Dead for Four Seconds

Very Briefly Dead


A sharp, stinging sensation soared across Kairos’s body, starting from his chest and resonating outwards.

“Kairos! Come on, come back!”

The sensation returned, this time stretching out into his arms and legs, right down to the tip of his tail.


The Whenvern’s eyes snapped open, only to be met by a very worried...Read More »

Briefly Missing Moments

Kairos perched on the roof of the crystal tower that he had been residing in for the last couple of days. This was not his true home. No, Kairos had been made to live in one of his mother’s many palaces, while Kinisis and Kenon kept an eye on him...Read More »

Catching up with Kayel

Normally the Skyavok authorities wouldn’t dare interrupt Arkay while he was working, but today, Arkay assumed they had a good reason. After all, he did… kinda invite his godly siblings to a Skyan mall and they did kinda overdo things a little bit. The Skyans were probably just wondering what...Read More »

Meeting Tragons

Arkadin steadied himself as he entered the atmosphere of this lush, green world. This planet had always been here, but it had always been a dull, brown rock. It wasn’t until a certain incident involving the stopping of the heart of a time god that this planet had anything interesting...Read More »

A Very Strange Date

Most of the Tragon cafes the two beings had passed had been absolutely packed but this little cafe was rather empty. It was clear why, the sign above it loudly proclaimed that it was for first dates only. Inside were only a handful of potential couples, all sizing each other...Read More »

Making An Admission

Arkadin knocked on the large, wooden door. Inside, he could hear familiar but unwelcome sounds as Yisini was quite obviously enjoying herself with some poor mortal. As soon as Arkadin had knocked though, the sounds stopped and were replaced with those of something scampering away. After a few more moments,...Read More »

Not Accidental

“It wasn’t Yisini, was it?”

Kairos was lying on the fluffy carpet of his ‘bedroomland’, the room his mother had always set aside for him whenever he was sad or ill. His wings were completely outstretched but they didn’t come close to brushing against the walls. Running water from a small...Read More »

Void Accusations


The door slammed open, barely remaining attached to its hinges. The two deities leaped up in shock, picking themselves up off the floor and standing up straight.

“Kenon…” Kairos stutted as the massive, heavily armoured, six-limbed golden being lurched through the doorway, turning his head to one...Read More »

Offer of Ahkron

Something was watching Yisini as she bathed in the glorious pink, frothy rivers of her jungle home. Whatever it was, it had been watching Yisini for quite some time now, not breathing, not moving, not doing anything apart from watching. At first, the Allbirther, the giver of life itself, hadn’t...Read More »

Attack of the Golden Voidborn

Ahkron couldn’t help but laugh as everything fell perfectly into place. Not only had the Time and Space Gods arrived to save their life-bearing sister, but their Death God had appeared as well, which made everything so much easier. Death Gods that were protective of their siblings were few and...Read More »

An Imbalanced Deal

Ahkron was glad to see that the Voidborn inhabiting this universe was smarter than most. After seeing what Ahkron had done with the universe’s main deities, the Voidborn had taken this universe’s head deity, its Personification, and sealed it away deep within a heavily fortified castle, guarded by a combination...Read More »

Space Waking Up

“When my horrorscope claimed that a deity would destroy my home, this was not what I had in mind…”

Retvik and Gath stood outside where their home once was, in the storage areas of Palaestra. Their house, a converted warehouse with a pretty garden out front and out back, was the...Read More »

Pained Death

“Oh, hello!” Kayel smiled as the vast, ghastly being floated outside his balcony and two very large Rethans stood on it. Kayel loved visitors and today was no exception. Well, Kayel liked visitors, but his K-Class body guards hated them. Sadly, he knew these particular guests weren’t here to see...Read More »

Golden Mate

“Hmph. This is taking longer than I expected.”

Yisini watched from a gilded cage as the golden Voidborn paced up and down. She had no idea where they actually were, apart from “outside the universe” and the more Yisini tried to find out, the more confused and perplexed she got. Nothing...Read More »

A Choice in Death

Epani’s plan was flawless. She had spent the last couple of hours slowly explaining everything to Arkadin and the three mortals who happened to be present. The plan was simple enough. They find out Kairos’s location via an advanced form of echolocation, they establish a link with the Allbirther to...Read More »

Longing For One Last Touch

Yisini watched as the vile Voidborn continued to pace, more and more agitated that his plan was taking longer than predicted. The pacing was relentless, and recently the Voidborn had taken to holding a white and gold cube and shaking it around, as if to vent its anger. This was...Read More »


Gold and silver explosions erupted from the wreckage as the cosmic dragon deity incinerated the remains, breathing flames that reached millions of kelvin. What had once been a vast, intricately decorated ship was nothing more than dust and debris. All destroyed, courtesy of Kairos, the Draconic Lord of Time, Life...Read More »

Deadly Desires

Arkadin grunted as the Whenvern slumped down next to him. He had been sitting all alone on a little floating rock on the far side of the universe. He had wanted to be out here, all on his own. But as always, one of his siblings had ignored his wishes.

“What...Read More »

Yisini's Thoughts

Yisini eyed the pink, elegant water suspiciously. She wanted to bathe in the springs and waterfalls around her jungle kingdom, to stretch out and relax in the warm, running waters, but something in the back of her brain was bothering her.

The last time she was here, Yisini had...Read More »