Six Guardians

Rewarding Job


The Allmaker disappeared, leaving the six Guardians all looking rather disorientated. They’d been taken to a small castle on the southern pole of the small universe, been told to keep guard and keep look out, and then quite obviously abandoned. They could have left this tiny outpost if they needed...Read More »

Boredom at the Bottom

“Ugh, I wish they’d stop already…” Tahvra tutted as he handed the controller to Teekay. “They’ve been at it for hours.”

Teekay and Tahnahos both peered over the back of the sofa, looking for what Tahvra was referring to. Behind them, Relkir and Phovos were sparring, while Akah was acting as...Read More »


“Alright, I’m officially bored now.”

Teekay and Relkir watched as Tahnahos paced up and down, trying to work out what to do with himself. Between the six of them, they had exhausted pretty much everything to do. They’d played the three video games they had to death, they’d gotten annoyed at...Read More »

Nightly Abandonment Worries

Relkir heard his bedroom door creep open, and someone step inside. The softness of the footsteps, plus the scent and mind patterns, all suggested it was Teekay. Of course it was Teekay, Teekay was the only other Guardian allowed in Relkir’s room, aside from Relkir. But something seemed a bit...Read More »

Grumpy Kronospast

Phovos frowned as she peered into the fridge. It was filled to the brim with food and drinks, but none of it was anything she wanted. This particular fridge would magically refill itself with whatever the being opening it wanted. However, the magical refilling powers were meaningless if Phovos didn’t...Read More »

Space Date

“Oh. Uh. Hello…”

Phovos couldn’t help but stare. She had been sitting at the table on the balcony for about half an hour now, a full twenty minutes before her date was due to start. On the table in front of Phovos were two plates, two glasses, some cutlery, an unopened...Read More »

Missed Coming of Age Day

“Hey, Tahnahos, can you give me a claw with something please?”

Tahnahos grunted as he looked up from his games console. To his surprise, the being asking for assistance was Tahvra. Despite being a Vohra, a normally very social being, Tahvra had always considered himself incredibly independent and rarely asked for...Read More »

Southern Visitor

“Excuse me! What do you think you’re doing?”

Tahnahos tutted and waggled his finger at the being who had just appeared on the balcony. While Phovos had been the first to notice this being’s presence, the little Kronospast was the one to actually go out and address the being, since he...Read More »

Lack of Memories


Tahvra glanced up from his game as Akah practically disappeared inside the beanbag chair. That particular beanbag was actually designed for a much heavier being, but Tahvra had noticed that Akah always chose to use it over the various other soft sofas and chairs scattered around the outpost.

“Is something wrong?”


It...Read More »

The Four H's

Tahnahos downed the rest of his drink then leaned back, trying not to let out a burp. Complex carbohydrates always made the Kronospast gassy, and this fine dish of macaroni and cheese was no exception. After managing to let out some of the loose gas from his nostrils, Tahnahos turned...Read More »

Kinda Left Behind

Tahnahos took a deep breath, a vague attempt to hide the fact that he’d nearly jumped out of his skin in surprise. There was a Vrekan standing on the table in front of him, her talons taking chips out of the varnished wood. Talons that were longer than Tahnahos’s fingers.

“Fucking...Read More »

Pizza Date

“Hey Tenuk!”

Elksia’s shrill, bird-like voice pierced the darkness, pulling Tenuk out of his mind fog. He had been sitting on the empty balcony, staring out into the void, minding his own business. But both Elksia’s presence and the smell of fresh, hot pizza was certainly enough to draw his attention.

“Oh,...Read More »

Pizza Leftovers

“I take it you had fun.”

Out of the five other Guardians Tenuk worked with, he found it rather odd how strangely agreeable Elkay was.  There Tenuk was, lying on the sofa, completely nude and with a sleeping Vrekan in his arms. Yet Elkay had been a complete bro, gotten up...Read More »

Leftover Feelings

“I thought Elkay had the next shift.”

Phovos was very clearly annoyed. There had been vague attempts to hide her anger and disdain, but Tenuk could instantly tell something was wrong.

“Uh, Elkay and I swapped shifts.”

“I see. Because of Elksia, I assume. That was kind of him.”

Tenuk was actually getting quite...Read More »

Team Approval

“Alright, you’re all probably wondering why we’re all sitting around this table.”

Tahvra raised his hand, but his hand was only just visible above the table. He’d meant to have raised his chair before this meeting started, but didn’t have time to do so. “Is it because we don’t have a...Read More »

Holiday Approval

“You want a holiday?”

“No, I want paid vacation time for me and my fellow guardians, which we can take as and when we need it.”

Tenuk closed his eyes, mentally recapping the speech he had just given to Kinisis. He had outlined how remaining in one place was detrimental to one’s...Read More »

Shower after Work

Tenuk gasped as he dropped his towel and bottle of shower gel, spilling chocolate-scented gloop all over the bathroom floor. Perched in the corner was a familiar figure, one who really shouldn’t have been there. It was especially weird since there were four open shower spots in the centre of...Read More »

On The Balcony

Tenuk headed up the stairs towards the upper balcony. It wasn’t used much, mostly just as a nice vantage point, but he liked going there to just be on his own. However, as Tenuk reached the top of the stairs, he realised someone else was already there.

“Oh, sorry Phovos…” Tenuk...Read More »

Horizon Glow

“The glowing lights are back.”

Phovos grunted as she stepped outside, where Teekay was standing with a pair of binoculars. Due to their location at the bottom of the universe, technically hanging upside down, the view was quite unusual. They could see a vast distance south (at least south of the...Read More »

A Brief Visit


Tenuk stumbled over his words and thoughts as the flame-cloaked mountain of a Rethavok slowly approached. He knew who he was looking at, but was so surprised that Tenuk couldn’t think of anything to say. Thankfully, Elksia took the initiative and stampeded towards the fire god, with not even a...Read More »

Unusual Offer

“Oh, uh… hi Retvik.”

Phovos had been minding her own business, gazing out into the darkness. She was supposed to be changing shifts soon, but for some reason, her boss had dragged everyone else into a meeting, so Phovos had the guard balconies to herself.

That was, until a rather fiery Rethavok...Read More »