Assassination of a General

Assassination of a General

Sirens blared around the main Council building, the standing stone of Rethan society. Many Rethans tried to continue on with what they were doing, trying to ignore what the sirens meant.

One of their leaders was gone.

At the top of the stairs, in front of the entrance to the council building,...Read More »

Tale: A Sudden Aftermath

“Ser, General Elkay has been pronounced dead…”

High General Photeianos stood at his desk as his Ksa gathered around him, handing him information and asking for instructions. Outside, Rethans were knocking on his office door, trying to get more information. He did not want any of them in there right now....Read More »


“I can’t believe Elkay is gone…” Rethais muttered as he entered the Council Room, closing the door behind him. The other members of the Circle were all there, they were just waiting for the High General. Behind their simple, wooden seats, the V- and S-Classes stood on guard, watching for...Read More »

Tale: Predicament in the Great Library

The Great Library stands on a great hill overlooking the equally great city of Thre-Vretania. It is a large, marble and glass building, rectangular in shape, with a large glass dome on the roof. Its innards are lined with a millennium’s worth of history and paperwork, neatly organized by the...Read More »

Tale: Left in the Catacombs

“Is everyone alright?”

Teekay struggled to get up. The air was frigid and damp, the walls frozen to the touch. Last thing he could remember was passing out after falling from a pretty damn high building.

Lying around him were his fellow K-Class Ksa, all slowly regaining consciousness. Out of habit, he...Read More »

Tale: A Crazy Idea

This is insane…”

“It isn’t.”

“It is.”

Voices argued above Arkay. He was only partially aware of where he was and what was going on. All he knew was that he hadn’t taken his daily medication, and that worried him more than everyone talking above him. Finally, someone...Read More »

The Sleeping Forest

I always thought the Sleeping Forest was made up. Something medics had always theorized about but had never been able to confirm. Many believed it was just our sleeping minds harking back to our primal lives, living in the forests of the three Rethan planets before we became civilized. But...Read More »

Tale: Another Crazy Plan

“Seth, where have you been? I know I have been lax with you all recently, but you have been gone for five hours without telling me!”

Veeksiar was pretty annoyed at his Ksa. Normally Seth was always incredibly well behaved, but here he was, hiding in some corner of the Great...Read More »

The Decorated Room

Elkay woke up with a shock, his body itching to sit upright, but held down by heavy, leather straps. After a moment of reorientation, Elkay tried to look around. His only real point of articulation was his neck, and Elkay was currently using it to work out where he was.

It...Read More »

The Disembodied Voice


The voice had been taunting him for hours. Ever since Arkay had woken up from his temporary coma, he’d been hearing this weird, disembodied voice. It was driving him insane, yet whenever he asked any of the other Ksa, none of them knew what he was talking about. Eskay suggested...Read More »

Burial at the Keep of the Beloved

Tens of Thousands of Rethans had gathered from across the planet to attend the funeral. Millions more watched on, staring solemnly at their television sets. There was nothing to hear apart from the sound of trickling rain and the marching of heavy feet.

Six elegantly armoured Rethans had carried the closed...Read More »

The Second Assassination

Elkay had been trying to get the door unlocked for hours now. Normally, with a combination of telekinisis, lock-picking and sheer strength, opening a door would not be a problem. This door though was too heavy to blast off, and Elkay couldn’t see the locks on the other side, to...Read More »

Tale: Telephone Call

“He fucking did what?”

“He exiled us.”

“Say it again.”

“The cunt exiled us.”

“… I don’t fucking believe it. He has no right!”

“Well, he does…”

“Well yes but the Vice General isn’t fucking dead! I can’t believe it! Now you’re even further away from me!”

“I’m sorry.”

“It’s not your damn fault. You weren’t even at...Read More »