Pizza Leftovers

“I take it you had fun.”

Out of the five other Guardians Tenuk worked with, he found it rather odd how strangely agreeable Elkay was.  There Tenuk was, lying on the sofa, completely nude and with a sleeping Vrekan in his arms. Yet Elkay had been a complete bro, gotten up early and covered them both in a blanket for some modesty, while also clearing up their mess. Tenuk wouldn’t have even noticed Elkay, had he not tripped over the coffee table and silently cursed, waking Tenuk up.

“Heh, I did…” Tenuk whispered. “Nicest time I have had in a while. Did you… really clean up after me?”

From where Tenuk was laying, he couldn’t see Elkay, especially past Elksia’s more feathery bits.

“Yes. In doing so, I claim one of these leftover pizzas for myself. I do not know what surprises me more, that Elksia brought 12 large pizzas with her or that you ate four of them between you.”

Tenuk smiled, being careful to move his arm so he could yawn and stretch without disturbing Elksia. He felt warm, but comfortably so.

“Yeah, I assume that she meant to bring some for everyone. Kinda what you do in a big family. Make sure everyone gets fed.”

“That is very kind of her…” Elkay shrugged from somewhere behind Tenuk. “Somewhat unneeded, considering where we now live, but still, considerate. Are you planning on getting up at some point?”

Tenuk glanced down at himself, then sighed. “This is really nice, I want to stay here forever. Or at least for a while longer. Do you need me to move?”

Elkay tutted. “Not right now. But Phovos will be getting up soon for her guard duty shift and Akah is getting off his soon. While I am fine with strange half Rethan half Kronospast nudity, not everyvok else here is. Especially since Tahvra will be coming in for the general indoor shift as well.”

Tenuk cursed a little. “Shit, this was supposed to be my shift.”

“I covered it for you. You can cover my shift later.”

“That…” Tenuk very gently nudged Elksia over so he could look up at Elkay. Just as he expected, Elkay was in the open kitchen area, helping himself to more pizza. “That is weirdly kind and charismatic of you.”

“You are suggesting I am not kind and charismatic?” Elkay asked, quickly swallowing the bite he had literally just taken. Tenuk couldn’t tell if Elkay was annoyed or not.

“No, it’s more… Like, you are taking my shift for me, you tidied up around us and you even cleaned up the used rubbers that I’d left on the table. You have no reason to do so.”

“Well, I do. Multiple reasons. The first being I wanted to tell you off for leaving that on the table and not throwing it in the bin. And before you say that you did not wish to get up, I must tell you that telekinesis is a common ability for all Divine Guardians.”

“Fair…” Tenuk muttered. “Was… kinda busy though.”

“No excuse. Also rather confused as to why you did this out here, when your personal quarters are basically a sex den without the sex.”

“Again, was caught up in the moment.”

Elkay grunted, not at all convinced. “Either way, a bit of cleaning up is the least I can do for your help in getting Teekay and I back together.”

Very suddenly, a flurry of feathers exploded from the sofa. Elksia was now awake and very unsettled.

“What do you mean, BACK together?” Elksia demanded, in a very accusing tone.

Elkay frowned. “Teekay and I were in a relationship before all this godly stuff.”

“But you advocated against multi-species rela-”

“I will be the first to admit I was wrong about all of that. I was subjected to new information and changed my views because of it!” Elkay explained, before glancing down at his wristband. “Now, I recommend you two nude folks get yourselves sorted out before everyone else starts moving about.”

And with that, Elkay stole one more slice of pizza and left the room, giving Tenuk and Elksia some privacy.

After a long silence, Elksia turned to Tenuk.

“Is that upright prick really fucking a Skyavok?”


“Huh. Goes to show what some good-ass sex will do…”

“Speaking of which…” Tenuk muttered as he nuzzled Elksia. “We should do this more often.”

“Which bit?” Elksia giggled. “The fun stuff? Or pissing off your work mates?”

“Hm. Both? Both sounds good…”

“Hehe, yes, both…”