be literally anywhere.”

“We can’t even be sure whether he’s not on this planet or not…” Kohra sighed as well....Read More »

Questions on a Long Flight

For millennia, the crumbling towers of Thre-Thenta had been nothing more than abandoned ruins. Thre-Thenta had been a powerful stronghold, one of the capitals of the budding Threavok empire, but these days it was nothing more than a curiosity, an old relic studied by Skyan scholars.

In its prime though, Thre-Thenta...Read More »

Raptor Versus Skyan

Phovos wasn’t sure how it all happened, but she was going toe to toe with an insanely strong Skyavok. If she hadn’t been the famous Raptor of Palaestra, she would have been very scared, but right now she was simply worried.

It had all started when she and Timik had picked...Read More »

Unbelievable Stories

“So let me get this straight… The Thantophor crash-landed in your garden and dragged himself into your living room, claiming that your house was his nearest place of worship, fell unconscious and allowed you to remove a blade wedged into his side, then woke up, apologised and left when you...Read More »

Immediately Forgotten Words

“He’s doing his job again, but where from?” Kayen muttered.

“Pardon?” Kohra turned around and asked Kayen if he was alright. “What did you say?”

Kayen blinked his eyes. “What?”

“You said something…” Kohra had noticed that Kayen had been trailing the rest of the group ever since they’d started walking through the...Read More »

Family Squabbles

There was a hole in the sky, a gaping black scar with glowing red edges. Hovering in its centre was Kenon, the Voidborn, surrounded by four monstrous entities. The massive beasts growled and snapped at the air, threatening the universe with their very presence.

“Arkadin, you wouldn’t happen to know why...Read More »

Digging Blades

Kenon knew this place. It had once been one of the finer areas of his home, a grand hall, filled with luxurious furniture and pristine golden statues. One of his favourite relaxing areas, where he would invite his beloved Kinisis round for food and pleasure. It was no longer such...Read More »

Pointless Trinkets

Kairos crossed his wings as he watched Arkadin sip some sort of sugary drink. They’d both visited a little Portalian shopping mall and bought a few little trinkets, confusing and stunning the poor cashiers who had to deal with them. The Whenvern’s purchases included precious gems and expensive furs, while...Read More »

Plans of Patricide

“I thought Voidborns were immortal?” Yisini asked as she coiled herself around Epani, comforting herself from thoughts she didn’t like. “We can’t just… go and kill him?”

Epani put one of her fins over Yisini, patting her gently. “They are not immortal, dear sister.”

“They seem pretty immortal…”

The four deities had gathered...Read More »

Lies of Various Sizes

Kenon watched as the little deities scuttled around, busying themselves with their plans to kill their own father. Really, Kenon wasn’t too surprised. He had treated them as pathetic little insects, because that was what they were. Dumb critters too insecure to properly use their godly powers. Unfortunately for Kenon...Read More »